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Happy Birthday, Wes! Thank you so much for everything you've done for COTW, and also for the personal things you've helped me with. Have a wonderful day! And Larx, kyoudai, wherever you are. Happy Birthday too, you are a delight!


Wish the matchmaking in FigherZ was like Persona Ultimax, where you didn't have to go into a lobby and hope you can find someone who will match up with you. I like having a choice between just quick searching for a match, or the lobby bollocks. :(


Not my favorite Yakuza opening, but the J-rock is inoffensive I guess, beats Yakuza Kiwami 2 with not having an opening at all I suppose! The rest of the soundtrack is among the best in the series though.


Only in Gintama can you have a samurai fighting a Sith. Love this anime <3


I mean, if the map wasn’t so crudely drawn I could probably tell each of these highlighted regions/countries better.


Happy New Year Y'all! Try not to blow any extremities off!


Did a GOTY 2017 list too, just on Giantbomb instead as they have a better editor. Destructoid port coming tomorrow :P https://www.giantbomb.com/profile/thechris/blog/chris-top-10-games-of-2017-and-some-other-stuff-i-/116286/


Love all the arcs based on video games, the one ai’m watching now is one big Dragon Quest 3 reference,


The trailer for Full Body. Also, Winter 2018? Atlus pls.


Best Star Wars film is actually Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep


Alright Kat, I admit it. You got me on this one.


Speaking of Dragon Quest, this arc of Gintama that parodies said series and Nintendo is easily among my favorites of this show so far. <3


Atlus has confirmed SMTV as Switch exclusive, guess I’m glad I got the Switch after all.


Collector's Edition arrived, really digging Majima's Contruction Worker business card.


Certainly looks like they've improved on the combat, I like how there are more unique attack moves for Kiryu now


Imagine if you will, a Yakuza game, but it's Gintama! I wrote a blog on why it makes sense!


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