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Just got out of Spider-Man Too: 2 Many Spider-Men. It's really good, y'all. And stay after the credits! Bump


What game was the best console launch title ever, in your opinion?


What's the deal with Rainbow Six? It's a not a rainbow. It's not a number. Its certainly not 6 rainbows. It should be called "guys with small penises."


A year ago I journaled: "Rewatched The Force Awakens in preparation for The Last Jedi! I'm so excited!" This is me, talking to my past self.


Do you ever wake up and just instinctively know the day is going to suck from the very moment you crawl out of bed?


My Most Anticipated Games of 2019

I recently wrote a blog about my most anticipated movies of 2019. I was thinking about writing a blog my most anticipated games of 2019, but I then read that The Game Awards planned to announce 10 games! I didn't expect any announcemen...


If you see Ralph Breaks the internet, be sure to stay until after the credits!


This is the most honest review of Dark Souls that I've seen


My favorite TV show, Top Chef, is back! And somehow Padma has only gotten sexier in the last 15 years. I don't understand how that's possible.


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