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If there is one thing I’m not digging about Odyssey so far, it has to be the bland hud font ala Mario+Rabbids. I miss the old playful font from the older games.


"This is Uncle Young Detective, he'll be staying with us for a while". Finally decided to watch the Endurance Run with Vinny and Jeff and I love it. Hilarious <3


More gameplay footage. I like how all sorts of different Yakuza actors are returning to do voice acting for this game. This is like Ishin, where all the Yakuza characters are playing a historical figure. Only it's anime now. Some new gameplay footage.


If you were wondering 'Was Kiryu also working as a host in Yakuza 2 on PS2?' the answer is yes. Host mini-games have been around for a while before 0. It looks like they've tweaked it to match Majima's Cabaret Management.


Please be good, please be good, please be good.


Man, I really wish IO would release the classic 47 Suit as DLC. Not everyone played the game, when the Elusive Targets were still around :(


Never before did I know I needed something so much until I received it.


Without a doubt my favorite karaoke track in Yakuza, both Akiyama and Kiryu can sing it with their sexy voices, even Ryuji in Dead Souls. It's just so catchy and gorgeous.


New scenes with Makimura Makoto. *Sigh* Sadly what I've seen of the game so far seems to indicate it'll play exactly like 6, even the same mini-games will be there. I really hope it isn't at the expense of the original mini-games.


Latest haul, despite my saltyness with the film not being even close to what Ghost in the Shell is all about, it is still a beautiful and fun enough film. Looking forward to playing the Dangit Ron Paul spin-off.


Spent a few hours trying to edit my fight with Shimano with that of the original Receive You theme from the Japanese version. Alas, Playstation's SHAREfactory apparently puts a limit on how many times you can edit/cut in the audio...blergh.


I really am glad I picked the Japanese voices for Danganronpa. Unlike Persona, the dubbed voices for this game are no good, especially Byakuya.


Can't believe they never released this gorgeous track 'till just recently with the Anniversary edition of Ok Computer. Love it <3


Danganronpa caught me off guard with that Hitchcock narrative move. Hate the damn bullet time nonsense though, the game doesn't always do a good job of explaining its gameplay.


Not sure I'm digging the new Yakuza protagonist.


Playing Tenga Tonpa Danganronpa. I think I understand now why some people refer to it as "Phoenix Wright on crack". Music is great so far! There's something very Meguro (Persona 3-era) esque about it.


You had ONE job Sega. To keep this track in the localized version, I can look past not having the opening track but this... Ugh


Think I finally get the rules of this game.


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