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Joseph Reeder and Alex O Smith are back for Reborn, which means the voice acting will be excellent as it was with XII.


Loving this latest episode of Saul and looking forward to see where this finally ends.


I just discovered in Sifu that if you throw a melee weapon at someone it’ll bounce off them and you can catch it again on mid air if you’re quick. Love that game!


Disco Elysium is the only kind of CRPG that will Kill you in the first 5 minutes if your character’s stats are so inept you fail a skill check to get your tie off the ceilling fan and then die. Masterpiece.


I’m getting Bayonetta 3 and Tactics Ogre this year and maybe even Metroid Prime Remake if Jeff Grubb is right. An exciting year of games indeed.


I am really excited for Bayonetta 3, damn! Are we getting a Bad Moon Rising cover as the next defacto thematic cover song?


10 years ago Tom Hardy donned a jockstrap to his face and you could barely tell what he was saying. And Anne Hathaway was the most miscast actor since Keanu Reeves in Francis Ford Coppola Bram Stoker The Godfather's Dracula. Still a decent film!


Bloodborne 2 isn’t just an idle fact it is cold hard speculation.




Has Jeff Goldblum done a film with Nicolas Cage? He should.


Professional game leaker at Giantbomb, Jeff Grubb, says Metroid Prime Remaster will be a holiday release this year it seems.


Guys I don’t really wanna alarm you all.. but I think there might be a spooky skeleton hiding under your skin.


Some MF Doom to get you settled for the weekend’s end


Obi Wan was alright, could have done with some more epic tracks like Duel of the Fates for that particular clash in the last episode. This reminds me I still need to watch The Nortman and the Nic Cage film.. wonder if they are still running in cinema.


Happy 25th to the best Final Fantasy game, when’s the remaster Square?


Let’s pay our respects to this scene! F


In honor of Matsuno’s magnum opus returning, here’s the song by Queen that inspired the name


It’s funny that Persona 3 Portable is getting ported to non portable platforms.


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