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Activision has REALLY exciting things planned for Destiny 2


Portal is so magnificent. It's basically a perfect videogame.


Is there a game that you wouldn't play even if you were paid (a meager amount) to?


PSA: Golf Story is on sale on the Switch


When your boss is making up acronyms in meetings


I have no interest in board games that need a companion app. One of the greatest things about board games is that they will never become obsolete. You dont have to worry about things like backwards compatibility.


I was going to post a meme this morning but qposts aint working right. So just read this, pretend it's a hilarious meme, and chuckle.


Super thoughtful and interesting discussion about race. Highly recommend it.


Its National Call Your Insurance if Youre a Dummy Day


Whatever happened to that book we were writing?


I couldn't care less about the game, but this is funny


Doctor says I have a bacterial sinus infection. Gave me antibiotics. Here's hoping this disease dies a miserable death.


Do you think that Bigfoot tastes like chicken?


Woke up and the gland under my chin has swollen to the size of a baseball. I'm waiting at the urgent care now.


Super interesting video and has implications for you and me. Check it out


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