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Apparently that Aon must die game is MEGA shady. Like most devs quit due to terrible work conditions and that trailer was jsut made by contracted Artists. That said, I enjoyed about 75% of that but I'm sure people are disappointed. lol


Akira is the character I'd save from rival schools. But putting her in SFV is another sinking ship to me lol


You have to subscribe to Disney plus and pay $30? Man I don't want anything to do with Disney anymore lol


A good problem to have, but a problem in fall guys is acting the obstacle course and waiting five minutes for enough people to not fuck each other over on the seesaws.


20/21st century boy completed. When you're a long series filled with conspiracy and twists that spans decades it's a relief when it bookends the whole thing nicely. That and Monster are some of my favorites. Might read Pluto next!


New anime shirts wooo. This is a land of the lustrous one, I also got a dorohedoro, chainsaw man, and flcl shirt.


Hey, me and my band took a trip to the mountains in March and worked on some song ideas. Can see us and hear music we worked on. Appreciate any views, likes, comments, whatever! Edit: one quick bump.


Through a cruel error we thought my parents were losing the home we had for generations in September, but weeks after pointing out there was an agreement made they've admitted their mistake. Here's a pic of me.


Eiyuden Chronicles' Kickstarter is live and almost halfway funded in under an hour! Here's some buzz words: turn based rpg, 100 characters 2 recruit, creators of Suikoden, octopath inspired style, dynamic camera. Music is cool too!


Fall guys is gonna be in next months's ps plus games!


I don't expect it to be Suikoden, but please God let it be something hype.


Maybe I won't have to get an Xbox this gen either, lol.


That game briefly shown during xbox's may event, The Medium, seems built around showing mirrored world's simultaneously. Like two levels of silent hill loaded on top of each other. Seems like a good way to show off SSDs.


Crosscode has a really weird world where it is and isn't an mmo, to an incredibly confusing degree of whats real or not which could be interesting but so far all I get is meta jokes so oh well I guess.


Oh my goddd. Also of not is that the more recent women of AC we're supposed to have larger roles. So I guess instead of a make and female protagonists Kassandra and Evie were to be the sole lead, but were prevented by editorial and marketing.


Aegis Rim got pushed back a few weeks to September 22nd, but now it'll have an English dub day 1 so that's neat. I didn't know they were planning on one.


Japan got an extra game announced in their direct. Which will definitely be released in America. And sakuna got a new trailer which is definitely been announced before! It's listed as November release on us site too.


My god. It's real. Seems more third party focused though? According to Nintendo Japan it will be TEN MINUTES. Along with the last second announcement, I'm expecting Bakugan 2.


Caught up on One Piece. 984 chapters and hey, it's great even this deep in! I added a bunch of manga that might be good to the list and..I have 90 series on it lol. Also playing pirate warriors 4 and it's a ton of fun! First musou I've played in a decade.


Filip Miucin, who infamously plagiarized a small reviewer's dead cells review, is trying to make a comeback. Not really sure how to feel , but I guess knowing helps people decide to avoid or not when they see him on their feed.


US army esports ran fake giveaways on twitch that were actually leading people to recruitment sign ups. These assholes pretend they're just sponsored videogamers but are shady recruiters!


Atelier Ryza 2 got rated in Australia. Might go back to the first again, but just let me run around and craft without stopping every five minutes and I'd be way more into it.


A lot of people criticize dishonored because of how restrictive it is being a stealthy good guy. But I went in knowing that and killed whenever I wanted and still got the good guy ending, so not sure the no kill run was really intended.


Might seem like a weird choice, but I'm going with paper Mario over Tsushima at the last second. I keep grabbing games that would probably be better to wait on patches or the ps5 for. Origami is probably just as good now as ever will be.


Swery doing his best. Cool to take in feedback, I think with The Missing and this it's a topic he cares about and wants to do good by.


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