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Currently writing a review as a test for a job as a reviewer which is pretty exciting to get to work with the things I actually enjoy!


Finished Route A of Replicant and while I really miss my bean daddy, I love Ray Chase’s sultry voice for Young adult Nier. Really looking forward to see the Route B and C for the new content. Also please localize Grimoire Nier already Square.


Played the ME2 Legendary Overlord DLC, and I was not ready for these changes.


River City Girls 2, Elden Ring, Metroid, Warioware, Hell I’ll take that Mario Party Compilation too, Guardians, SMTV, Sam Barlow’s Next Game, Outer Worlds 2 (The DLC for that game has me excited for a sequel), 12 Minutes. E3 was far from disappointing


Latest haul, finally have both lorebooks, I think I might really like FFXIV you know? Also curious if Francis Ford Coppola can somehow redeem Part 3 with this New version, maybe it’ll at least be an improvement!


Ah they showed that same leaked trailer from a few months ago but nice to see it in better quality and with a frickin release date. I am so excited to be back with some dark fantasy From Soft again making a Guts build in honor of Miura. Hype train is off!


To think such a great studio that made a great game had such a incredibly tumultuous start.


Possibly my favorite line in the series, especially the way Meer delivers the line. Renegade Shep is fun, sometimes!


The Soulsborne games are action games for accountants. Pic unrelated, have a great sunday!


Finished watching Paprika, and Satoshi Kon beat Chris Nolan a couple of years with making a better version of Inception. Loved it.


Rest in piece legend, only just recently started buying and reading the manga and it is regrettable to know it won’t be finished but whatever is there is already amazing enough to inspire so much good storytelling and art.


Latest haul. Reading Press Reset has really made me appreciate the effort that game developers put into their work, and as always annoyed that video executives continuously proving themselves to be parasites. Warren Spector got done dirty.


Happy Birthday Torchman! Adachi did everything wrong!


So RE Village originally had planned to include Ada Wong dressed as Eileen from Bloodborne. I like how From Softs art design seems to ooze into other games these days.


You: Can you pet the dog? Me, an intellectual: Can you walk the dog?


Listening to the final Giantbomb East Podcast, and it’s an emotional ride and I can’t believe that I’m getting so upset about it. That’s the power of a community, same as Dtoid, I appreciate all the communites I’ve been a part of and they’ve g


BioWare allowing you to make your own little custom artwork is fun, though a bit limited with the squadmates you pick. https://www.ea.com/games/mass-effect/mass-effect-legendary-edition/my-shepard-art-creator?isLocalized=true


Half of Toys for Bob have been laid off, the rest working on CoD A real shame since Crash 4 was a great game, and Nicholas Kole’s artstyle really complimented the vibrant colours and expressions of Crash and the Spyro world too. Fuck Activision, really.


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