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Doctor Who Spoiler Space-"Rosa"

Here we are with another discussion of Doctor Who. Last week's can be found here if you missed it.  Weekly disclaimer: Full spoilers are below. Again, the primary purpose of this series of blogs is to creat a space...


Finished Daredevil Season 3. Mild spoiler thoughts in comments.


I've been asked before what my musical guilty pleasure is. Never had a good answer. Last night I had an epiphany. It's Shania Twain. Do you have a musical guilty pleasure? #guiltypleasuretoid


Attack on Titan season 3 is 24 episodes. But apparently the last half won't release until April 2019.


Netflix stealth-dropped a new season of Seven Deadly Sins. But I just started the new season of Daredevil! Chill, Netflix!


Thank you to the cleaning people at my office for magically making one of the rubber pieces on my earphones vanish.


Wife and I are watching all the Harry Potter films for spooky season. We're watching the worst one tonight. Also, this video is hilarious and relevant.


I just had a realization that James Cameron's Avatar is like a total ripoff of Orson Scott Card's Speaker for the Dead. Did a bit of googling. Turns out I'm not the first to notice.


This one goes out to all of you overqualified peeps out there


Oh how I loved the book fair as a kid! I got this one book that's like Where's Waldo except it was looney tunes and you had to find Taz. So awesome. PS, wasn't feeling well so I called in sick. But every day is made better when jakey uploads.


After the break in, we've done some security improvements. I highly recommend this guy. It's $25, displays in HD. Everyone should have one. More on this and other devices in the comments. Bump


Urine real trouble when you give the wrong answer on Wheel of Fortune


Someone have a baby and then put them in this costume immediately


Am I doing this right? I made this in Microsoft Paint. This was a comment on a review of the season premier of Riverdale. #brazzerstoid


Well, my baby's in love with Eddie Vedder, She's all crazy 'bout that Eddie Vedder, Once she was mine, but now I better just forget her, 'Cause my baby's in love with Eddie Vedder


Kurt Russell as Santa Claus is something I didn't know I needed.


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