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Really fair review of TLJ from my favorite film critic. I agree with about 95% of his points.


I'm REALLY glad that JJ Abrams is returning for Episode IX. I enjoyed The Last Jedi on the whole, however. I'll put spoiler thoughts in the comments. Do not open until you've seen the movie.


I'm going dark until I see Star Wars. Later dudes!


Happy Hanukkah to anyone here who celebrates it. (guess I'm a couple days late technically, oops)


Looks like Disney is going through with buying Fox. Here's hoping it leads to theatrical version of Star Wars on Blu Ray.


Picture this: The Muppet of Monte Cristo


These are the things that keep me up at night.


Just re-watched The Force Awakens. I love that film. Here's a great video describing one of the many things that are awesome about it:


Leaked screenshot of The Last Jedi. Darth Vader is a pregnant housewife!


When an article puts Monopoly at the top of a list of the "best board games available on Amazon."


Somewhere out there is a parallel universe where Kurt Russell played Han Solo.


An old roommate is getting married in the Portland area next year. Anything cool to see or do in that part of the country? Thinking about making the trip. Bump


Have y'all seen the new trailer Ready Player One, yet??