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Happy Western Anniversary to P5-An amazing game that still has its teeth in me as much as the previous two games did. Including the soundtrack.


Been listening to a 6 hour podcast on Jack White today, and only just recently found out that Michel Gondry (the man who directed my favorite film of all time) did the music video for Hardest Button. Love it <3


Thanks a lot for the birthday wishes! Haven’t responded to them all due to illness. Thankfully my body is no longer heating up like Donald Trump in a government hearing. Spent time watching American stand up like Chappelle or Silverman. Keep my chin up!


On the upside to being sick on your birthday, I got to watch a Classic film from my childhood.


Frickin sucks to have a fever on your birthday :/


Much like the classic Simpsons episodes, Tales from the Borderlands is a game you can sort of play again and again when you feel like you need some cheering up. It fathoms me why Telltale haven’t made a sequel yet.


The title "A Way Out" was incidentally also the thing Geoff Keighley was looking for when in the presence of Josef Fares.


A man who’s overcome the odds and shown that a horrible disease doesn’t mean you can’t achieve great things, or live happily. RIP Stephen Hawking


Master Komaki seems to be a being that transcends time and space. He was there to teach Ryoma Sakamoto how to do the Tiger Drop, he taught Majima in 0, he helped Kiryu’s hone his fighting style and now he is teaching Kenshiro how to use the Hokuto Kensi


You're quite something 02: Jolee Bindo

"You know what I hate? Well, lots of things really but I'm old and easily annoyed but that's beside the point!" Last year I started a blog meant to be the beginning of a feature series, something which I've yet to follow up on, so recently...


Are they sure La La Land wasn’t the actual winner of the Oscars this year?


Don’t remember it being this difficult whether to pick shield or staff in KH1. One nets you guard and second chance early which is good, and I need that against garbage bosses like Maleficent or Ursula. But then the staff gives you the most MP :(


Finally gotten around to playing Hokuto ga Gotoku demo and it's amazing. It's already one of my favorite Yakuza titles, easily better than either 6 and Kiwami 2. I might be tempted to import it, as it might not make it West for some time, right now


So that really disturbing secret boss in Dream Drop Distance made me decide to watch the short film where he originated. And damn is it edgy.


Wish I could have been in Paris tonight, and hear among many this gorgeous track played live at a By Request Show from Muse. Seen them live 4 times but I still haven’t heard the best tracks from Origin.


Well, that was Mute. A beautiful looking movie with a gorgeous soundtrack Sadly doesn’t measure up in character department, and the plot wobbles around a bit much with an inconsistent tone. It lacks the imagination of Moon and even Source Code.


Home and ready to watch Duncan Jones’ Mute, some Bowie music for good measure. Good weekend!


I hear Donald Trump's solution to hypothetical rat problem in his house is to arm his cats with AR-15s #Satire


Only 1 day left, gonna have to watch it after work!


I take it back when I said Marluxia is the worst boss, fighting Ansem, while you are forced to float and having to dodge his dumbass charge attacks is annoying in DDD. Abd then of course he comes back for round two, just die already. Jeez


Oh, I see, they decided to bring Xigbar, the guy with the wacky Californian accent, back instead of best man Luxord? The only Organization member who doesn’t sport ridiculous hair, and when you fight him he is like “Let’s just fight”. He had class


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