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Just finished Voltron Season 4. Pretty good, I'd say. Anyone else watch it?


In case any of you good people missed this on the front page, this trailer is just incredible to me


I now have about 100 games on the mini snes and only 1 doesn't appear to be working (Rock N Roll Racing). They've even got Goof Troop working now!


This stuff is so good. It's like a lunchable, except 5 times better.


At my funeral, I want people to say: "Boy, that guy could play the shit out of Aladdin on the Super Nintendo."


Uncle Iroh in A:TLA might be the greatest father figure in fiction.


AYA: What is your usual order at Taco Bell? Where's Waldo? If it were up to you, what would the next Bloggers Wanted prompt be? What's the worst video game you ever played?


So... About that idea where we can hide NSFW posts if we want... Is that still a thing being considered?


Anime you recommend not watching? Closed to anything and everything.


Spilled Dr Pepper on a blanket today, which is sad. But at least it looks like a dick.


Pepperoni, Bacon, and Black Olive from the best pizza place in Utah


Mario didn't leave plumbing to pursue other interests. His business went bankrupt.


Theory: Doom is a feminist allegory. Doomguy represents the modern woman. The hordes of hell represent the Patriarchy. The independent woman must rip and tear her way to freedom in this man's world.


Read a theory that Microsoft is getting out of the console hardware business. Thoughts? Will there be an Xbox Two?


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