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More characters confirmed for Dragon Ball Fighterz. Honestly feels like a lot more characters than I expected, is that jsut me?


Double post so.. For futyre reference do i have to start with trails in the sky or could I got for this cold steel port coming out eventually?


Everytime a game gets delayed I tell my gf about it as if someone has died. 'im sorry baby i dont know how to tell you this but..ni no kuni 2 has been delayed for two months im sorry..' She doesnt know what a ni no kuni is btw.


I bought SFV day 1, but I didnt think itd take this long to get my main, Sakura looks dope.


Dont understand why for psx they didnt call up namco bandai like 'youve got ni no kuni in a month, and theres like 6 character for DBFZ that have 30 second clips and thats it. Can you send over some footage?'


Also, other than one scene. I've enjoyed xenoblade 2's English voice acting tons. It is the right amount of cheese when its 'bad'. (Not counting battle dialogue, as I turned that volume a bit quieter to not go crazy)


I started xenoblade 2 today and I'm 10 hours in now. Went a lil overboard.


Didnt know what was coming out in December so I looked up a list and there are a lot of weird titles. Black Mirror the videogame? Maybe I'll try Tokyo Xanadu Ex just because I enjoyed my first Falcom game, Ys VIII. But Xenoblade probably Trumps it all.


Any advice in tackling optional stuff in Evil Within 2? I've completed every sidemission I see in chapter 3 but dtill keeping finding more like entire sequences. Am I ok to go ahead or might I miss things?


Beat Ys VIII. Id call it the most surprising title of 2017. Hust under 40 hours taking my time with side stuff so it doesnt overstay itself, but even over 20 hours in it still introduces new big mechanics. One of the best action jrpgs imo.


I wish they gave us the other version of Noctis. You know, the one who is a 'spoiler' but is the first thing you see when you start the game.


I just beat danganronpa v3, and BOY that is a love it or hate it ending to everything.


Not long after the Jim Sterling video on incels and theyve been scrubbed from reddit. Mayne they'll learn how life really works now.


A lot of people saying that people only hate on 3d sonic because its popular and here I thought it was cause they arent fun or a lot of the time are objectively of poor quality. They earned the skeptical responses.


Boy do I want to replay the entire .hack GU series with this upcoming remaster, and boy do I have way too many games for that as is! May just get it for that extra 4th volume, but no telling how substantial it is.


Oh no double post uhh, anybody buy 'oure' yet? Wondering what the price is/ impressions.


What sonys marketing should have been 'new trailers and a few surprises!' What it was 'we're gonna make you our BITCH'


Me and my gf have been playing draw something lately, heres the 'videogame' category options. Cant wait for paypal the game or GOTY contender: Carwash.


Tried to get all the moons in the cascade kingdom, thought i was almost there but it was another 11 to go, lol. Fun stuff so far.


Oh wow, couple hours into Ys VIII and this is a must play for those who like action jrpgs so far. Very easygoing and lighthearted so far but great gameplay, and suikoden style build-your-base mechanic.


Dangan 2 finished. Crazy ending, good game. But im a little on the eh side of having the third part be anime only of a videogame series.


Season pass for dbz fighterz is $35. 8 characters. January 26th.


Oh shit, dragon ball fighterz comes out january 26th in America. Isnt that earlier than the release in Japan? Also, SAME DAY AS MONSTER HUNTER.


Holy shit samus returns has some lf the jardest bosses ive come up against in this series.


Beat that infamous new boss in samus returns. Mostly had fun with it, but im glad tbis is probably my last 3ds game for the foreseeable future. I have the XL and its still killer on my hands. Id rather the switch joycons by far.


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