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Axiom verge doesnt look like a nauseating gross nightmare anymore hooray!


RE3 trailer triggered my memory of a capcom game I thought I imagined. Under the skin, your a little aliem who causes mischief and disguises themselves. And one stage is just raccoon city, Nemesis and all.


Theres a good moment in death stranding where a twist came together and I realized what was going on without it directly telling me. The problem is that the game assumes that you didnt get it and hints for the rest of the game.


Titanfall 2, aka my favorite shooter of the generation, is free on ps plus. Campaign or multiplayer, this game is great. I'm just glad I don't have to put the disc in anymore for a match.


Hell yeah I just finished Gunbuster. Started out cheery and 80's and ends badass. I know there's a sequel but have no idea if it's well liked. Reccomended as long as your ok with anime boobies.


Indivisible on Amazon for $15 including the Switch version before it's even released. As someone who backed it years ago dor $60 my thoughts are eughhhhh.


Not sure if getting blazblue cross tag on switch to mess around with and bring over to friends would be a good idea. Also a bunch of little games i want to scoop uponsale but not sure if I should splurge.


Can they make catching pokemon fun yet. Finally got ultra balls and im throwing 20 per pokemon.


Astrla chain is the worstgame to out down for a month or two, holy shit what are these controls. Also, my analog stick is being screwy.


Anyone got a guide on all the evolutions where you gotta do weird stuff that also doesnt spoil what they look like? Some of these im never gonna figure out on my own but like to see them in game and not on a youtube video.


Besides niche japanese games I know would never get in, the game award nominees are fine. lol at people hating on Death Stranding who havent given it a chance.


Watched a friend whose a bit further in death stranding play. Lot of fun gadgets and mechanics coming up and had a blast watching him fail a pizza delivery. Also started pokemon shield vecause gamefly had it ready and I actuall enjoy it a lot.


This is pretty rare for me but I completely lost track of time playing death stranding. I am always checking my phonr and whatnot but this time its about 3 am and i have no idea when I started.


Thank you xbox for keeping competitive so that other companies know to stay vigilant while also never offering anything I want to play so I dont feel obligated to buy an xbox.


I think I don't appreciate a lot of trails music til after I beat them.*final boss theme for anyone interested in this series*


After hearing people give up around that point I expected the wind farm to be much worse.


Id be super down for this, but even if there was a free trial for stadia I don't know if my internet could handle it sooo.


Can we get a port of king of fighters 13? Imnot a huge kof fan but I always wanted to play it just cause of how good it looked. Now that ive been enjoying terry in smash I want it more.


Boktai 2 character designer put this up, and fuuuck I loved Boktai 2. Should go find a fanpatch for 3.


So i follow a thing on Twitter that shows resetera threads, I dont post because they make it a chore to get in, but I expected interesting topics. I feel like half the threads on that site make me dumber for having ever clicked.


Death stranding shipped from gamefly. Hopefully the delivery man brought enough ladders and ropes.


Remember when everyone thought DOA 6 had been censored because the main ninja girl wore a skin tight bodysuit plus her old costume and we now have 3 season passes worth of over the top sexy outfits, and no one cares cause its DOA 6.


Late reaction, but the ides of a story centric pve overwatch is something that needed to be made from the ground up. Not a minute cutscene before you play multiplayer maps with moba enemies marching out. Controversy aside it looks uninteresting.


Cold steel 3 really has fun bringing back characters and plot points across the 8 games back. Onky 1 chapter finished and the mechanics are at their best as well.


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