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Alright, peeps, what’s your favorite KH track? Castle Oblivion still remains my favorite for how haunting it is.


Jim didn’t seem to like the new NMH. The gameplay we had seen of the gsme a while back already had me disinterested but yeah. I’m actually interested in what Holmes thinks of this game. So, let us know Holmes!


The third Spider Man film will be titled “Home Alone” and it involves Parker having to protect the Avengers compound from the Sinister Six through the use some Rube Goldberg orchestrated traps. Look forward to it!


Out shopping a lot of CDS and DVDs for a great price today.


David Jaffe confirmed yet again to be a bellend and LOL at that Pitchford burn.


One thing I’m not digging about the RE2 remake from what I played. The lack of the original soundtrack diminishes the atmosphere a bit, and there not being a whole lot of things in the environment you can examine like in the old games.. tbc


I like how threatening the zombies are, but hate that they are bullet sponges even when shooting them in the head.


An upside to an otherwise terrible game, the combat is fun, playing as Riku is nice and boss music is good. So there are some upsides to this game.


Bear attacks about sums up my Red Dead 2 experience so far.


"Sometimes I look in the mirror and see only an animal, crossing the line that separates us from acting on pure survival and instinct. It's a wild world out there, kid." - Tom Nook Any other legit quotes from video games they say the title?


Though the protagonist is an absolute nuisance, Hi Score Girl on Netflix is a pretty neat tribute to 90s video games, like Street Fighter 2 etc. Pretty fun to watch if you have a strong relationship to old games.


Managed to do this one before Christmas Eve ended, yay! One thing I do like about P4 Dancing is that it has more high profile DJ’s and composers, on top of the dancers summoning their Personaes at the end. I miss that part.


Merry Xmas ya filthy animals! I like how 47 actually says “Ho, Ho, Ho” as you murder your targets.


Don’t know what the hell Atlus was thinking with the video for this song so I had a little fun with it(1:40). Tough song though.


This is one of the few boss battles in the first game I quite enjoy even to this day,


There is this anime called Baki on Netflix, and my goodness is it ridiculous. It's like a mix of Fist of the North Star, Street Fighter and Jojos. And it's pretty entertaining.


Thanks to those who joined the stream! I've archived it here, where I play a few of the mini-games the game has to offer including Virtua Fighter where I'm doing surprisingly well.


I'm streaming some Judge Eyes, if anyone wants to see a little bit of the game.


So far Judge Eyes is quite fun, might stream a bit of the game later.


Thanks a lot to my Secret Santa for giving me the ability to be a dictator in one of Obsidian's most unique RPGs. Really been looking forward to playing Tyranny.


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