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Come on and skate! And welcome to the jam! I dunno. Doesn't have the same ring to it. But I definitely would've watched this.


Hey look, another 90s-inspired First Person Shooter. Maybe we don't live in the darkest timeline after all?


I rather enjoyed Bumblebee. Definitely the best Transformers film by a country mile.


The Orville Spoiler Space-"Primal Urges"

Hello friends and welcome to another discussion of The Orville! This week sees The Orville move to its new time slot on Thursday nights. Moving forward, these reviews will appear on friday or saturday most likely. If you missed last we...


There's no way it passes. But it would be one of the most helpful things that the government could possibly do.


His first video with actual content is up!


My Favorite Games and Music of 2018

Hello friends, it is time to look back on the year that was 2018 and think about what I enjoyed in pop culture. I decided to put video games and music all in one blog, as I don't think there's quite enough in each category for them eac...


In case Hypno participates in the Secret Santa next year, here is a gift for y'all to get for him


What non-2018 game did you finally get to in 2018? And how did it go when you finally played it?


This is a really interesting list. Hadn't even heard of a couple of them. Fallout 76 isn't even on it!


Doctor Who Spoiler Space-"Resolution"

One final welcome to you, friends! This is our last episode of Doctor Who until 2020. :( But I am pleased to create one last spoiler space for us to discuss the New Year's Special! In case you missed the last one, it can be found here....


I just really want some pizza right now


The Orville Spoiler Space-"Ja'Loja"

Hello and welcome friends! This past year I ran a weekly blog series in which we had a spoiler space to discuss Doctor Who every week. I really enjoyed writing the blogs. It's great to have a place to discuss my favorite shows with oth...


BoB: Spider-Man: Hero or Menace?

This is a blog entry for this month's band of bloggers prompt. It's all about Spider-Man. Spoilers ensue. *thwip* I fly through the air with the greatest of ease. A daring young man who's a flying Spidey. I've been your friendly neigh...


Just finished Spiderman PS4. It's probably my favorite PS4 game ever.


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