On NE: Rapper wants to give away his money and work at GameStop
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Twas in the darkest depths of Mordor, I met a girl so fair. But Gollum and the Evil One crept up and slip away with her.


Finally beat Doom 4. Thoughts in the comments.


I'm not crying. YOU'RE crying! Shut up!


Apparently CBS has convinced Patrick Stewart to come back to Star Trek. Never thought it would happen.


Do you feel like we do?


My wife quit her job today. Story in the comments.


Where is Rico? I may be blind, but I feel like I haven't seen him in ages.


What's your favorite example of terrible voice acting?


My coworker is sitting at his desk watching youtube videos. He has a block of cheese in his left hand and a summer sausage in his right hand. He is alternating taking bites between the two of them.


On happier notes, we now have definitive proof that hot dogs are not sandwiches. Also, this month's Band of bloggers prompt is up! Link to both things in the comments.


Band of Bloggers-August Edition

The summer after my Junior Year of High School, one my best friends was headed off to spend the whole summer working as a river guide at a boy scout camp. Right before he left he said, "I hope you find yourself some summer lovin'." I ...


I emailed the people who rejected me for the job. The only thing I don't have is prior experience. Shocker.


Just got turned down for a job and I'm very upset. Met the qualifications. Did well on 2 interviews and a test. They didn't have enough candidates to fill all the spots. And I'm an internal applicant. I'm baffled.


Our overlords, Enthusiast Gaming, just acquired The Escapist. I guess we have siblings now?


Want some light reading to start your day? How bout a blog on sexual harassment! Link in comments because qtoid is being dumb.


Sexual Harassment

I highly recommend you watch the above episode of John Oliver. It is very informative and it’s a great place to start a discussion about sexual harassment in the workplace. After watching this video with my wife, I wanted to get...


New people start at my work tomorrow. This will be my status


The season 3 theme song for Attack on Titan is awful


There's a fantastic new comedy special on Netflix by Iliza Schlesinger that I highly recommend. Watch it with your SO, if you have one.


Mission Impossible: Fallout really is as good as they say. And can someone please hire this director to make a Batman film?


I wrote a list of my Top 10 movie sequels. Check it out! Link in comments. BUMP


I want a girl with a short skirt and long jacket


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