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Im having fits. This is really cheering me up on this crap day.


My work has decided to crack down amd forbid using streaming services, even on your own devices (except during breaks). My favorite thing about my job is now gone. What a great day.


I'm moving to a different desk at work. The girl. taking mt desk asked if she could put some of her things on my desk last night. I said that was fine and that she could move my stuff out of the way. UPDATE: she apologized, so I can live with that.


Interviewer: "What are your qualifications?" Me: "I've seen every episode of RECESS."


If anyone tells you that the cause of mass shootings is mental illness, here is your response.


So Incredibles 2 is Mr. Mom? I'm okay with this.


For those of you suffering on Singles Awareness Day, I give you Journey.


Had my first freeway blowout. Am I a real man now?


2018 should already be taken out behind the barn. How about we start 2019 right now?


2 truths and 1 lie: 1-I am wearing pants at the time of posting 2-I have been to Canada 3-I have a relatively small butt ANSWER As if I would ever set foot in Canada


Saw someome bitching on Twitter about how Elon Musk sent a car into space instead of cleaning Flint's water.


This is probably my 6th stye in a year. So fudging sick of this.


Who has two thumbs and got his wife to play Borderlands 2 with him? This guy!


How has there never been a Kingdom Hearts movie?


One word review of The Lovely Bones: Important. Seriously, watch this movie. It's on Netflix (in the US at least).


Monster Sora doesnt have pants and that bothers me.


Activision has REALLY exciting things planned for Destiny 2


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