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Muh Persona 5 artbook got delayed. It would be ironic if I wasn't so INFURIATED!


After 9 years, Radiohead is finally touring again, and I can't get a ticket for the concert today :(


Bojack Horseman, auditioning for the role of Kratos from God of War. Bojack: I'm sorry, but are all my lines basically just "Grrr, gargle, gargle"? Loving this show.


While already having shared this badass track before I simply adored this video for it that I had to share it.


"This, is my other self!" Yusuke still gets the most bad-ass combat lines ala Shinji from P3


Yakuza 7 news today! Crossing fingers for a potential Yakuza 2 Remake announcement.


Glad I'm not the only one who thought of this when I saw that training montage.


Looks like that SMT game for the Switch just might be on the PS4 too. Yay! http://personacentral.com/rumor-atlus-job-listing-sequel-to-4-ps4/


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