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Once Baldur’s Gate 3 gets out of Early Access with a Definitive Edition ala Original Sin 2 I shall have it, Original Sin 2 and Disco Elysium fight a gladiator battle to the death to determine which is the most excellent RPG. I’m excited for Baldur’s


Speaking of Castlevanina, 3rd season of Netflix’ Castlevania is out. Another PSA for ya there. EDIT: Looks like my phone lied, I presume a glitch in the algorithm. It's not out until next week. But anyway, that's soon too so you're all informed!


PSA, second episode of Better Call Saul is already out, getting two in the row from the get go.


I want a Sonic game starring this version of Sonic.


Apparently Netflix has a bunch of Ghibli movies but not Grave of the Fireflies.. the fook?


Yakuza 5 is out on PS4 today, have fun, it is one of the best in the series.


Posting a wacky Kingdom Hearts gif was what finally got PatBateman to follow me. Yay!


Holy crap this boss.. Vergil who? Now all I need is to beat Doc Brown to get to Noctis.


I finally get my ripped Saiyan woman. My roster will be complete.


8 Data Battles Down, 4 to go. I’ve actually enjoyed myself with this DLC so far, with these bosses especially. It’s been worth it.


Cover for the RE3 deluxe edition has been revealed


Time to rebrand the DMC3 Switch port to the SSSpecial Edition cause it’ll also come with weapon switching as well ala DMC5.


Managed to defeat 1 of these 13 crazy fights.. oh boy :o


Hey does anyone remember that time Ubisoft, of all people, made a Naruto game and it was pretty good but for some reason never released in Japan? Why don’t we get more anime licensed games by western developers hmm..


Disco Elysium truly is something special, really finding myself wanting to write about it now.


Apropos Fire Emblem, here’s a trailer for the story DLC


A surprisingly deep analysis of One Punch Man as a thought provoking portrayal of corporate culture by Bill Burr, haha


Based on these numbers I can indeed confirm that FFXIV is 4 JRPGS packed into one as those things usually take 100 hours to complete and I have finally caught up with it back in December. The hours on Judgment are probably based on the JPN copy.


“Perhaps you were expecting some surprise, for me to reveal a secret that had eluded you, something that would change your perspective of events, shatter you to your core. There is no great revelation, no great secret. There is only you."


Happy New Year Everyone! I hope our resident Australians are safe and sound, and getting through the new year and start of a decade in good health. I’ll try my best getting COTW back on track again. That is one New Years resolution at least. :)


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