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Soul of Cinder is a nuisance of a boss. Nameless was fun but Cinder is just ugggghh


Finally got to see this with translated dialogue <3


Happy 10 year Anniversary Persona 3, you remain a special game to me even if I like your sister Persona 5 more <3


Muse x Persona 3 Paulownia Mall clings surprisingly well together.


"I started out on this island, playing blitzball with other Final Fantasy kids but then ghosts showed up" Ben Pack, Giant Bomb on Kingdom Hearts <3 That line saved this episode of Heartache.


The opening we sadly won't be getting in the West. A bit sped up due to licensing etc. A lot better than the English version,


In happier news, Here's English intro of Kiwami. Knew they wouldn't use the track from the Japanese intro, they used the one from the install screen.


Chris Moyse post of Frieza only reminded ne of the tragic news of the wonderful Chris Ayres being fatally ill, and in the final stage of Emphysema. He most likely won't be Frieza again. Here's hoping he puls through all the same. :(


So far Hellblade is as fun as I had hoped. Atmosphere is top notch, combat is decent and the setting is interesting. EDIT: Although, for some reason I couldn't exit photomode so I was frickin stuck in it :I


Kiwami is releasing soon, so I did a blog for it to prepare newcomers and others alike. Check it out!


Original EU PS2 version of Budokai 3 also had a great opening


Larx, kyoudai. I need your assistance. At 14:23 of this video, what is the name of the track that is playing?


BlondeBass dislikes this. Kinda funny that Hyperbit made a video on this series just as I started to play Color Splash,


Loving this game, don't understand why Dan "Mario Party is a game of skill" Ryckert hates it. Had I played it last year it would have easily been in my Top 10. Great stuff


Happy Birthday to Kerrik and Gaj! I don't have any fancy-custom made images ready for this.. so here's a picture of a dog in a hat. Hope you have a good one!


Latest haul, among it there is BlondeBass and LuigiCritic's favorite game of all time. Bass even cited "If there's one game I would wanna sleep with, it's Color Splash". And that is not just idle fact, it's cold hard speculation.


Actor playing Kuze in Yakuza 0 punching a dude so hard his face turns into a 1980s special effect.


Playing Bayo on PC, and I finally get this reference having finished Yakuza 0


Apparently Lost Legacy is shipping with a digital copy of Jak & Daxter. Now I feel I need to get it just for that.


My god, has Giantbomb plans on going through all of the Kingdom Hearts games now? Is this the new Mario Party Party? Can't wait!


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