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The moral lesson of watching the awesome Mario Party Party videos at Giantbomb, Jeff Gerstman's soul being drained.. is that Nobody Wins. And fuck all video games forever. Now, when's the Destructoid Mario Party marathon?


Well Angie, you were asking for more Yakuza videos and here you go. Me fighting Kuze on Legend :p


Made a new blog celebrating Solidus Snake as the awesome villain he is in memory of John Cygan. RIP


The N64 article made me want to watch the Giantbomb crew play Mario Party. And it's hilarious.


Muh Persona 5 artbook got delayed. It would be ironic if I wasn't so INFURIATED!


After 9 years, Radiohead is finally touring again, and I can't get a ticket for the concert today :(


Bojack Horseman, auditioning for the role of Kratos from God of War. Bojack: I'm sorry, but are all my lines basically just "Grrr, gargle, gargle"? Loving this show.


While already having shared this badass track before I simply adored this video for it that I had to share it.


"This, is my other self!" Yusuke still gets the most bad-ass combat lines ala Shinji from P3


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