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This is the best penny-arcade.com strip in quite some time


Y'all always be getting confused between bass and Wes. But I can't keep Inquisitive Ravenclaw and Rico the Penguin straight. Probably because they're birds.


Good morning. Coming down with a cold or some shit so this I show I feel. Replace anxiety with the cold


Why are there no veterinarians in Star Trek? Surely there are animals on other planets, if there are people.


Doom soundtrack is getting a blood red vinyl release. Link in comments


Photo from the cafeteria at destructoid headquarters


Any math people out there? I have a probability question that I need solved. I'll put it in the comments.


Received a spam email advertising a British dating site for the elderly. I'm it sure how I feel about that.


I appreciate the thoroughness of The HR department at the Union Aerospace Corporation


No business meeting would be complete without spending the first 20 minutes figuring out how to connect a laptop to the monitor or projector at the front of the room.


I tried to watch a movie called Forgetting Sarah Marshall because it has my beloved Kristen Bell in it. Less than 5 minutes in I saw Jason Segel's penis.


You know what really bugs me about the casino on The Last Jedi? It would have been the PERFECT opportunity to reintroduce pod racing.


In your opinion, what is the single most important day in human history?


Just watched the first episode of the new Lost in Space show. It was good! I also finally started season 5 of Voltron. It's much better than 4, so far.


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