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Localization is grueling hard work, same as any other type of game development, and depending on the project it can take time more than one realize, and it can take toll on the people working on it. Thank goodness for them.


Hades is a pretty good ass video game innit?


Looking forward to getting some juicy insights on Resi, and been enjoying Hades more now that the story aspects of that game has really opened up!


Getting these lovely Birthday wishes from you all is why I don’t need Facebook or any other media platform. Because it feels more genuine here. Ty so much!


I like how in English the duck triplets seems to have actual names whereas in most of Europe it just sounds like noises someone made up on the spot.


Actual Elden Ring Leaked trailer, Torchman gave it the okay to post it. Watch at your own discretion, naturally!


So Zach Aguillar and Ray Chase are Nier now, I can dig me some Ray Chase!


This was my best fight in the Beta, I think I’ll get this game. It’s fun!


The Judge Armor combined with the Lux weapon for the Dark Knight has ultimately completed my Fantasy Darth Vader cosplay.


It’s a sad day being a Daft Punk fan, what a ride though! Random Access Memories was a good record to go out with anyway.


You know, if Konami were adamant on handing Silent Hill over to a western developer why not Remedy? Control and Alan Wake definitely scratch that Silent Hill itch in terms of the supernatural and eerie atmosphere.


Jojo Part 4 spin off Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe is on Netflix for those interested!


Oh yeah, apropos re releases of old games. Lost Odyssey is turning 15 today, when will Microsoft free that game from its Xbox only prison to PC?


Yeah, I’m not a fan of Boy Nier, but Laura Bailey and Liam O’Brien are still Weiss and Kaine so that’s cool at least.


Pedro Pascal is Joel in the Last of Us HBO show, and Gina Carano gets fired for her shitty behaviour at last. This is the way.


Daft Punk and XIV, I love both of those things! Also Alex is amazing


You know they call him Phoenix Wright but what about when he’s Phoenix Wrong?


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