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After what I see as a successful stream, here's the highlights! Note: Lot's of girly screams from me failing at being a bard. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/428578356


Gonna get some birdies in Final Fantasy XIV! Come watch me fail! https://www.twitch.tv/shutupaceyp


Finally for around to seeing the Detective Pikachu Movie. Enjoyed it very much! Glad that some Totodiles were in it!


Finally finished Bloodborne. That just leaves Demons Souls as the only Dark Souls From Software game I've yet to complete. Definitely was a blast to play!


Wow. I can't believe I won that Akane drawing. I never win anything!


Been looking for this game for a few years now. Can't believe I found it for so cheap. Now I can finally finish off this series.


Finished Dangan Ronpa 2 finally. Am wondering which way to go next. Do I do V3, the anime, or that spinoff game?


Today at work I fell into the biggest slump I've ever been in and almost gave up on my dreams. But ai stopped and forced myself to visualize those dreams and me accomplishing them. Don't give up. You can do whatever you set your mind to.


Who is this Torch and why are they older?


I think I'm gonna try to stream Bloodborne. Looking up ways to do it it seems the best way I can do it currently is with remote play. Now I just have to figure out how to make that work.


I should've been working on my videos and streams but have gotten distracted with bloodborne. It's so good why did I stop playing this!?


Just saw Endgame today. Boy do I want to go watch all the Marvel movies now. Even the not that good ones.


Looking at my pledge for Bloodstained. I don't remember pledging $100. Where do I check where the rewards are being sent?


Updated my intro that I'm going to use in my review videos. Uses the map theme from SMW2: Yoshi's Island. Am happy with how I got the bouncing letters to work.


Just finished Iconoclasts. Boy is it a nice change of pace to play a game that goes nowhere I ever expected it too. Such a dark tone for a bright and colorful game.


Reading about art commission horror stories makes it extremely hard for me to commission art. I always worry that I'll annoy the artist or make them upset.


Picked up Iconoclasts this weekend and haven't been able to put it down. It's such a cute metroidvania and Robin is so cute too!


I get done streaming and come back to everyone having a dance party. What did I miss?


Streaming #FinalFantasyXIV with pals! We're raiding Ivalice tonite! Come watch me die and revive others! Critique welcome! https://www.twitch.tv/shutupaceyp


The fact that Twotch has achievements for streaming really makes me want to stream more. It's odd. I always thought if other things were treated like video games I'd dislike it but it's actually quite fun.


So FLCL is heralded as an amazing anime but I don't think I get it. I watched it 14 years ago and it made no sense to me. There were things I liked but I didn't think it was considered one of the best animes made. Maybe I need to rewatch it to understand.


Messing around with streaming Monster Hunter World. Gonna be hunting some Arch Tempered Monsters! Would like some critiques on the quality of the stream! https://www.twitch.tv/shutupaceyp


Streamed quite a bit today. Was fun though I focused more on the runs with friends in Risk of Rain 2. Definitely gonna do more in the future!


Oh good. The new Castle Super Beast podcast finally came out!


Got through that Temmie RPGMaker game made by Temmie. Very short but an inspiration non-the-less on practicing new things. Kinda want to get back into making RPGMaker games again.


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Heyo, I'm Ace and I talk way to much about video games. And now that the internet exists I can finally share everything I know, want, and think!

I have no idea what I'm doing, and that isn't changing anytime soon. Oh well. Maybe I can do something with all those editing skills I obtained from making AMVs. (oh god the cringe)

Anywho maybe I'll share some of these videos I'm making on this here website. Shameless plugging AWAY!