NE: Ranked: Which of the 7 Super Mario games was most super?
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Platinum's upcoming Granblue Fantasy RPG is getting a Western localization. I left the gameplay trailer showcased a while back.


One thing I like doing with Kingdom Hearts is to beat the entire game using only the Kingdom Key on Proud. Really puts you to the test using magic as well as summons in battles.


Looks up Giantbomb... oh shit they are doing a feature on God Hand! Hyyyype!


Every single mini-game in the Winnie the Pooh world in Kingdom Hearts is horrible. Whoever designed them needs to be sent to a special hell, where he has to pack shopping for crotchety old women.


Don’t remember Riku-Ansem being all that difficult last time I played KH on Proud. But damn do I hate his last powaaah of dorkness phase.


Helped an elderly german man up after falling headfirst unto the road. He was bleeding a bit, and applied the necessary bandages to stop it. He didn't seem to want an ambulance, felt like he was conscious and okay. So I wonder if I should have done more.


You know what Nintendo should also do, on top making a Thousand Year Door sequel depicting Luigi’s adventures? Port Thousand Year Door to the damn Switch so we don’t have to cough up for all the scalpers.


You know what Nintendo should make? A Thousand Year Door sequel depicting Luigi’s “adventures” in the Waffle Kingdom.


Please be true.


Not to be consistent with negative status updates. But I’ve been playing the Kingdom Hearts Collection again since my saves got lost with the broken PS3. And spoiler alert. Tarzan world is still hot garbage.


Fucking Youtube adding in arbitrary thumbnail pictures to everyone’s videos :(


Oh no, block puzzles in Nocturne. And it’s not even the kind of block puzzles like in Catherine which I’m sort of decent at :(


Finally got the best team of demons to counter this jerk.


Hilarious to listen to Jeff Gerstman’s hatred of Blitzball from FFX. Square and minigames rarely seem to go together in harmony. EdIt: What are you guys most hated minigame in a video game?


I Platinum’d this wonderful game not too long ago on the Vita, and I’ve been looking forward to B-Mas doing a video on one of my favorite platformers.


“They wanna open borders where everyone can just ‘flow in’ said a fish-lipped orange dipshit to live TV, as he bowed under to the pressure of everyone turning against him and his dumb inhumane immigration policy <3


Valkyrie Chronicles 4 is releasing September 25th. Hype, hype!


So been playing Strange Journey for a bit now, and I'm starting to come around to the realization. That this game might be one of the best Shin Megami Tensei games. Definitely better than IV and Apocalypse.


Have now reached the true griefing fiend bosses to outgrief Matador. Mr White Rider, who likes to block all of the save terminals until you fight him :I


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