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The Gobbler at Arby's is great in theory. But they add a huge layer of Dijon that overpowers the whole thing. If you order it, ask them for no Mustard


Time to start writing your Christmas Wish List


This song should be redone as the Meme Police. For those people who attack you for your memes, stating that they're offensive.


Knights of the Round is pretty great so far. It could also be totally reskinned and me into a Berserk game.


Member when Warcraft was a RTS? Those were the days. Warcraft 2 was one of my first video games


The enrichment center is required to remind you that you will be baked. And then there will be cake.


7 Myths that Gamers Believe In

During my morning commute today, I was thinking about falsehoods that gamers believe. Over the years that I've used the internet, I've seen a lot of gamers talk about their theories and ideas about games and the gaming industry as a wh...


Well it took almost 20 years, but I finally beat Goof Troop!


Just finished Voltron Season 4. Pretty good, I'd say. Anyone else watch it?


In case any of you good people missed this on the front page, this trailer is just incredible to me


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