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The biggest wildfire in the US is in Utah. It was caused by a moron burning weeds. A moron who was previously told not to burn weeds by the police because it could start a wildfire.


SNES is on sale on Amazon UK. They'll ship to the US. Edit: Link in comments


I'm just sad to not have DKC 2 and 3. I never got to play much of them.


This was me waking up today. Didn't know where I was, what way was up, or what day of the week it was.


If you feel the Confederate Flag is racist, that's fine. You are MORE than welcome to feel that way. But you should understand that, for most people who fly the flag, it has nothing to do with hating black people. It's about hating the government.


Just watched xXx: State of the Union. It's not nearly as fun as the first one. I just don't find Ice Cube to be a very charismatic actor.


Just watched xXx, the old Vin Diesel movie. It just just incredibly stupid and silly. But decently fun!


Anyone have experience with Chromebooks? I'm thinking of getting one, because my laptop is a potato and my schooling is all online. Any recommendations or other thoughts?


This video states that Demon's Souls is the best of the Souls games. I don't play them, but I thought I'd put it here so y'all can argue about it.


Ron Howard is now directing the Han Solo movie. Interesting turn of events.


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