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Mages, the developer of Steins; Gate, is having a thing tonight with news for fans of Steins gate, along with update on their brand new game Anonymous; Code. Here's some footage they showed years ago of it. Hopefully it really exists and happens soon!


You ever put on a video about a niche JRPG just to have in the background and they make a reference to ben shapiro, then a clip of Ben shapiros podcast, then a URL for more ben shapiro content, then more quotes from Ben Shapiro. And it's not a joke.


Jenny Leclue has only been out on Switch for a couple months and $2.99 on the eshop for Halloween. Reviews seem generally really positive as well for a lil narrative detective game.


Was disappointed that gamefly seemingly would not be stocking ps5 games at launch and no indication when they would. Until I remembered that I had to click that ps5 games are soemthing I'm interested in and oh wait they got em all. lol


Not too much longer until BURNING THROB.


Stadia creative director thinks streamers should have to pay a licensing fee on top of owning the game to stream. Should probably wait on announcing your evil intentions when your product isn't assumed dead on arrival.


Ilhan Omar said poggers and showed off her pc gamer rig. Also hbomberguy getting in late, making some great jokes, and immediately murdering a congresswoman was a power move.


Fall of troy got the rep of 'that one hard song in guitar hero'and not much else, but they're one of my favorite bands back then. Their new album takes some of their oldest and obscure stuff and makes it new again. And it's great!


George Miller is finally allowed to do a movie again. He's doing a Furiosa spin off. Why did it take this long?


Yeah baby, first a five star great sword, now I got the best greatsword character in the game! No munny spent.


Give it up for Uppers, after 4 years since it's Japanese release it's coming to steam this month.


If we're gonna judge a chinese company for following (bad) Chinese laws they'd be dooming themselves to go against, then we better judge companies under no such obligation that love to pander to China and US nationalism.


Not sure if it's one of those cases where I left it on or it counts sleep mode but I hit credits in Hades, and said I played for over 50 hours. I'd have guessed 30 or 40 but damn. There's a lot there.


So many unfair and terrible things this year, and in life. How privileged do you have to be where a detail in a game is changed and you become some sort of terrorist.


October is starting off on a different note.


Instead of using my free premium currency in genshin for the waifu slot machine I went for Weapons and got a 5 star claymore. Hell yeah.


Everyone knows 13 sentinels has a crazy story and good characters by now, but I think the battles are really cool so far, and I didn't expect much from them. I'd take a real time with pause front mission from square.


My last passenger in Spiritfarer and the current task is to leave them alone for 6 days. Not sure if this is intended as a metaphor or I just left the worst one for last. lol


Do people like Blue Dragon at all. I played the demo way back and didn't dig it at all, but also didn't play videogames as much then.


If microsoft wants to buy a Japanese studio there's one I'd be on board with.


Yayayaya. They're still airing, but Combat looked pretty decent


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