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Its a popular time for birthdays cause its mine too! Found out my fellow closer has the same exact birthday and requested off way in advance so im at work like:


Started tge furst dishonored. Definitely getting bioshock feels from the graphics and just 360 nature of everything in the game. Think im going to just generally try stealth but just let fun decide how much i kill. Youtube the endings instead of worry.


A character from Ai the somnium files doing a lets play of ai the somnium files. Yeah, sure, why not. Spotted a 999 easter egg too.


Will only refer to ghost recon as 'Tom Clancy's ghost' from now on.


This has been getting consistent good reviews so far(moreso than rage 2). Reminds me a bit of hellblade.


Here's a big wrestler character for the Granblue fighting game! (Also you can sign up for the beta)


Really gonna try and dig deep into Radiant Historia. Really dug the first few hours and felt hooked right away..and then just didnt pick it uo again because it came out after the Switch. Also valkyria chronicles 4 on the way!


More from David Eddings, former voice of claptrap from borderlands.


Kinda realizing were near 1 month away from e3! What are you looking forward to hearing about? I wanna see more of Astral Chain. And Square's conference to not be a trashfire.


Just watched the first season of The Good Place. Its pretty rare for me to watch tv anymore and boy that was some weird out there shit for a NBC comedy by my old standards. In a good way.


The guy who plays claptrap in borderlands claims he always did it for free, and when he asked to be paid for it this time they didnt want him anymore. What the fuck?


Cold steel 2 just over a month away! Tried out caligula effect and zanki zero and they just dont do it for me like this series. (Though i know it doesnt quite look like much itself) Also, spoilers if you happen to be in the middle of trails yourself!


Sarazanmai sure is a thing thay is cool. Kinda hooe theu dont keep doong the monster of the week thing though. Lot of reused animations and sequences. Theyre so good though!


Seems like its a musou game, goddammit atlus.


Me before a hyped game comes out: I dunno maybe I should just put up the $60 it'd be cool to own it physically. Me finished with the game sending it back to Gamefly: thank god.


People are review bombing MK11 because of the 'censored' feminist redesigns of the characters, and im over here like 'thats half the reason I was gonna pick it up.'


Square enix making their e3 stream take the place of Sony's, I hope they have SOMETHING to show. I was sure they did last year and...


Zanki zero is pretty fun and interesting, when im not doing the dungeon crawling and combat, that sucks ass so far. Not sure to keep going or not.


Phoenix wright's strategy of showing damning evidence to the killer outside of court so they can beat him up and take it coild use some work.


Some of my bandmates put together a Tinydesk submission. I was going to play bass in it but it was pretty last minute for me so ah well. check it out and give it a like if you're down with it! folky mandolin stuff.


Phoenix wright trilogy doesnt have a physical? Guess i wont have to feel bad If I buy it on eshop simce I cant gamefly it huehuehue P.s. this'd be my first time playing them, and also something to distract from Sekiro.


Just finished trails of Cold Steel! Some fun final moments and really made me interested how the second one is gonna go. Wonder if its gonna drop the school setting entirely now? Also it got real xenogears so thats a plus. Guess I gotta wait a month!


Without turbo mode, any trails game seems hilariously slow. Like every action is underwater. I hope that the later ones just get faster in general or always include turbo mode.


Having trouble on a boss fight in sekiro. Top of ashina castle. I dodge the drop stab but and i know hes going to thrust but mikiri counter tends to not activate. :(


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