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I love my Instant Pot, y'all. It's so great.


Did you know that you are a horrible deviant that abuses women? I just learned that I am. #darksiders3


I don't like all beef hot dogs. I like my hot dogs to be made of as many animals as possible.


This tide pot shit is yielding so many memes. It's glorious.


When you choke on a question in a job interview and make up an obviously bullshit response:


This summarizes the conversation around Labor pretty well


The most unrealistic thing in Star Trek is that humans will one day accept the idea that a better version of Chess can be made.


This would be even funnier if someone would tell me what a vita is


My prediction was correct. Nintendo DID announce that they're ceasing production of the Switch and making Calculators for Texas Instruments going forward.


I predict that Nintendo will announce backwards compatibility with PS2.


Place your bets now! My money is on a port of Wii Fit


One word review of Skyrim Dragonborn: rawr


Here is your daily dose of delightful desultory digital drugs


If a guy wanted to try reading Elric, and went in knowing very little about it, where should he start?


Michael can say what needs to be said much better than I can on this holiday.


Do we have a Bloggers Wanted this month?


I want them to remake this song for 1995.


The Hyrule Warriors people should make a Final Fantasy Warriors game.


Recently thought about re-watching LOST st work this year. Then I discovered that it's been moved from Netflix to Hulu, which means I can't watch it at my work. Lame. Re-watched the pilot at home though. Incredible bit of TV.


What do you hope people say about you at your funeral?


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