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Happy Birthday to Zack de la Rocha, never been a better excuse to play Rage than now.


Wolfenstein developers making an Indy Jones game, noice!


Twitter has put Donald Trump in 12 hour internet jail, thereby making it the first time this molded orange has got punished for anything.


Speaking of Kingdom Hearts, this series does have quite a few quotes that are really fun out of context.


Happy Birthday RiffRaff, love your taste in video games, hope that despite everything you’ll have yourself a nice day!


I know this year hasn’t been easy for any of us, but I sincerely hope you all manage to have a merry little x-mas in spite of everything! Stay safe and healthy, 2020 is almost over <3


The story on Cyberpunk is so big that even European mainstream media have picked up on it, and even German Networks have interviewer people like Giantbomb’s Jeff Gerstmann. Damn.


Wanted to make sure my Secret Elf knows how much I appreciate the present. Looking forward to watching Lighthouse ^_^


This article on Polygon, written by the translator of the original Metal Gear Solid is fascinating. I think showcases why localization is important https://www.polygon.com/2019/7/18/20696081/metal-gear-solid-translation-japanese-english-jeremy-blaustei


George R. R. Martin has left the development team for Elden Ring to go work on the TV Adaptation instead.


I just wanna take this moment to say that Zelda got Aerith’d by Sephiroth. May she rest in peace


The new NieR content in XIV has put this damn song in my head now, and I just remembered how much I loved this track in that game but could never find out what it was called.


Latest NieR Quest in FFXIV seems to imply that we are getting some goodies from Taro’s other franchises too. Really excited for the next raid.


If Nintendo can localize an old game like Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon, then surely Atlus can do an official localization or Persona 2 Eternal Punishment and SMT if.


The Demon’s Souls Remake is officially my favorite remake alongside the Resident Evil Remake. Well done Bluepoint Games.


Just finished watching “I’m thinking of ending things” with a dear friend of mine, and it’s about as Charlie Kaufman as Charlie Kaufman can get. Still digesting everything that happened, check it out, it’s on Netflix.


I thought it was important to post this here. It is also incredibly stupid that YouTube views determines something as serious as this. Views outside of Japan do count so spread the word and mark your calendars.


If you buy a PS4 copy of Miles Morales do you get the PS5 version for free or?


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