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There's a new show premiering on Syfy tonight based on a graphic novel called Deadly Class. It's basically high school for assassins. For awhile they had the first episode up on youtube and I watched it. It was really cool! I'm excited to see more!


Here's an earworm and a meme all at once


I'm still upset that Assassin's Creed 3 (and no entry since) has taken place entirely in the present day in a modern city.


My Top 10 Movies of 2018

Last week I wrote a blog about my top TV of 2018. Before that I wrote a blog about my favorite games and music of 2018. I'm finishing off this trilogy of blogs with a look at my favorite new movies of 2018.  It was a huge yea...


This is random, I know. But does anyone have any recommendations for lunchboxes? Mine got thrown away at work.


The Orville Spoiler Space-"Home"

Welcome back to this week's discussion of The Orville! I'm a smidge behind my time this week, so I have this up later than I would like. But hey maybe more people have time to read blogs on Sundays? Guess we'll see. If you missed last ...


As long as it has crafting that's all I care about.


Bandai Namco, you are stupid.


In spite of how creative it is, I don't care for World of Light. Some of the challenges are stupid hard. And I hate that your roster in the game is not the same as your roster in World of Light


Finally got Smash! We were playing it and my wife won a match. Then she was challenged by the Inkling. She was afraid to fight it on her own because she was just button mashing. Inkling ran towards her and immediately jumped off the level and died.


My Ketchup has a nipple


What do y'all think are the odds of Xbox 4 and PS5 getting announced/revealed in 2019?


You all gave the wrong answer. Adam Jensen is the most badass character in gaming. With Ezio a close second.


Who would you say is the most badass character in video games? I have my thought, but I'll be interested to see if anyone else says it.


Do you have any gifs you would send a significant other (or a prospect) to flirt with them, try to get them in the mood, etc? I want to flood my wife's phone with gifs today.


What is the staple food of your region? Like, what is the equivalent of the Philly Cheesesteak for your home?


Watched Bird Box. It was pretty good. Had some A Quiet Place, some I Am Legend, and some The Mist. Not a bad combination.


What if Sputnik was actually a weapons platform and 6 months after launch, it bombs a major US City. Bam. You have a premise for a COD/Battlefield/Etc. Why don't more games use alternate history for a setting?


Sometimes I think about joystiq and then I get sad


Hot damn if this isn't the coolest video game mod I've ever seen or heard of. How long before Microsoft shuts it down, do you think?


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