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Finally released a trailer to this game, was disappointed with Dreamfall Chapters but I’m really digging the unique setting of this game and hope it’s gonna be good.


My contribution to the meme, and a subtle call for Gene for Smash.


Because of course they did because Activision will be Activision. https://www.resetera.com/threads/confirmed-spyro-trilogy-is-indeed-shipping-incomplete.80448/page-6


This damn Gorilla better give me a proper ending to Gintama :|


It’s easy once you get the hang of it... assuming you are not an idiot! ~ Tohru Adachi


Been on a roll lately with this game, thinking I might be able to Platinum it!


Alright people, lay it on me. Did Dolan get pushed back in these midterms or does he continue to steamroll over common decency unabated?


And that is it, I’ve used up all of my extra lives. Hope I made a difference for Dtoid’s team in helping the kids. Thanks for joining my stream of Persona Dancing, Hitman, Bloodborne and even Crash. Looking forward to next year already!


Starting up Bloodborne now for the second part of my Extra Life Stream. Come and join! Edit: Gonna do 1 hour stream of Crash Warped to close off my Extra Life Stream! https://www.twitch.tv/citizenerased2703


Hey everyone! I'm starting my second stream for Extra Life now! Decided to start with Hitman and gonna see if I can get through the campaign with Silent Assassin ranking. Watch & donate to D-toid's donation page! https://www.twitch.tv/citizenerased2703


Gamemaniac3434 kills defenseless maiden in charity stream, boo!


Hot damn, that was a really fun stream with some Perusona Dancing, I hope it earned some money for the D-toid Team! Will do some Bloodborne later. Thanks for chatting LaTerry, really kept me motivated too :)


Joining in on the Extra Life Streaming. Starting things out with some Persona Dancing then some Bloodborne should I get burned out on the former! Come by and help donate! https://www.twitch.tv/citizenerased2703


The Quiet Man went for a quiet release, one might say it was so quiet that there is no audible sound in it at all.


What’s that Trials and Tribulations? You are letting me play as Miles Edgeworth now.. as a Defense Attorney?! All of my yes


Noticed a Paper Bowser Avatar in that Smash direct. New Paper Mario confirmed! Or even better Thousand Year Door port.


Killed the final Elusive Target and all of my unlocks won’t matter so it was all for nothing. But Diana’s line at the end though.


Finished Justice for All, really dug the final case and the interesting twist it had but it still doesn’t quite reach levels of quality that was Rise from the Ashes. Trials and Tribulations so far has had playable Maya though and this damn theme!


My latest blog is SMT related. And in light of that, here is a 6 year in the making fan translation of Shin Megami Tensei If (The Persona prototype game) which has finally released for people to download for their emulators. Link in comments.


Still waiting for them to release the soundtrack West-side.


Dat Moment: When Sovereign Speaks

I am beyond your comprehension, I am Sovereign Ah, BioWare, how the mighty have fallen. I can no longer count the amount of years it has been since BioWare delivered what I'd argue was a true quality RPG experience on one hand. I can'...


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