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We live in the Super Mario Bros. Special developed by Hudson World right now.. man that game sucks.


New haul includes lots of Japanese cinema, really looking forward to finally getting to watch Kitano’s Hana-bi.


Ben Affleck tearing apart Armageddon on the DVD commentary is truly something special.


Adaaaaaachi. Did. Everything. Wrong. Happy Birthday Torchman!


Persona Battle music is quite effective for a workout, but I also really enjoyed this remix for today’s run.


Another recommendation to RiffRaff, some Trentemøller to relax with and get settled into the weekend.


Contest is over, congrats to absolutfreak for his stroke of luck of guessing the answer on his first try, lol. Enjoy some Wonderful 101!


Akira Yamaoka doing a remix of the Chocobo Theme


While I’m not sure if I’m in with that there new Ass Creed game, I do think it’s neat that it is Danish actors playing the lead Viking. Neat!


Anyone got some spare iron nuggets they’d be willing to trade with in New Horizon? :)


The overlooked sequel to Blinkin’ White Guy by Drew Scanlon


Can’t believe I’ve been sleeping on something as excellent as Haikyuu, an anime about volleyball of all things but it is so tense, full of likeable characters and seems to have a genuine respect for the sport itself that I find fascinating.


Bernie Sanders, a candidate for President, but most people probably best know him as a cactus farmer and the Legendary Thunder bird Pokémon Zapdos(San-dos) or something.


Finishing Persona Royal serves to remind me why I love this series so much, as soon as it is about to end I don’t want it to end. The feeling of having to say goodbye to it, the way the protagonist says goodbye to his friends is really earned. <3


Wondering if I should play the original FFVII too, I was thinking about playing FXII as I really dig the lore in the latter.


We really should get Lost Odyssey for PC at some point.


Meguro clearly been hanging out with Masafumi Takada, very Danganronpa esque track. Love it <3


If any uncles that work at Nintendo sees this, please note I’ll settle for Super Paper Mario port for Switch as long as Switch gets a good Paper Mario game. Thanks for your time <3


David Simon’s (The Wire showrunner) Plot Against America on HBO is terrific and ofc scary because of how it reflects current America. Watch it!


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