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Hearing Megalovania in Smash has awakened something in me. I feel a fire inside, burning creativity juices into my head. I WILL MAKE A VIDEO GAME!


Having a yard sale and step dad pulls this out. A sears telegames Atari 2600. A ton of games too. Even the infamous E.T.


Why doesn't crash team racing get me the fat black chocobo dlc for ffxiv? I wanna buy something new and get that mount but I don't wanna spend too much money...


Evangelion just got put on Netflix and I'm gonna have two weeks of recovery after my surgery. I know what I'm gonna be doing.


Looks like I got my steam code for BloodStained. Wish I could've got it on a different platform but by the time I got my ps4 and switch it was too late. Does anyone know when the rewards will be available?


With all the excitement of e3 I forgot to post about this other game I picked up. One of my favorite LoZ games. My original I lent to a friend and sadly never saw it again so I am quite happy to own this!


I think it's official now. Odogaron is my favorite Monster up there with Deviljho. At least in terms with World. Still gotta go through MHGU to see some more. Really wish this image was on a shirt. I'd wear it.


I remember last e3 there was a game revealed that was like Left 4 Dead but aliens in space? Anyone remember what it's called? I've been meaning to look into that game.


Took my little brother to a small game shop to show him there are other places to buy games from than gamestop. He bough Blops 3 and I went for something a little more classic.


Thanks to everyone that showed up to the Dauntless stream. Game was definetly fun and I will check it out on my own. Tomorrow I'll stream a different game. One that's kinda like Monster Hunter World. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate!


Wow those new rocket league cars look awesome. Maybe I'll download the game and check them out! When was the last time I played? Oh...


The internet: haha chungus Game Freak: Hold my beer...


Should I be worried that 4 twitch accounts followed my twitch all within the span of a minute, yet I haven't streamed in while, and have thousands of followers, but only 0-1 video?


Soon we will be able to replicate the anime!


Man this new Pokemon looks great!


Hey guys! Check out my commissioned image that I'm gonna use for my youtube/twitch/twitter! There's only one problem. It has these weird color blocks surrounding it on Destructoid. Anyone know why?


I bought the Stormblood official soundtrack, something I probably shouldn't have done, but I am loving all the FFXIV music!


Thank you to everyone who offered tips and solutions to my scripting problem yesterday. I will put mich effort into using those to solve my problem!


Guys! I need some help. I love making review videos but am constantly roadblocks by writing scripts. I can't get wing it and sitting down and typing my thoughts is like scraping my face across pavement. Does anyone have any tips please?


I'm seeing a lot of FfXIV posts on here lately. There isn't a destructoid fc is there?


Managed to get the Zurvan EX mount the first time I ever attempted the trial. There goes my plans to stream that! Still got Thordran and Sephiot left I guess.


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Heyo, I'm Ace and I talk way to much about video games. And now that the internet exists I can finally share everything I know, want, and think!

I have no idea what I'm doing, and that isn't changing anytime soon. Oh well. Maybe I can do something with all those editing skills I obtained from making AMVs. (oh god the cringe)

Anywho maybe I'll share some of these videos I'm making on this here website. Shameless plugging AWAY!