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Never get tired of this theme when I go back and listen to it.


Playing with the original soundtrack really makes a league of difference.


Nothing worse than some racist trolls ruining a fun game, decided to end the game prematurely. Next time I'll make the game more private, damn shame too.


Alright, so the Jackbox Playdate begins in 10 min. Come and join the voice chat here https://discord.gg/BThhnK - Link to the stream is here. https://www.twitch.tv/citizenerased2703


Alright, so a new update. I've decided to go with Jackbox 3, as it is on sale and I think the games in that pack works better for a crowd of players who are spread across the world. Sorry for those who voted for 4, I promise we'll do that one next.


Hey gang! So the Jackbox Destructoid Playdate was what I'd consider a success, so I wanted to ask if anyone is up for it again today, 12 PM PST? Let me know in the comments, I'll bump this QP tomorrow with updates and everything!


Capcom not announcing Resident Evil 3 Remake on Valentine’s Day. Tsk tsk.


Guess they are keeping the old voice acting at least.


Nintendo Direct’s Biggest announcement is is the introduction of its new CEO, Satoru Iwata 2.0, cloned through the same technology that created Suda51 and Swery65.


Thanks a lot to Roager, Batthink, Wolfenstrike, Spiders, Lex, Lawman(the short time he was with us, lol), zombie and everyone else for some Jackb! This was a lot of fun, and I'm up for it again when I get the other packs. Link for the stream in comments.


Alright, everyone who's up for some Jackbox Shenanigans, come join us on Communicord/Multiplayer Chat


Jackbox Playdate in 10, everyone who wanted to join, join us on the Communicord Discord in the Multiplayer Section. Bump: 11 AM PST, does that work for you all?


Easiest target in Hitman ever, got a nice Winter Suit out of it too!


Bananas! Man, tv dubs are dumb, but the Conan traveling stuff is great he should just make his entire show be based around this.


Wet really had a BAWS soundtrack. Think I just found a better battle theme for Dante.


Kingdom Hearts’ tendency to keep introducing more, and more plot elements and characters out of nowhere “even omitting their identity” as thinly veiled sequel bait is getting a bit annoying, and only seems to make the confusion of the story even wor


So glad I got to hear this track again in KH3.


Only 5 seconds play time for DMC5 Demo? After the 30min RE2 demo Capcom are really pushing time constraints on these demos


Streaming some RE2 Remake, and this is the part I dreaded in the Claire scenario so it could be entertaining to watch. https://www.twitch.tv/citizenerased2703


Was just waxing goddamn nostalgic. I didn’t like the Mass sequels but Zaeed was a delightful character, akin to Canderous Ordo, his very frank and deadpan sense of humor just works. “ I went for a smoke once, I was the only one who survived”.


Toy Box is the best world in the entire KH series, not even joking. Tory Story is among my favorite Pixar properties, but this world is so much fun, excellent Shimomura remix of a classic Newmann music piece <3 Torchman would like it too, I imagine.


So why isn't there a world map in KH3 so you can see where you are going? The tiny little map in the upper left corner doesn't help much, KH2 had pretty linear corridors, this game doesn't, and makes it harder to find your way around without one.


Too much to hope for Darth Vader to be a Secret Boss in KH3? The boss will essentially be a copy paste of the Force Unleashed 2, like taking down a 30-feet wall with a toffee hammer.


Gonna stream my first experience with the 2nd Run Scenario for Resident Evil 2 in 20 minutes. In my case, that would be Leon. Come and join me! https://www.twitch.tv/citizenerased2703


Gotta love how in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, and now Kingdom Hearts 3 as well, that the villains have an uncanny knack for appearing before the Heroes to say some cryptic bollocks, threaten them, then immediately leave the moment they came.


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