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The trails of cold steel 3 demo should be out in all regions today. Carries over to the full game.


Ni no Kuni is great, but I heard the Switch port is terrible! Avoid for now!


Control has started to get on my nerves. Dont like the upgrade system, you can go from full health to dead in an instant, checkpoints suck, and the david lynch stuff in the beginning disappeared. Fridge boss looks cool but ive fallen to my death 5 times.


When you've got one episode left and a lot of loose ends.


Guilty gear at tgs was almost a disaster til they pulled out some new footage at the last second.


Turns out control is 23rd on NPDs in a really slow sales month. Hopefully they'll he alright. I played an hour and im really into it so far.


Ai the somnium files getting positive reviews so far! Feel like this game might get slept on since its a new ip in September, but apparently zero escape fans should feel at home.


Huge amount of footage of Death stranding will drop soon but Kojima seems like hes only doing it because so many people want to know exactly what theyre getting before playing. I get that its a product were paying for, but mgsv gave way too much away.


Not sure if the Celeste story dlc will be hard like the main campaign or like OMEGA HARD FOR THE CELESTE EXPERTS ONLY. Also, Astral chain is the best.


Daemon ex Machina is good so far y'all.


Got the post 'hype game announcements' thing where the only things I want to play are the thins not out yet. Gonna try and power through it and finally get back to trails of zero! Oh also I beat three houses.


Whose making Deadly Premonition 2? Is it Swery?? If so thats awesome. Town coming out before pokemon is surorising, and never owned a wii or wii u so xeno 1 and tms are welcome.


Ikumi Nakamura, who was one if the highlight moments if Bethesda's e3, is leaving Tango Gameworks. No idea if this means anything for her game, Ghostwire.


'Next time on Zeta Gundam, this character dies!' Ok.


What September games are people hype for? For me it's Ai: the Somnium Files, and River City Girls so far.


Alec Holowka, a major part of the development of Night in the Woods, committed suicide.


For the first time in three years gamefly has slapped me and didnt ship me control or astral chain. Still a good service though. *plays my rented fire emblem*


Now that im in the timeskip and cant recruit anymore, most supports maxed, and dont care for the master classes, i feel like I can skio the fluff and just gun for the ending.


Oh shit Yakuza 7's protagonist is a big fan of Dragon quest and other turn based rpgs...meaning that he imagines all of his fights as turn based battles... AKA YAKUZA 7 IS A TURN BASED RPG.


Dont know why fire emblem gives you these cool outfits halfway through for your characters but then makes it so you only wear it playing a very specific class, and usually none of the master classses.


Megaman zero/zx collection coming out in january! Thats like 6 games from my childhood yeahhhh!


With all these shows getting announced for disney+ all I'm thinking is how good itd be to just wait two years and then watch what interests me the most on a free trial or something.


Almost done the og Gundam trilogy. Want to keep it to UC stuff for now so either the side stories or Zeta next. Any somewhat recent Gundam games to check out over others?


Dipping my toes into Gundam with The Origin on Crunchyroll. Almost done and its pretty good, but I'm ready to see an actual Gundam in action! Probably do the movie trilogy afterwards? Yell at me for what to watch after.


Indivisible coming out in october for all platforms except switch which is still supposed to be 2019. As long as its good and runs well when it does I'll be happy.


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