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Hot Take: I agree that there's too much water in Ruby and Sapphire.


I got my Mike Sounders model kit in the mail.


Built my tiny first Gundam, minus the one hand that just won't go on.(prolly super glue it) Already odered high grade Barbatos and Turn A Gundams to try next. Maybe try to do go further and do panel lining and painting. Good luck to me.


Ive been hearing people talk more about 3ds and switch emulation. If I coudl olay 3ds games without the handcramp and bad resolution I'd be really down for that.


Found a convenient way to read manga for bus rides and whatnot. Any really good or msut read stuff to add to the list? Ill write some of the stuff ive got Q'd up


So 'Trails of the Beginning' the newly announced title in the series has 3 separate protagonists. Seems you choose what order to play them in with over 50 party members total. Mini episodes where you go into a characters backstory too. (like trails 3)


Falcom announced theyre doing either a port or remake of the trails' crossbell games, and showed a couple images of the new entry which from what I hear translates to 'trails from the beginning'. All 2020 in Japan.


Knives Out was great. Didnt even see a trailer and had a good murder mystery time.


I just want 'Goddamn Superhero'. Don't need the no more heroes bit.


Started from the beginning and all I have left is king of cards for shovel knight. That said fallen order and outer worlds showed up. What to playy.


Yesterday I restarted and finally finished Shovel Knight, and now I'm about halfway through plague knights'. Notbsure ifbI'll beat all campaigns in such a quick burst but it's definitely fun still. Definitely interested in how the last two play.


Axiom verge doesnt look like a nauseating gross nightmare anymore hooray!


RE3 trailer triggered my memory of a capcom game I thought I imagined. Under the skin, your a little aliem who causes mischief and disguises themselves. And one stage is just raccoon city, Nemesis and all.


Theres a good moment in death stranding where a twist came together and I realized what was going on without it directly telling me. The problem is that the game assumes that you didnt get it and hints for the rest of the game.


Titanfall 2, aka my favorite shooter of the generation, is free on ps plus. Campaign or multiplayer, this game is great. I'm just glad I don't have to put the disc in anymore for a match.


Hell yeah I just finished Gunbuster. Started out cheery and 80's and ends badass. I know there's a sequel but have no idea if it's well liked. Reccomended as long as your ok with anime boobies.


Indivisible on Amazon for $15 including the Switch version before it's even released. As someone who backed it years ago dor $60 my thoughts are eughhhhh.


Not sure if getting blazblue cross tag on switch to mess around with and bring over to friends would be a good idea. Also a bunch of little games i want to scoop uponsale but not sure if I should splurge.


Can they make catching pokemon fun yet. Finally got ultra balls and im throwing 20 per pokemon.


Astrla chain is the worstgame to out down for a month or two, holy shit what are these controls. Also, my analog stick is being screwy.


Anyone got a guide on all the evolutions where you gotta do weird stuff that also doesnt spoil what they look like? Some of these im never gonna figure out on my own but like to see them in game and not on a youtube video.


Besides niche japanese games I know would never get in, the game award nominees are fine. lol at people hating on Death Stranding who havent given it a chance.


Watched a friend whose a bit further in death stranding play. Lot of fun gadgets and mechanics coming up and had a blast watching him fail a pizza delivery. Also started pokemon shield vecause gamefly had it ready and I actuall enjoy it a lot.


This is pretty rare for me but I completely lost track of time playing death stranding. I am always checking my phonr and whatnot but this time its about 3 am and i have no idea when I started.


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