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Another fiend bites the dust, Hell Biker was a bit more difficult than Daisoujou.


Finished watching Coherence, a fascinating experimental film that utilizes metaphysical scifi elements to show what kinds of stories can told with as little special effects, crew, etc as possible, in one location, relying entirely on its actors.


Noticed Vampyr is already in stores in Germany. Any reviews?


Playing against Rosalina in Mario Tennis is hell itself.


You know what? I need Bayonetta to be Shin Megami Tensei V. Make it happen, Atlus.


This is why our resident moderator is a Pixie.


Recipe for owning the scary Matador in Lucifer’s Call. Uzume, Nozuchi and Nekomata as your team. Combine that with Hifumi and he won’t be able to even damage you beyond normal melee attacks.


Falling in love with Takada's boss theme for Badgirl and other tracks from NMH. I just realized he did the soundtrack for God Hand as well, which explains so much. Atlus, hire this man to compose for the next SMT or Persona, pls.


Well that was quite something and she wasn’t kidding either. Fun fight too! Should probably warn about spoilers, even if the game is almost 10 years old now.


Despite the issues with some of the bosses, the PS3 version is ultimately still great. The combat is a lot of fun, even without the Wii's wank TV remote controller. Also, I really wish they hadn't cut out the open world in NMH2. Hope it's back in 3.


From two shitty bosses, one easy, to an actual fun fight with a very bad girl. Yay!


Close to giving up on No More Heroes, Harvey “Weinstein” Leoniwhatshisface magical box bullshit is nigh impossible to escape. This game seems to be getting consistently worse with its bosses. It’s awful. EDIT: Finally! Screw that guy, glad he’s de


What is the trick to this stupid analogue wiggling nonesense in Harvey’s boss fight in NMH? I swear, these boss fights just keeps getting worse, it’s almost as bad as Holly Summers.


Some Joy Division, in honor of Ian Curtis having passed away 38 years ago today. And some music to get the weekend started.


Holly Summers might be one of the worst boss fights I’ve ever had the displeasure of having to endure.


While waiting for Nocturne to finish downloading, I’ve been playing through No More Heroes, the PS3 port, and Destroyman is a punk. Screw that guy and all his trash furniture lying around, making it almost impossible to dodge his stupid crotch beam.


Where Takada’s Danganronpa roots sprung out.


Finally, after like months, have a new PS3 to play on again. Gotta start Nocturne all over again. Nuuuuuuuuuuuuh!


Interesting video on the sudden success of Japanese developed titles.


Should totally have made Gintama Rumbe into Tales of game.


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