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Crosscode has a character who has all the same abilities as you and if he beats you the plot keeps going. Damn you apollo!


If you've got Xbox and gamepass then you've got Crosscode right now, go try that shit it looks hype. Switch and PS4 owners get it tomorrow. Some fps problems on switch in towns, but there's a patch being finalized for it. Wooo


Feel like Jim Sterling's opinion is pretty relevant to this game. Apparently there's no plan to fix technical problems? lol


Loading up Breath of the Wild for the first time in a while and realizing from my saves that I hadn't touched the game since the month it released. Crazy how hard I fell off a game that was such an important moment. Didn't beat it, either!


Assassin's creed Valhalla gameplay has leaked. A half hour of footage. And hey it's gone as soona s I post it! Either way it's out there I'm sure, and people will talk about what they saw.


When I get a game for switch that I don't think it should have any problems playing, then see PS4 footage that runs way better.


Took a Twitter break and it's absolutely vile that people are taking what's happening with the FGC and spending energy shitting on Sonic fox for it who has been accused of nothing? Or hoping he will be outted next so they can be rid of them for good.


Tried wonderful 101, and as expected, ???. And then it crashed on the second stage. That said, what does climbing attack do, should I be mashing in that or jsut swinging a sword? I got the yellow beer guy but not sure what that did.


More puritanism and censorship that left wing SJWs have to fight from happening. Ain't it funny.


The July games I plan to play this month are Crosscode, Deadly premonition 2, and Ghosts of tsushima. How bout y'all?


Yoko Taro's Gacha game is out for download now. Not my type of game but it even has the Nier composer sooo maybe I can try? Damn you, Square.


Title screens changing after you beat a game are so good. But then you can't even turn the game on without some mild spoiler lol


Mike Z is getting called out by a streamer who says they'll no longer play SG over creepy messages. One of the people in the replies goes 'you should just separate the work from the artist' to the person. That phrase has now been ruined forever for me.


There are times where I've strongly disagreed with Jason Schreier, but his Twitter is always interesting. He tweeted 'videogames are too long' and Troy Baker took it personal and is quoting Teddy Roosevelt at him, and I'm not sure why.


Pretty deep into xenoblade. But leveling up has become a bit of a pain, boss was level 75, I was level 69. Doesn't seem like there's quests for the area, do I just grind on the enemies?


I don't really agree with the idea of diminishing returns with console gens. Only a fraction of games from ps3 don't look like garbage to me. And the PS4 was considered aconservative jump in power over that.


Pretty deep into xenoblade, and hey it's a good game. But the environments have kinda turned into one long dungeon for the last 5 or 10 hours. Not sure if it's a common complaint but I kinda wanna just be hanging out on gaur plains.


I haven't played deadly premonition since like 2012, but I oh my god the game looks so shitty I don't know to get excited or cry.


Finished Death Come true in 2 or 3 hours. Fun time, basically a movie, and I could see arguing with friends over decisions. One interesting note is that a character on the poster didn't show up at all for me. *Shrug* who knows~~


Danganronpa Creator's new game is on switch for $15. Having it be live actors is weird to me but I might just jump in blind!


No surprise to anyone, but many IGN staffers coming forward about how abusive their former bosses were in years past. From being directly cruel to forcing in internet gossip as fact and letting employees take the heat for it.


Shout-out to Phoebe Bridgers. Her new album is dope, and I'm very much not the type to sit down and listen to an album anymore.


I backed this game in like 2013 I think? LETS GOOO. If you're a fan of hyper light drifter and other too down heavy pixel art games this is worth looking at.


Every Gundam I played in that new beta has some really cool details in how it played or moved that I got a kick out of. Full armor unicorn dropping it's gear as it fights, to turn A's awkward leg boosters. Too bad I get considtently bodied!


Chainsaw man riding a shark to go fight a typhoon. The chapter is called Sharknado.


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