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When you nab a SNES preorder from Best Buy after getting screwed by Wal-Mart


Finished Defenders finally. I'll put a few somewhat-spoilerish thoughts in the comments.


Here is the song you should be listening to during the eclipse. Also, this video just cracks me up every time I watch it.


I can't stop watching this guy's videos.


My wife will be ovulating on Monday. I'm going to try to conceive an Eclipse baby, who has the superpower to blot out the sun.


Amazon Echo Dots are ringing up for free today. It's probably an error and will be cancelled. But I couldn't pass up Free!


I haven't pooped in two days. I'm scared for what will happen when I finally do.


The people who voted that hot dogs are sandwiches.


Made Halal Chicken and Rice. I've never had it before, so I don't know if it's anything like what you'd get in New York, but it was pretty tasty! Recipe link in comments.


About a year ago, I was offered a position at Goldman Sachs. I am incredibly grateful that I refused the offer. My life would be so different right now if I had accepted, and not for the better I think.


Announcing the sequel to Plants v Zombies: Plants v Plants


I don't like CinemaSins because it's just random bitching. It isn't thoughtful or meaningful analysis.


The closer we get to the eclipse, the stupider people are becoming.


Dream Cast of a Halo Movie: Micheal Cera as Master Chief, Carol Kane as Cortana, Willow Smith as Sgt Johnson, and Gilbert Gottfried as 343 Guilty Spark. #CastHalo


Tom Cruise is a wackadoo, but he is also one of the most dedicated and hard working actors in Hollywood. Gotta respect him for that. (plus, I love his movies, but that's just me)


Let's form a conjunction and bring our independent clauses together


Found a solution to my power cord problem behind my television


Have you heard about the Grapefruit technique? I just heard about it and there's this crazy, NSFW YouTube video about it that I'll put on the comments of this post.


How do you store your bread? Where do you fall?


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