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Not sure if people aren't talking about Attack on Titan on any of my social feeds due to politeness or what but I got around to the final seasons first episode and this shit feels so hype.


Makes sense in hindsight but damn, what a waste of time.


Us eshop sale has some tempting games for me. Grandia collection($20), paradise killer, ori, and Minit may be bought.


My lovely fiance has received a provisional autism diagnosis. She is no different than before, but should soon have access to resources she has always deserved to help her along with all her goals, usually involving helping other people.


Unemployment ran out, and the program you're supposed to sign up for after just ended. The site is like 'you could maybe do extended benefits orrr wait a week while we figure out this new bill that just got signed. *shrug*


Gameplay wise tales of graces is a giant step up from Vesperia. Emphasis on perfect Dodging, blocking, no mp management between battles, and the title system gives permanent moves, abilities and stat boosts, depending how you play. Playing on hard too.


Just did the Ys 9 demo, might be because 8 had a bunch of open areas and this was a cramped dungeon but the camera was a pain. Also I had thirty enemy indicators on the screen when most were far away and in other rooms. Please don't be bad. lol


If you're looking for any crumb of Ueda's next game, here is a crumb.


Tim Rogers is an insane man, but in the 8 minutes I watched he's managed to intrigue me about a game I've never heard of or could think I could care about.


My gamefly queue for the new year is a ps3, 4, and 5 game. If Bandaid bamco wants to announce a new Tales remaster before I plug up the ps3 I'd appreciate it.


The visual novel database(vndb) delisted 13 sentinels saying it wasn't a VN. Truth is that they have a bunch of games that aren't really VNs listed, they were just salty it was being voted into the top all time list which they are against ever changing.


The creators of Pathologic, that weird Russian game we're all intimidated to play, have a new game coming soon. It's pretty different, but also maybe not?


Feeling hope that the last Eva movie will be the nonsense gigabrain fever dream that I crave after that last trailer and subsequent online theories.


I am seeing people talk about New Vegas everywhere. Here, Twitter, podcasts. Where is it coming from?


When you're really digging the game you're playing on a whim and think you've found a hidden gem, and want to pronounce it as such but you still got like 40 hours before credits so you should hold off, anyway I'm playing Alliance Alive HD.


Fiance imported an Eva themed Switch shell for me! I also got a Qubeley t-shirt and a gundam model kit from her. It's Mechmas over here.


When people say FF7R is full of Kingdom hearts bullshit it's funny to me because KH bullshit is just bullshit borrowed from FF.


Clearly hades is a jrpg, because that's all I play.


Mega 64 becoming the top anime to live action adapters in the biz.


Felt the itch to pick up random titles on digital. Got Robotics; Notes on sale along with Touhou Luna Nights. Tempted to pick up Kentucky Route Zero if people still think that game is dooe, but it'll be on sale a while.


GOTY is half off at GameStop again. Thought you should know.


Has anybody gotten into handheld emulator machines? From the reviews this seems good, my only hangups are that I'd like it to go up to ps2, and that I'm going to eventually want a pc (though I can't right now for a few reasons)


You know what game never got delisted by Sony?


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