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'Never ever censor your game for any reason, but also never ever put in any political stuff I disagree with.' Is really getting tiresome.


Persona 5 R news in next 24 hours, and sony has their own direct monday. The cool announcements never stop lately.


999 aka Zero Escape series' director has a new game that will be out july 25th. Summer keeps getting more and more packed with cool games hooray for me!


I totally forgot or never knew the main character of Necrodancer's name was Cadence.


Vanillaware's game 13 sentinels had a japan only paid demo and I skipoed around in a stream of it and, yeah every thing i saw was just a couple characters standing by talking. Very different from odin sphere which waslike 2d character action title.


The Yakuza spinoff, Judgment, is being taken off shelves and off psn because an actor in it failed a drug test for cocaine. It may even affect the Englush release but no word yet. Overreaction much?


Giving everybody a cowboy hat and breakdancing over their corpses while on fire for xp.


The Yakuza soinoff game, Judgment, will habe two different english subtitles. One that follows the English dub script, and one that translates the Japanese script. Thats some effort dog.


My dmc post earlier got a lot of comments and I cant see any of em! Anyways, started Ys Origins after beating the trails in the sky trilogy. Very fun metroidvania(i guess?) Didnt like what i played of tokyo xanadu at all but I may be a Falcom fan now.


This is going around and sure its kinda funny, but dmc has been a series since ps2. People know what its about, i dont doubt itll get positive reviews. Reminds me of kingdom hearts fanbase thinking 3 was going to get trashed and then got mostly 9's.


It seems like Left Alive is bombing hard in Japan, and not getting great reviews. Its a shame, but theres at least four other games in March I'm looking forward to. Also is there ajything I can do or are comments busted? lol


I want sports themed evolutions. Bunny is soccer, monkey is baseball, lizard is Starcraft 2.


Good on UNIEST for getting into evo, I really dug the original on ps3 and thought the new one was dead on arrival since it launched around DBZ.


Exist archive is on sale for ten bucks for ps4. Its supposed to be like valkyrie profile. Anyone have strong feelings either way on it?


Never really bought manga but I had store credit on amazon and watched a series on famous authors so I bought some volumes of 20th Century Boys and Dead Demons Dedede destruction (did I get that right?) I know except theyre good I think. Anybody know? lol


If that's Keiichi Okabe doing the music for Astral Chain like I suspect, I'm gonna get MORE HYPE.


I fuckin love sci-fi anime police Shit was off the astral chainnn


I'm pretty sure Suoer Bunnyhop had a video about how Activision Blizzard loopholes it's way out of paying anyone taxes. Just think how kany would get laid off if they had to pay their fair share! Thank god!


Rage 2 apparently has xp boosters andcheat codes you pay for.


Someone got pissed in Apex and yelled at me to use my healing drone on them... I was Bangalore.


I feel like people are focusing on the flaws of kh3 while acting like all of them arent suoer weird mixed bags. Like im hearing how great the conbat in 2 was but half the fights int that game were enemy-specific flashy qte's.


Yeah theres not much titanfall in apex legends, and while maybe it is a great battle royale, its still 10 to 15 minutes of nothing with everyone throwing their ults, abilities, and grenades in conplete panic when they do meet up.


Until i see otherwise Respawns' star wars game is titanfall with a star wars skin and lightsaber weapons so im not mad theres no titanfall 3 just yet.


Ok i feel like the game tricked me into 100 acre wood let me out i dont consent to this.


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