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Finally got my prop. Now it's time to film my next video!


You ever have a design for a character that you came up with that somehow has shown up in a movie or game you've never seen before? That just happened to me. A design idea for a character I had was made before I could ever make it. Thanks Giga Wrecker.


Just finished Dangan Ronpa 2. Kinda wanna make a blog post about it cause I had an experience with it that reminded me of previous experiences with other games that I've had that I'm not sure many others have had.


#BossFightoftheDay Dancing Insector. While many people find Starfox 64 to be their favorite Starfox game, the original will always be mine. (Continued in comments)


After finishing KH3 and finally slaying behemoth in Monster Hunter World I can finally get back to working on my new videos!


Got to test out streaming a few hours ago. Friend watched so I could figure out if it sounded and looked good. Nothing fancy, no webcam or borders or anything. Just a regular stream. Will have to find a time to really get into it after I'm done with KH3.


A fair warning. Dont look up anything about KH3 now. There have been some major leaks.


#BossFightoftheDay Darkside is the first boss of Kingdom Hearts and is used to show just how bad these heartless can get. Being big isn't all that great though as his attacks are slow and easy to dodge. He still hits like a truck (continued in comments


I think I'm gonna try to stream. Not really sure how it'll go but it should be fun. I think I'll start doing some ff14 stuff. Maybe work on relics, stuff I've skipped over. At least until I get comfortable with it.


When you realize KH3 comes out in 11 days and you haven't preordered it yet.


Have you ever watched or read something that you wish you could forget? I watched the endings to the horror game Faith and I wish I could forget them because they really disturb me. Especially the deer ending.


Found this Gameboy Advance SP that a friend had switched me for. Nadal deal on my end as pressing the buttons to hard resets the system. Still I think its unique. I've never seen this one as much as other colors. Do you have some unique game stuff?


Felt great to not do a single thing other than playing MHW and FF14. But now the day after I am sad I got nothing done. Ah well guess I'll work on stuff today.


When you realize that today is your friday for work.


On the beat of yesterday's post I realized I like Metroid Prime 2 due to its boss fights. Is there a certain thing a game can have that will make you like it more than others in a series?


Do the # work in this site? Everytime I click on one it says an error or no access or something.


Do any MHW afficianados know if windproof works against Lunastra? I am having trouble with getting knocked around by her.


Have you ever played a game series out of order and found the less popular games of the series to be your favorite? That's me with Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Megaman Battle Network 5.


I work till 11pm tonite and start work tomorrow at 4pm while the new FF14 update comes out at 5am. Debating on going to sleep immediately after getting home so I can play the new update.


Not only did I beat animal antics, the hardest level in DKC2 for my first time ever, I finally got all the footage for my next video!


Back in 2011 I played Silent Hill for the first time on my PSP, alone, in the dark, on my bed, with earbuds that would short out if I moved my head slightly. Was the scariest experience I've ever had. What have you done to enhance your gameplay?


This Resident anvil 2 remake is looking pretty good. I got the original at a garage sale years ago but never played it. Do you think it'd be better to play the new one or old one first?


I now have a new goal for this year! Aparently you can't change a youtube url now unlness you fulfill certain requirements, one of them being getting 100 subscribers. My goal for this year is to be able to change my channels url!


Everytime I try to play a game on my computer, these bozos do everything in their power to distract me. Anyone else have pets that just love to be there when you are gaming?


You ever play a game when you were younger that you didn't know what it was? I played a rpg where you as a warrior with another warrior and a princess that turned into a dog with a mirror in a swamp. I only figured out it was Dragon Quest 2 in high school


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