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Since im not looking forward to much I threw Detroit into my gamefly queue. Might be interesting to play it before best friends rip it apart.


Trying to watch steins gate zero, but i dont remember a thing other than the basic plot of the original. What the heck is going on, aside from alternate world line.


Didnt expect pixeljunk mosnters to be so cheap($15) almost boughtbit on ps4 but realized there was a seitch version. Any reason not to go switch?(performance or online features)


Any somewhat spoiler free tips on when you should do all the side stuff in god of war? Feel like might be close to end game but have no idea.


The struggle of waiting for Gamefly to bring you God of War when you're bank account is looking fine and you could buy and download now. Doesnt help that when it gets here ill be starting up my work week again.~~


Yakuza 6 came in, gotta wait til monday for GOW. I know 6 has some valid criticisms, but I really like it's fable-esque experience system. And in this one I akways know in closer to a new move or ability doing side stuff.


Just watched episode 2 of Megalo box, like oh shit. Dont know if they kept that under wraps or if it was common knowledge in the advertising. (The MC's name)


Wait, does your kingdom stuff and money not continue to accrue in ni no kuni if you turn off the game? Aw dang, if so.


Every boss fight has been like 1 or 2 minutes so far in Ni no Kuni 2. I hope it isnt always that much of a cakewalk. Also, kinda sparse voice actung from the start. Still really cool!


Got Ni No Kuni 2, popped it in, loaded the brand new disc, then said it couldnt be read. Troed to eject it and it wouldnt! Fixed that and got the game to load, but now its still making plenty of loud noises like its trying to read the disc.


Id like to turn on the friendly mode for radiant historia since it mostly gets rid of the trash battles but i dont want everything to be too easy. *shrug*


I've defeated Pink Rathian. Do I go for Deviljho now or is that just not a good idea yet? Not sure if I need other high level stuff to craft his gear/weapons or killing him is enough.


Not sure if it's part of their GDC announcement but the Danganronpa people have an action rpg in the works. A cast who looks like a danganronpa crew are the last humans, but are clones with rapid aging. They go from kids to old people and die as you play.


Theres a 'final trailer' for Ni No Kuni 2, looks really dope but theres some stuff I at least hadn't seen before like party members and bosses. Be careful if you care!


Seeing how FFXV went down is anyone feel a bit less interested in playing KH3 or FFXVI day 1 and more like 6 months to a year later? Supporting and fixing your game is good, but I'm not likely to play a big rpg twice, myself.


Unless I misunderstood it seems like the Kotaku article article on Ni No Kuni 2 says they played for around 30 hours and best the game. Any thoughts ome way or another? I'm down, especially after xenoblade. (Could be side cotent too)


Are the move controllers necessary for psvr? Saw the visor and camera were $170 but if I have to add on $100 for the wands its still probably not a buy for me.


'$50 is just too expensive for a game like Lost Sphear' I say, while adding the Collector's edition of Octopath Traveler to my cart.


Nintendo direct tomorrow at 5pm eastern! Switch and 3ds games, specifically more details on mario tennis.


Also, shut, was Lost Sohear really $50 at launch? Welp hope it did well, it's at 35 now on psn.


Critically acclaimed games I know are good on sale: 'ehh I'll skip it for now. Star Ocean, a series I've always disliked is on sale: 'aw shit, I gotta know.'


Fist of the north star demo is cool, i just hope you can turn on autorun instead of holding the button (the walk speed is crazy slow) and the camera is inverted horizontal and vertical! I cant read any japanese so no way of figuring it out now.


Just read a lil thing on newly introduced characters for Valkyrka chronicles 4. A few seemed cool, but ones gimmick actually made me laugh out loud at his gimmick. I might post it in comments for mild spoiler.


A sword art online game where you never encounter or talk about any sword art online characters would be great.


Supposedly sega is revoking licenses from those playing through yakuza 6. That fine to me, but I dont see why they delayed it. Havent heard any problems, and now itll be competing with other sony exclusives.


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