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Finished Signalis! Overall a great time with some little problems. Some parts have a bit too many enemies and with aiming being finnicky it can be a bother. Story and setting are great, without over explaining.


I think I found this out like three times but didn't believe it, but a proper type moon visual novel is getting localized in December. I'm not terribly knowledgeable, but I think this part of the melty blood/tsukihime canon. Probably try it sometime.


I said earlier that I was a little apprehensive about Ghost Song on a count of being a decade of development, but it seems to be getting good reviews so far! Up on game pass today, along with every other platform.


October ending on Halloween just makes me want to keep watching spooky stuff, not stop. Anyway, HAUSU. Some real cool imagery. Is this where the Mario 64 piano comes from.


Ghost song, Pentiment, and vampire survivors console edition are what I'm looking forward to. I know Somerville is made by one of the playdead founders, but don't know anything else.


They rereleased every other star ocean no problem, but the fan favorite is the one that needs a grassroots social media campaign?


Yoko Taro's gacha game is going to receive an ending and they're packaging it in the most yoko taro way.


Watched the first episode of Archive 81. Apparently it was real popular for Netflix but I hadn't heard a thing. Actually really liked it. Reminded me of House of Leaves a tiny bit. Also did Midnight club. It was alright but less horror than expected.


Some thing I noticed with the Quintet games I played is I couldn't find much art for them, at least on Google. But this special anniversary video for Terranigma has a ton!


There's a few new square enix trademarks, one being a new Saga game and another likely to be parasite eve related. Hopeful for both.


They made a new Final Fantasy XV mobile game this year and I can't imagine why.


Move over Spy x Family we got BUDDY DADDIES.


Nisa finally showing signs of life from Trails of Reverie, the long awaited next entry after cold steel. This is a a game that's meant to bridge into the new Kuro arc, and has a lot of returning characters from previous entries. Now Summer 2023!


I didn't see anybody mention the artist for Silent Hill F or who they were and it turns out I've played a game they did art for; Spirit Hunter NG.


Holy shit my mood just swing the other way the Umineko and Higurashi guy is making a silent hill game?! Fuck yeahhh


Neo TWEWY just shadow dropped on steam.


If anyone is curious Sean Chiplock is tweeting out a bunch of breakdowns for how he was paid for roles like how he was paid more for two lines in detective Pikachu than breath of the wild. Once again proving Rean from Trails is cool.


The original voice actress for Bayonetta put out videos on Twitter explaining why she didn't do 3. They were only willing to pay $4,000 She asks for fans to consider donating money to charity instead of buying it. Link if interested.


If RPG publishers let go of having all costumes in the dlc dimension and put them in as gameplay unlockables every rpg would get a an extra point out of ten from me. Xeno 3 has it tied to a job system where everyone can mix and match so it'sdefault 10/10


The kittens I got today are asleep after quite a lot of playtime and exploring.


The Final Fantasy 7 battle royale game is shutting down. I would have given it an honest try if they didn't Insist it was phone only. I think we'll get another wave of goofy spin offs after 2 to offset the cost. Hope they're good.


I'm a bit into xenoblade 3 now. I know over leveling can happen easy so what things should I pursue and what should I be ignoring. Also what do people think of the class system?


I galaxy brained my way into thinking this would be a good movie.


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