On PCI: A leak suggests cool new Fortnite skins are coming soon
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There's still plenty of time to write about this month's Band of Bloggers prompt! I just wrote about mine. Check it out!


BoB-A Summer of Sun in The Wind Waker

Dear friends, it's time for me to write my entry for this month's prompt for Band of Bloggers. We've been asked by some handsome gentleman to write about a game we fell in love with over the course of a summer.  I never...


Boy, it sure would be nice if someone would make an indie roguelike for the Nintendo Switch.


And in my hour of darkness, there is still a Boo that chases me


This will be the best 2 and half minutes of your day


Netflix cancelled The Joel McHale show :(


Just re-watched Infinity War. That film is bonkers.


If I were to write a list of the top 10 episodes in all of television history, there's a very real chance the entire list would consist of episodes of The Next Generation.


Watching the Sherlock Holmes episodes of Star Trek TNG. Current status:


People that are angry about what happened to a certain character in Voltron Season 7 are morons. Few spoiler thoughts in the comments.


There's a rumor going around that New Super Mario Bros U is going to see a Deluxe release on Switch this year. I'd rather see 3D world, personally.


Do you know what the difference is between a hippo and a zippo? Well, one is pretty heavy and the other's a little lighter.


Diablo 3 for Switch leaked! Link in comments.


Woke up at 5 in the morning because my damn smoke alarm decided its battery was low.


You've gotta make your own music, sing your own special song, make your own kind of music even if nobody else sings along.


Dude in Utah tried to 9/11 his wife. Link in comments.


Inappropriate soundtracks are my new youtube obsession


Super interesting story about how an entire game studio was brought down by one person.


Yesterday I went to McDonald's to get fries. They weren't taking cards, only cash (of which I had none) . Went back today to try to get my fries. They were out of fries.


The old phone version of Peggle is out there! I spent literally hundreds of hours on this as a teenager.


This game is even better than I remember! Pro tip: press 9 to pass your turn and let enemies move.


Voltron Season 7 ended up being phenomenal. Apparently there will be one final season, released by the end of this year. It will be hard to see it end.


I love the NuTrek films. But if you can't keep Chris Pine, stop making them. We've already lost Yelchin. Maybe move ahead to a new TNG. With Terry Crews as Worf.


Bad news. I'm 6 episodes into season 7 of Voltron. So far every episode has felt like filler. :(


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