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Thank you xbox for keeping competitive so that other companies know to stay vigilant while also never offering anything I want to play so I dont feel obligated to buy an xbox.


I think I don't appreciate a lot of trails music til after I beat them.*final boss theme for anyone interested in this series*


After hearing people give up around that point I expected the wind farm to be much worse.


Id be super down for this, but even if there was a free trial for stadia I don't know if my internet could handle it sooo.


Can we get a port of king of fighters 13? Imnot a huge kof fan but I always wanted to play it just cause of how good it looked. Now that ive been enjoying terry in smash I want it more.


Boktai 2 character designer put this up, and fuuuck I loved Boktai 2. Should go find a fanpatch for 3.


So i follow a thing on Twitter that shows resetera threads, I dont post because they make it a chore to get in, but I expected interesting topics. I feel like half the threads on that site make me dumber for having ever clicked.


Death stranding shipped from gamefly. Hopefully the delivery man brought enough ladders and ropes.


Remember when everyone thought DOA 6 had been censored because the main ninja girl wore a skin tight bodysuit plus her old costume and we now have 3 season passes worth of over the top sexy outfits, and no one cares cause its DOA 6.


Late reaction, but the ides of a story centric pve overwatch is something that needed to be made from the ground up. Not a minute cutscene before you play multiplayer maps with moba enemies marching out. Controversy aside it looks uninteresting.


Cold steel 3 really has fun bringing back characters and plot points across the 8 games back. Onky 1 chapter finished and the mechanics are at their best as well.


It'll be disappointing if so, but even if I hate death stranding itll still be a great year for gaming to me. Gonna try to Gamefly it so I can just nope out without feeling like I wasted money.


Toby Fox did a track for the new pokemon as well! Sounds like a battle theme. https://twitter.com/Pokebip/status/1190231924415045632?s=19


Last day of work and the last customer I took exploded about the crowd booing Trump the other night or whatever saying they should all be executed and whatnot. Epitome of 'Sir, this is a Wendy's'


The lengths that Mike will go to be the contrarian no matter how bad it makes him look is legendary.


This fucker looking high as shit holding a trident in a maid cafe. I love his dumbass.


No matter which way I orient my phone qposts takes the picture and rotates it weird!


AI: the somnium files NOW HAS A DEMO ON PS4, SWITCH, AND STEAM. From the maker of Zero Escape. Im about 7 hours in an love it and the characters a lot. Equal parts hilariously weird and dark murder mystery where you check out peoples' dreams for clues.


People on the fallout 76 Reddit are claiming that after they put all their shit in the infinite storage box it DELETED ALL THEIR ITEMS FROM EXISTENCE. PEOPLE PAID FOR THIS AND GOT SHIT ON.


Ring fit adventure seems great if youre into the idea. I put it on silent mode so its all squats instead of running and that kicked my ass.


One of Dragon quest XI's weaker points (for me) is its music. Its always trying to be bombastic and a but too simple. Meanwhile on ps2 we got this like damn.


two days before Cold Steel 3 ships I've beaten all 7 trails games including the fan translated ones! probably spent around 50-60 hours on each one, so that's a lot of jrpg'ing.


Western pc centric RPGs arent my normal comfort zone, but Disco Elysium looks intriguing like how Divinity is for me. And it looks like I wont get my ass kicked by the combat in this one!


I watched El camino and I cant believe walt jr killed al lthose people like that.


'Turn based games are easy and you just mash attack' 'Why do I have to grind like crazy to beat this boss.' Maybe you shouldn't mash attack. :/


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