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If this isn't how Infinity Wars ends, I will be sorely disappointed.


Just bought my tickets for Avengers! Anyone else going opening night?


I'm really enjoying Kirby so far. The way you combine powers is a lot of fun. And it is so freakin cute.


The poll was actually to determine where I ordered dinner from. I was gonna do Domino's (the current lead) but pizza hut was less than half the price. So we had pizza hut.


I'm getting really into the show Madame Secretary. It's like a caffeine free version of The West Wing. Pretty enjoyable.


I hope Witchbrook has a class on Defense Against the Dank Memes. That's what a modern wizardry school needs.


.... Why are the wizards all dressed like Muggles? Where are the wizard robes?


Sea of Thieves is looking pretty fun. This video gave me a better idea of what you actually do in the game than anything else I've seen so far (not that I'm following the game closely). I think I'd pick the game up if I had a bone.


What is the best DLC you've ever paid money for? What made it so special?


You Bob's Burgers fans should enjoy this


What's your least favorite UI? Hulu is pretty horrendous, imo


I'm about 4 hours into Mankind Divided and I'm really disappointed in it so far. After the brilliance of Human Revolution, this game just feels so tame and safe. It's like Super Mario Galaxy 2. Feels like an expansion pack, not a sequel.


What is your favorite name for a fictional place? (e.g., Bikini Bottom)


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