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Anyone have experience with Chromebooks? I'm thinking of getting one, because my laptop is a potato and my schooling is all online. Any recommendations or other thoughts?


This video states that Demon's Souls is the best of the Souls games. I don't play them, but I thought I'd put it here so y'all can argue about it.


Ron Howard is now directing the Han Solo movie. Interesting turn of events.


Two of my nieces had a dance recital tonight, so went to support them. They were in 2 of the 44 performances. What a long ass evening.


I've been accepted into Graduate School and my Financial Aid is all complete and good to go. I start August 1st. I'm excited! I also kind of dread going back to school. So I'm a bit conflicted.


The directors of the Han Solo movie backed out 3 weeks before the end of primary shooting! There's a bunch of stories going around about what actually happened, so we may never know why. Source: http://tinyurl.com/y8z36msa


My wife works retail at Walmart and often has interesting retail stories. If you're into that, I'll put a couple recent stories in the comments of this quick post.


If you haven't read Dwavenhobble's blog from a day or two ago, go read it. It's incredibly important.


I just made burgers using this method. Best homemade burgers I've ever had, by a long shot. Warning: it will produce a LOT of smoke.


Elder Scrolls VI should be a prequel, taking place back when the Dwemer were at the height of their civilization.


I work in a call center. There's a guy a few desks away that has decided to whistle between all of his calls.


This is the greatest video on the internet and I can't believe I haven't seen it before


I have an incredible dad and I am very grateful for that. He's just awesome. I like father's day Unfortunately, my wife has a deadbeat dad, so she hates father's day. It's a weird day.


What Castlevania game should a series newcomer start with? (I'm not actually gonna play the games, I'm just curious to know the answer)


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