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Streaming #indietoid Wandersong at [URL]https://www.twitch.tv/shutupaceyp/[URL] P.S. You should definitely play it. P.P.S Come tell me to shut up!


I for one think the Diamond and Pearl remakes look good!


I seem to recall at one point there was a group of FF14 players that made a discord. Are they and it still around?


Time to Kleanup and Klear! Donkey Kong Country 3! [URL]https://twitch.tv/shutupaceyp[\URL] P.S. Come tell me to shut up!


Snow is starting to melt everywhere except in Donkey Kong Country 3! [URL]https://www.twitch.tv/shutupaceyp[\URL] P.S. Come tell me to shut up!


Any tips for a first time blogger? I want to write about everyone's favorite Pokemon held item turned key item.


Welp. Streamed that DKC2 Mod I found. Not exactly a perfect mod. Had some sprites invert their colors, some sounds didn't work, and that level design made me really appreciate the original trilogies.


How does this guy keep coming up with cool and unique jojo stands based on television terms for cartoon characters?


A friend recommended Wandersong to me so I thought I'd stream it! https://www.twitch.tv/shutupaceyp P.S. Come tell me to shut up! P.S.S. Remind me how to make links work on this site. I forgot. :(


Been streaming A Hat in Time with a friend. Glad to be finishing this game; It's so fun! Can't wait to get to the DLC too.


PS4 fell onto the ground. Now it won't work. Have to send it in. :(


Bought a DS Lite on ebay because I got a legitimate Heartgold now. Don't think this VERY GOOD, 100% working handheld is what I was promised. Doesn't load any cartridges either. Gonna have to return it.


tfw you buy Pokemon Heartgold and it turns out to be a fake cartridge that crashes at certain points.


Welp. Finished FF7R. Liked it. Little confused. Probably because I never finished the original. Gonna go play that now. I am curious about the other FF7 stuff. Are the other games/movie necessary?


Welp. Tine to join the masses. Animal Crossing finishes downloading in 5 hours.


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Heyo, I'm Ace and I talk way to much about video games. And now that the internet exists I can finally share everything I know, want, and think!

I have no idea what I'm doing, and that isn't changing anytime soon. Oh well. Maybe I can do something with all those editing skills I obtained from making AMVs. (oh god the cringe)

Anywho maybe I'll share some of these videos I'm making on this here website. Shameless plugging AWAY!