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Happy Birthday Torchman! Adachi did everything wrong!


So RE Village originally had planned to include Ada Wong dressed as Eileen from Bloodborne. I like how From Softs art design seems to ooze into other games these days.


You: Can you pet the dog? Me, an intellectual: Can you walk the dog?


Listening to the final Giantbomb East Podcast, and it’s an emotional ride and I can’t believe that I’m getting so upset about it. That’s the power of a community, same as Dtoid, I appreciate all the communites I’ve been a part of and they’ve g


BioWare allowing you to make your own little custom artwork is fun, though a bit limited with the squadmates you pick. https://www.ea.com/games/mass-effect/mass-effect-legendary-edition/my-shepard-art-creator?isLocalized=true


Half of Toys for Bob have been laid off, the rest working on CoD A real shame since Crash 4 was a great game, and Nicholas Kole’s artstyle really complimented the vibrant colours and expressions of Crash and the Spyro world too. Fuck Activision, really.


Looks like we are indeed getting a Judgment sequel


Second haul of the month, I think the pandemic and lockdown has finally gotten me into reading both books and manga now.


Anyway, here’s Gilbert Gottfried singing the One Piece theme. Have a great weekend!


Happy Birthday to Occams and Jason, hope you both had yourself a great little day!


Latest haul, I haven’t actually seen the second GiTs film from Oshii so Iook forward to finally rectifying that.


They kept the original opening! Laura Bailey’s voice acting is a bit weird here, but that’s what 10 years will do. The opening is very spoilery so watch at your leisure.


He’s still wearing his underpants on his face tho!


Still not convinced it isn’t just the DLC from the original game, will be surprised if they do make him playable for the whole game but I doubt it.


Dino Crisis is finally on Steam..... the soundtracks anyway.


Backwards Compatibility man.. who needs it, right?


Localization is grueling hard work, same as any other type of game development, and depending on the project it can take time more than one realize, and it can take toll on the people working on it. Thank goodness for them.


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