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No, no, no, no, noooooo this is no good. This shit ain't the kind of battle theme I want for Dante like Taste the Blood...


Paper Mario channelling SMT, love some of the tracks in this game.


Boxart revealed, also some news on DLC with different voices for Catherine? Which is dumb.


One of my favorite things in Spider Man PS4, is the ability you unlock with the comic book suit. It allows Spider Man to throw quips at his enemies, which will vary depending on who he is facing, he'll even quip outside of combat. Great detail Insomniac.


Happy 75 Years Birthday to Roger Waters, my brother has met the man and I’ve yet to see him live despite all the times he’s visited Copenhagen. Hope I can still make it. Here is some Pink Floyd.


Finally found the game to a more... reasonable price, here’s hoping Nintendo don’t announce a Switch port tomorrow!


So going back to Nocturne. I realized the Jack Frost you see throughout the game in the Labyrinth and other places is the same Jack who even has a unique name. That’s what tipped me off. Can’t believe I didn’t notice until now.


So I’ve decided to do a let’s play of DMC3, it feels like the right game to do as well as I haven’t played it in a long time.


Get reeeeeeeeeady suuugar! Vampire lady boss in DMC3 is infuriating.


Hey gang! As you've probably noticed, the release of Comments of the Week lately has been a bit wonky due to real life issues with most of the team including myself. We are working on it. But we could use the extra help! If you're game.


Oh, how I’ve been looking forward to this video. I will say that I agree with him on the issue of leaving integral characterization of Org XIII into text boxes as terrible. Especially when the HD Remaster omits them.


Final Unlockable Suit has now been unlocked for me so I’m all ready for Hitman 2 2018 now!


Started playing some FighterZ again and while I’m not that great at the game I think this session went well!


Art director of the Castlevania Netflix Series shars his vision of Samus and I sincerely hope he gets to realize it.


The time has come. Gotta love the dynamic combat music.


After soooo many retries for so long, I finally managed!


Pictures of Devil May Cry 5 Title Screen. I can hear it already.


That part where Destructoid stops working while writing a blog? It sucks. Aware of the irony of the image :P


Chilling to some Coffee Table Jazz while editing two entries of COTW into one pile. Yes, people, you are getting double due to the delay this time! :o


This song was easier than the others but Futaba's dance though, t'is great.


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