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Nintendo has listened to feedback. Instead of limited time availability, they will now offer BOTW2 to those that can beat Shigeru Miyamoto in a shirtless fist fight on top of Tokyo Tower.


Someone managed to track down the Illusive Cynthia Harrell who sang Snake Eater, and did a cool interview with her. https://kotaku.com/cynthia-harrell-the-woman-who-sang-snake-eater-is-rea-1845440278?utm%20=Kotaku&utm%20=1603313056&utm%20=S


Fincher is finally back with a film post written by his late father about the making of Citizen Kane starring Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried and Charles Dance. And Reznor/Ross are doing the music. I’m excited!


I really hope Masayoshi Soken is the composer for XVI


Happy 20 Years to Kid A, the first album you could prehear online and going against conventions set by the rock genre and its fans. Love it <3


Is SH4 coming to GOG as well? Do want I’ll say.


Yoji Shinkawa’s artwork for Last of Us 2 is amazing.


FFXVI is being produced by Yoshi-P, guess that explains the Eikon’s, the fantasy setting and presumably some quality storytelling. Really looking forward to XIV’s next expansion.


That time Batman defeated one of his enemies with kindness and compassion is still such a incredible moment to this day and I wish we could see more of that in Batman fiction.


Baccano’s Guy Richie opening is still the best anime opening there is.


Wait Crusader Kings 3 has been released? I wasn’t informed, gotta get in on that.


Kingdom Hearts does genuinely have a lot of heart to it in spite of it all, and the opening hours of Kingdom Hearts 2 is in all honesty a good intro to a good game. It has managed to retain my interest in the series and convinced me it isn’t all dumb.


Sofia Coppola does have good taste in music.


So Coppola is doing a Director’s Cut of The Godfather Part 3. Could be promising! Not sure if I’m ready to go to a theater for that though.


Happy Birthday to Mr Blues and Hlarge, have fun! :)


In honor of Boseman, here’s a funny SNL sketch featuring the man himself.


David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Freddie Mercury and now Chadwick Boseman. They were all taken by a terrible disease but they chose to hide their illness because what they loved doing mattered more to them. It was business as usual. May they all rest in peace


I can’t wait to see Robert Pattinson go hunting for Riddler trophies.


Some smooth jazz to get you all settled into the weekend! Have fun and stay cool! :)


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