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Odogaron has been the first main challenge of MHW. Updated my armor, switched to a bow, and called in co op buddies and it still took quite a while. Gotta get rathatlos and Diablos now, any tips?


In MHW is there any downsides to capturing? If I come into someones quest and cap it is that a possible dick move?


Do people tend to try out different weapon types in monster hunter for different situations or is it best to just stick to one thing hard and never switch? Its my first one and every weapon I try I like!


Oh, also with Dynasty Warriors 9 being what it is this would set up a great time to have Drakengard 4 from Yoko Taro and platinum. Bad dynasty warriors clone becomes what the genre always couldve been!


When I come home from my two weeks in Scotland I'll have SoTC, DBZF, and monster Hunter ready at home. I could literally shuffle em put one in, and be ok with what ever pops up.


I think reviewers are so used to personally thinking dynasty warriors being kinda shit and people still loving it they gave this one kinda ok scores, too without realizing it was shittier overall than the others.


'the longest five minutes' releases today and would be great for my long flight back, but at $40 for what looks like a game made on tge cheap I'm gonna need some reviews.


Rught now it makes sense not all indie games were planning tocome to the Switch right away but I hope we wont have developers purposely holding the switch versions back to get those sweet double dip sales we all know happen.


I roll ny eyes when people say theYrE sick of a certain style like 2d pixel art, then I look at jrpgs still in the 3ds style like Lost Sphear and Secret of Mana ramake like FUCK OFF WITH THAT.


SotC is probably the only games where I got kinda into time trials/speed run challenges. Seeing what people were doing for the fifth colossus and recreating jt was magic. That said, fuck the 4th colossus forever.


Here's my eshop haul for my Scotland trip: Sonic Mania, Darkest Dungeon, Overcooked, Celeste, and Oxenfree. Along with Steamworld Dig 2 and Battle chef Brigade alrekick bought, and I kicstarted Aegis Defenders so I'll get a Switch code mid vacation!


Qtoid really doesnt like when Itry to post youtube links from my phone(logged me out and all!) But something I backed has all of a sudden got a relase date soon and a switch port same day! Aegis Defenders! Google it cause i cant post trailer!


Got an 11 hour plane trip to Scotland for vacation. Switch and power bank at the ready. Think I'll get Celeste and Darkest dungeon. Any other games people would reccomend? Could also use co op games for when im there. (Also feeling better healthwise, thx)


Seems like Iconoclasts has a lot more going on in its story just from the 2 hours I've played thab I realized. Hopefully I understand it! Oh also gameolay has been fun the whole time with 3 bosses already cleared.


Cant find Iconaclasts on psn. Is it unlocking at midnight?


Non videogame question: if youve got pain in your lower left abdomen and kidney and been constipated for a week or two, despite fiber and water all day everyday, should I see a doctor asap?


That feel when yiu want to support an indie dev, but youre gonna wish you wauted for the Switch port when it probably comes. Darn you, Iconoclasts and Hollow Knight!


Two more episodes left in Devilman Crybaby. I'm sure everything will work out just fine! (It wont)


Cant wait for full release of DBZF. I wont have to practice characters basic mkves on someone whose going 100% on me


People told me for DBFZ good counter for super dashes is down and hard. Is that after you block or is good timing necessary?


I think a lot of musicians, myself included saw that labo piano and knew it was a race for who can do the dopest shit on it.


Is the beta for dbz supposed to be open now? (I tried, didnt work)


Whats the leveling/progression system like in Tales Berseria? Zestiria had that weird equipment board no one liked, its something better right?


I need Nintendo to confirm this Direct already. Xenoblade 2 and Steamworld Dig 2 til then.


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