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The Demon’s Souls Remake is officially my favorite remake alongside the Resident Evil Remake. Well done Bluepoint Games.


Just finished watching “I’m thinking of ending things” with a dear friend of mine, and it’s about as Charlie Kaufman as Charlie Kaufman can get. Still digesting everything that happened, check it out, it’s on Netflix.


I thought it was important to post this here. It is also incredibly stupid that YouTube views determines something as serious as this. Views outside of Japan do count so spread the word and mark your calendars.


If you buy a PS4 copy of Miles Morales do you get the PS5 version for free or?


The American Zeitgeist: Man Demon’s Souls Remake is sooo good you guys! Me, a European:


I have now gone through the Crystal Tower Raid Series as an all Blue Mage Crew. Lots of fun!


No time for losers, cause we are the champions ~ Freddie Mercury


They finally ended their stalling. After so much gruelling waiting They finally declared that the Mass Effect Remastered Edition exists.


From one Chris to another, Happy Birthday Chris Moyse and DeScruff. You are both delightful <3


Well, if nothing else you can blow a joint in Jersey now! Far out man.


Windmill cancer will ban the suburbs! Stay safe everyone and vote!


World tendency and monk fight still intact in Demon’s Remake. Yes!


A little more info on Demon’s Souls remake https://www.gameinformer.com/interview/2020/10/29/demons-souls-playstation-5-interview-fractured-mode-sixth-archstone-and-more


Nintendo has listened to feedback. Instead of limited time availability, they will now offer BOTW2 to those that can beat Shigeru Miyamoto in a shirtless fist fight on top of Tokyo Tower.


Someone managed to track down the Illusive Cynthia Harrell who sang Snake Eater, and did a cool interview with her. https://kotaku.com/cynthia-harrell-the-woman-who-sang-snake-eater-is-rea-1845440278?utm%20=Kotaku&utm%20=1603313056&utm%20=S


Fincher is finally back with a film post written by his late father about the making of Citizen Kane starring Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried and Charles Dance. And Reznor/Ross are doing the music. I’m excited!


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