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Here’s a link for American users


So these are my most played PS4 games, surprised Hitman wasn’t there :)


Managed to ger 4 King Crazy in P5D over the last couple of days but this one is my favorite I think solely because I love the remix.


Jak Trilogy is 66% off on PSN, go get it! They good! I decided to pick up Jak 2 again as I love that game.


The Master Hands you fight in Smash Ultimate are actually Waluigi’s hands /s


First King Crazy for Persona 3 Dancing, yay!


V’s theme fro DMC5 is also blergh. Guess Devil Trigger was a one shot hit.


The Game Awards is gonna be a reap for COTW, I’m actually looking forward to that.


This is pretty funny to watch, and see Troy Baker being upset that Booker was placed so low.


Really wish the PSN would allow you to gift games.


Lady Gaga playing Bayo makes me want a Gaga cover of a moon based song for Bayo 3.


For those curious on how the social aspects work for Persona Dancing, I’ve uploaded an example here, it’s essentially like the Fire Emblem support links.


Have not played a song as dreadful as this one in any Persona Dancing game. Rain or shine, it’s a bad dancing track, horrible implemented dancing notes. The Persona dancing games might not be the best rhythm games out there. But this song is a new low..


Went and saw Bohemian Rhapsody. Thought it was an incredible film on one of the most important bands of our life time as well as its lead. I just wish they had included the story behind “Death on Two Legs”.


Managed to redo my old strategy. Ready to kill Sean Bean now!


And that makes 4! Now managed to do all of the songs I did on Normal initially on Hard, yay!


Think I just found a new potential side bar image.


BioWare’s best former writers Chris L’Etoile (Mass Effect 1) needs some help. His wife has suffered a stroke, current condition is unknown. America being America has made it hard to pay the bills. If you can help them then please do. Link in comments.


I like that they’ve made it possible to get a Silent Assassin ranking with the sniper in this game.


Finally released a trailer to this game, was disappointed with Dreamfall Chapters but I’m really digging the unique setting of this game and hope it’s gonna be good.


My contribution to the meme, and a subtle call for Gene for Smash.


Because of course they did because Activision will be Activision.


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