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Soul Hackers getting a quality of life update in November. Stuff like sprinting, speed up in battle, easier Skil inheriting, adjusted enemy amounts, and more demons to recruit.


New Gundam has a Revolutionary Girl Utena sort of Set up. Unexpected, but hey let's do it!


It seems like key members of Disco Elysium are no longer working on the sequel and I am sad if so.


As a slight follow up Spike Chunsoft made a notice that Steam really did reject Chaos;Head from the platform despite being an already toned down version of the original. Keep in mind that the sequel has been on steam and is more violent.




They gotta remake this game so that moving 15 units across the biggest maps in the series isn't a slog. Any units that aren't on horses good luck getting to the battle. Cool Fire Emblem though!


Koei Tecmo partnered with EA for a next gen monster Hunter Game and it's coming out in February. Looks like it has potential.


Played that FE1 remake on the SNES. Enjoyed my time but also I'm generally not good at SRPGs so might have to call it by mission 8. Guides, save states, and fast forwarding still can't save me from my bad choices.


My retroid pocket won't connect to my wifi anymore. The airplane mode flashes and I have no idea what it means, google didn't help and I factory reset the thing. Still flashing. It's basically an Android phone, anybody know what to do?


Was thinking about trying older fire emblem titles. I've played a good amount of awakening and one route of three houses. Maybe start at 4 unless going even further back is worth it. Let me know any FE opinions.


Incredibly well edited and executed video on why Trails From Zero coming out is a big deal, and what to do if you want to get in.


I unlocked some important features in Ryza 2 like item rebuild and item multiply so I wore my switch battery from full to empty just perfecting all of my equipment and items.


Chainsaw man trailer features the opening song to the show. It'll be 12 episodes with a different artist for the ending of each episode.


My brain decided it's robo time again, started watching Macross. That 'twist' in episode two was so strange but fun. Classic anime is so fun. Also think I'll trade in Arceus for Xenoblade since it should almost cover it.


Looks like Grand theft auto 6 footage is leaking. That or it's an elaborate fake but with how much there seems to be...


Just hit credits on Arceus. It seems like there's more story after that, worth pursuing or am I gonna have to do a whole lot like catch every pokemon?


The cyberpunk game the Genshin people are making has a twenty minute gameplay video. Combat starts at around 6 minutes. Genshin didn't stick for me but this looks different enough.


Beat the wo long demo as a dual swords stealth guy. Super fun time and less of the annoying stuff from Nioh. Boss fight was a trial, but my winning run was amazingly satisfying.


Nioh 3 impressions. The loot is still lthere, but stats seem simplified, no shifting stances like your a dang car, and no stamina bar?? This seems like the Nioh for me.


The announcement is a Suikoden 1 and 2 remaster! Konami only does anything good out of spite lol


That 'beloved series' announcement Konami is tricking us into paying attention to their showcase with is tomorrow. There are several appealing rumors to believe in, but I'm choosing to believe it's Boktai. Fuck yeah Boktai.


This is for you, dtoid user asking if this game got cancelled. Action rpg Dragon Quest Dai game. No release date, but global launch planned.


Ryza posting again, 7 minute video. Seems like it's much more open exploration than previous ones, and the combat is still hectic insanity. Oh and some Ryza games are at 50% off on PSN.


That tales of Symphonia remaster is 30fps on all platforms and 720p on switch docked or not.


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