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Logged in briefly to Facebook for the first time in a couple months and was greeted by this beauty


I had kind of a mental breakdown yesterday. It's probably TMI, but I'll write about it in the comments.


Let's speculate about Halo Infinite

This past E3, Microsoft began their conference with an excellent trailer for the next Halo game: ' There really isn't much to off of in this trailer. It's very much a teaser. It primarily exists to show off the sexy graphical capabilit...


Finally bothered to watch Terminator Genisys. What a dumb, dummy movie.


If Nintendo doesn't make a Mini 64, I think I'll have to make my own with a raspberry pi. But please Nintendo. Just let me give you my money for this.


Happy Father's Day, Dads, Daddies, and Daddy-Os.


Incredibles 2 was fun. Reminded me vaguely of Deus Ex Human Revolution


I really want to be wrong. But I have a big Project Spark vibe from Dreams. I don't think it's gonna go well.


My wife surprised me with these. Didn't know they existed. My life is complete. And my wife is amazing.


My boss is in a meeting for an hour, so guess who can watch the Nintendo presentation!


This really is Nintendo's E3 to lose. I've been disappointed in almost all of the other conferences so far. If Smash is good and they have a couple fun surprises, that will probably be enough.


I'm really disappointed in Ghost of Tsushima. I love Infamous Second Don because of its unique movement and combat. This game looked like a knockoff of the Arkham games, gameplay wise. Looked pretty though.


That.... That was it? Did I blink and miss something?


Should've called it Tomb Raider Into Darkness.


Skyrim Very Special Edition is good, dumb fun


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