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Finished both AI Somnium Files, and I really like them both especially the second game it’s like John Woo’s Face Off meets Inception. Except unlike the latter this was actually satisfying. Nirvana Initiative somehow succeeded to actually break my mind


Dunno know how much y’all know about game development, but I’m an expert! It’s simple. First you apply the graphics in the pod, and let them stir for a while, but not too long! When they are looking brown enough you add sugar and let it cook for 30


Imagine complaining about an unfinished game looking unfinished.


I’m honestly really stoked about those Suikoden remasters. It looks like my kind of JRPG, heavily political and bare minimum of magical gods at the expense of grounded human drama like Yasumi Matsuno’s games.


Sega: waaaat, westerners like samurais? Since when?!


Like a Dragon 8 is about Kiryu and Ichiban teaming up to go find and murder the guy who cut the former’s hair.


Love how Kiryu’s return kinda undermines Yakuza 6 even further.


Team Ninja doing a Samurai based game without the supernatural bullshit is dope. I think Tsushima has inspired the Japanese industry that their history, Kurosawa, Inagaki’s trilogy is ripe for video game potential without the crutch of magic. It’s coo


Nice now everyone else gets to play Ishin too. I should finish my playthrough of that.


That might be the worst Fire Emblem protagonist design I’ve seen. And that is saying a lot when Female Byleth is a thing.


FF Tactics Remaster at State of Play please. Let’s get all the Matsuno titles out in the spotlight again.




Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is Digital Devil Saga meets Final Fantasy XII with some shonen anime to go where everyone is voiced by a character from EastEnders.


I can’t believe the Queen would just spoil the ending of The Crown like this..


Why are the Ninja Turtles wearing masks? If anything they give away their identities more than hide them.


John Wick is No More Heroes the film. A cartoony world where everyone is an assassin with a hierachy of most competent assassin to ever assassin, and no conceivable law enforcement seems to mind when they openly tear shit up trying to kill each other.


I half expect Kojima to do a 20 minute long cinematic trailer for his podcast


Another no death run! The harder part about this one was getting to the boss. I enjoyed the layout of the Tower at least.


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