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Ive been told the true final fight of dq11 i should be level 70 or more. Lots of grinding to go I guess.


Not supet pumped about what ive played of megaman 11. Longer levels but precision jumps throughout with limited lives is annoying. And with blockman i couldnt really read him at all. Theres the shop uogrades but it should feel better from the start imo.


For some reason I thought Dragon quest XI would be over in 40-50 hours, but im almost at 70. Now I'm hearing the post game is great. Luckily I'm still enjoying it and feel the compulsion to get all costumes.


Feel bad for games that seem to get buried in digital storefronts. Searched for Timespinner on psn and the only way i found it was typing in 'timespinner' directly.


Short death stranding clip just happened at tgs. Troy bakers character uses a gold mask to swallow up shadow people. Makes a gold masked shadow lion monster. Yup.


Getting ultimate in those challebges in spiderman seems like it might he a pain. Gonna guess its needed for 100% or something cool?


Swery's new game in kess than a month, october 10th. I know nothing about it lets goo


Watching the project judge story trailer 'damn this seems like a very serious game compared to yakuza, theres probably no combat either...' Watching gameplay trailer: 'what the fuck.'


Got a good 20 hours in dragon quest over the weekend while managing to do other social obligations. No idea how honestly. Spiderman comes in tomortow but probably a 6 day work week ahead or worse. RIP.


I like Dead cells but calling it a Metroidvania, especially when theres so many good ones getting released right now, feels misleading.


Seriously, no shill, if youre ever like 'damn i can't afford all these games coming out!' You should check out Gamefly. The only slight downside is having to wait a few extra days after release for new games.


I feel like some advice for people starting Hollow Knight is its a little slow in the beginning. The game makes you work for basic functions of a map in other Metroidvanias and doesnt give the cool abilities quickly. But theyre there and its awesome.


Ocotpath's structure isnt what I thought it was, but it might be better for it. Instead of playing a character campaign through and then picking another, you run around the world free to meet the other 7, do their prologue, and party up.


For those who played the new Octopath demo, who'd you go with? All of them seem cool to me, but I went with H'aanit the Hunter.


KH3 gonna be next year, but I can live. STRONG START 2019.


Oh shit im glad I actually watched EA's conference for once, I saw Sea of Solitude maybe a year or two ago but compeltely forgot. Never would have thought this is where id see it again. Good surprise.


Im loving onrush, seems like a perfect game to just listen to pdocasts or music and ram people off the road. Reccomended!


First episode of the new FLCL was good enough for me. Can watch it on adult swims site now.


Im playing Forgotten Anne on a whim which is a nice story driven puzzle game, its pretty neat but it seems like some puzzles you can get yourself stuck without a solution, and the game doesnt clue you in, either. Maybe I'm dumb, good otherwise!


Since im not looking forward to much I threw Detroit into my gamefly queue. Might be interesting to play it before best friends rip it apart.


Trying to watch steins gate zero, but i dont remember a thing other than the basic plot of the original. What the heck is going on, aside from alternate world line.


Didnt expect pixeljunk mosnters to be so cheap($15) almost boughtbit on ps4 but realized there was a seitch version. Any reason not to go switch?(performance or online features)


Any somewhat spoiler free tips on when you should do all the side stuff in god of war? Feel like might be close to end game but have no idea.


The struggle of waiting for Gamefly to bring you God of War when you're bank account is looking fine and you could buy and download now. Doesnt help that when it gets here ill be starting up my work week again.~~


Yakuza 6 came in, gotta wait til monday for GOW. I know 6 has some valid criticisms, but I really like it's fable-esque experience system. And in this one I akways know in closer to a new move or ability doing side stuff.


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