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Never really bought manga but I had store credit on amazon and watched a series on famous authors so I bought some volumes of 20th Century Boys and Dead Demons Dedede destruction (did I get that right?) I know except theyre good I think. Anybody know? lol


If that's Keiichi Okabe doing the music for Astral Chain like I suspect, I'm gonna get MORE HYPE.


I fuckin love sci-fi anime police Shit was off the astral chainnn


I'm pretty sure Suoer Bunnyhop had a video about how Activision Blizzard loopholes it's way out of paying anyone taxes. Just think how kany would get laid off if they had to pay their fair share! Thank god!


Rage 2 apparently has xp boosters andcheat codes you pay for.


Someone got pissed in Apex and yelled at me to use my healing drone on them... I was Bangalore.


I feel like people are focusing on the flaws of kh3 while acting like all of them arent suoer weird mixed bags. Like im hearing how great the conbat in 2 was but half the fights int that game were enemy-specific flashy qte's.


Yeah theres not much titanfall in apex legends, and while maybe it is a great battle royale, its still 10 to 15 minutes of nothing with everyone throwing their ults, abilities, and grenades in conplete panic when they do meet up.


Until i see otherwise Respawns' star wars game is titanfall with a star wars skin and lightsaber weapons so im not mad theres no titanfall 3 just yet.


Ok i feel like the game tricked me into 100 acre wood let me out i dont consent to this.


When you're trying to make your own custom robo but you realize you just made Eva 01 instead.


Kingdom hearts 3 might be my favorite so far. As long as the plot ends with some fun moments i dont really mind if it makes total sense. Just give me all the anime camp and melodrama, baby.


Oh boy i had no idea L2 switches your triangle commands in kh3. Now i dont have to do em in whatever order the game gives em at me.


I want an announcement of Verum Rex next E3. Lets do it.


Digital foundry suggests ps4 pro players of kh3 go into the options menu and switch to 1080p display and disable super sampling for vest frame rate. (The 'stable' option in game is apparently not good.)


Kh wont be for a few days instead I got pretty dang far into Claire A. Wgat in my memory should be the last third or so of the original. Wooo! *my head hurts im tired*


Was the re2 demo set to easy? Havent died or nothing but having more trouble with these zombies!


Got a letter from a collections group saying I owe the borough $600. My taxes are as simple as can be and I dont own the home I live in so not really getting why. Anybody have these troubles?


Trails the third is so strange the way it works being one long dungeon with optional doors that give out long plot dumps and exposition. Getting party members feels almost like a(but isnt) gacha game of 'whose it gonna be?'


Took about 110 hours but I've beaten Trails FC and SC! Yet again at the final form of the boss I was down two characters and low on options for maximum cool points. You'd think I'd be ready for RE2 and KH3 but I'm ready to start up trails 3 tonight.


Looks like these people who worked on trails at xseed are gonna be working on 3 for Nisa.


Aside from a show I'm playing ive got more time for games this week than usual. Of course this isnt KH or RE week but im 35 hours in Trails in the Sky SC so maybe I can finish it off??


Mob psycho is abck and great, a little touching even with its first episode. Promised Neverland seems cool but also kinda terrifying if youre not expecting what goes down. Any other cool anime this season?


Trails in the Sky complete! That last chapter was easily the longest with a multi phase boss battle I won only with one final limit break before death, so that was intense. Satisfying ending too, but luckily I got the sequel loaded up to go!


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