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The Missing feels like one of the first Japanese developed games that does right by LGBT characters. It's a genuinely good game Swery's dished up here, the gameplay's fun too! It might be my GOTY. Also, there's a bloke with a moosehead.


Hold on... armor, weapons... and characters? Those things are all in Demon’s Souls! Definitely confirmed now, bring it!


Sean Bean is gonna get killed off in Hitman 2..... alot.


Moyse, just wanted to give you a headsup that there have been follow ups to Houser’s response from former Rockstar employees. Eurogamer elaborates https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-10-16-rockstar-attepts-to-defuse-100-hour-work-week-controversy-am


"No one, junior or senior, is ever forced to work hard," said Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser as a follow up to the backlash, implying that someone working less than 100 hours like at his company is not “working hard”.


Featuring the voice of Dante from the Devil May Cry Series


I am convinced that 428 was written by Destructoid’s Kyle Yadlosky


Impatiently waiting for the Missing to get on Steam.


Gonna be real for a bit. Came across an middle aged woman, who was on the phone crying, talking about suicide and how everyone hates her. It’s really upsetting to hear stuff like this. This woman was on the phone, so I didn’t want to involve myself..


One thing I dig about Persona 5 Dancing is that it has introduced me to some new DJ’s/Artists.


Mario falling asleep while Luigi is regaling him with tales of his own adventures in the Waffle Kingdom is rude, yo. Also, where is that Paper Luigi game already, Nintendo?


Sounds like Buu Abridged is a certainty now, yay!


Finding myself really excited for Swery’s The Missing, I like my games weird and with uniquely compelling forms of storytelling and gameplay. And Swery seems to be serving up that front yet again.


Streaming some more Like a North Yakuza if you wanna join me on some ATATATATA shenanigans.


In celebration of having a much better internet connection installed I’m streaming a bit of Fist of the North Yakuza. Come and join if you like! www.twitch.tv/citizenerased2703


Clemps has more or less convinced me to get this game after all.


Akiyama should have been freaking higher than Nishiki on that poll. And replace Daigo with Kaoru or The Florist. Disappointed, Japan.


Not exactly the boxart I was hoping for but at least it’s finally here!


Been enjoying some time with Valkyria 4, feels a lot more challenging than the original game too.


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