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Not gonna lie, the longing seems like the ultimate podcast game.


The new ps5 update makes it so you can set hdr to 'only when supported'. I ran into games like trails of cold steel where they were looking real bad on ps5 unless I manually turned it off.


Got an appointment for the one dose vaccine today and then hours later it got cancelled cause they're taking it off the market for now. Me the rest of the day.


Ryu and Chun li are coming to that power rangers game. They're also doing a super edition release that includes all dlc up to this point.


*Me starting Raidou for the first time* 'oh shit, it's an action game??'


When I was like 11 my dad bought me xbox live so I could do the million dollar advent rising contest. I probably played that game 15 or 20 times. I deserve to be a millionaire.


Every old rpg review I read from back in the day has this tone where they drew the short straw on what they got to play that week and were gonna let everyone know.


Watched some of Vivy, the new anime by Wit Studio. It's got a Terminator like plot, but the robot meant to avoid the apocalypse is less capable, and more like what was lying around. Looks great with a cinematic feel. No op or ed so long episodes.


Who the hell wants a Last of Us remake over new stuff right now.


Odd Taxi is an intriguing stand out in the new anime lineup. Understated witty comedy. Seems like an ensemble cast to follow while some sort of conspiracy involving drugs and murder goes down, and this op looks and sounds great.


All RPGs should have a change disc screen after a climactic moment. Even if there is no disc changing to do. This is the nostalgia bit no one does, because it'd be corny but I don't care. Also progress on wild arms 2.


Nice video about the hell that continues to be localizing the Trails games for us few dozen fans.


I'm pretty glad the Octopath people only want to make original games. I think what they do is fun but I don't want all classic RPGs overwritten with every unreal engine particle effect in existence.


This is not a test, this is your Emergency Broadcast System. Announcing the commencement of the annual April Fool's sanctioned by the U.S. Government. Jokes of class four and lower have been authorized for use during the Fool. All other Jokes are restrict


Exactly two months ago I started reading Umineko and about 100 hours later and around as much text as the entire Harry Potter series, I finished! This is for the committed visual novel/murder mystery fans out there, but it's some real giga brain stuff.


Put 8 games in the cart so far from the classics section alone. Some I may put back though unless Sony can have pity and do a saleee.


Sony is officially shutting down the ps3/psp stores. I'd tell you to buy what you can but it sounds like when the CMOS battery dies on these it'll need the network to authenticate. Aka Eventually you won't own nothing.


I love the trope of 'The ancient superweapons of legend' in a far off sci fi or fantasy world turn out to be our superweapons.


If you like Trails, or grew up playing Ragnarok Online, I think you'll find this very interesting.


I hopped out of that ID@xbox thing because it's apparently an all day drip feed of trailers but I think this got shown off there and looks pretty interesting.


So in FF5 theres a bunch of optional content made to look mandatory but I stumbled into the final dungeon and my chicken knife and gil throw is powerful enough to take down the bosses. Unfortunately I had to leave to get the toad spell, but should win.


RPGsite compiled all the RPGs that will no longer be available digitally if the ps store goes down. For me this is the genre that I always want to go back to regardless of age, so pick em up if you need to! Link in comments!


The older playstation stores are likely to shut down, if you want to legally own these games digitally now might be the time to do so.


My favorite thing is reading a guide to find out what npc I have to talk to or whatever and they go 'reccomended level:30' and I'm at 15 doing ok.


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