DeS: Quake Champions is so hot right now! June patch update
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This actually looks really fun!


Everyone in Arrested Development Season 5 looks old and sad.


This game looks great


T. G. I. Freakin' F.


This looks just awful to me.


My boss asked everyone on my team to send her a song that represents us as a person. She's going to use it for some team building activity. Here's my selection. What would be yours?


Actual footage of Limomaker in real life.


Regardless of how you feel about The Last Jedi, this is an interesting video. Homage or rip-off is a grey area. I'll leave that up to you.


Mamma Mia 2 should have been based on the music of Aqua, instead of more music from ABBA.


Question for Game of Thrones fans. I've never been into GoT. But I often hear it compared to be a modern LOTR. So my question is this: what do you learn from GoT? What does it teach you about yourself and about the world around you?


You: Mercator is the best map projection. Me, an Intellectual: This is the best map projection.


An odd quirk of Mormons (particularly those living in Utah) is that instead of praying for rain during a drought, they ask God to send "moisture." Here's a meme about it. On another note, The Joel McHale Show is back!


Very blessed tonight. Narrowly avoided a head on collision with somoen driving the wrong way down a divided highway.


Theory: Nintendo pulled the NSM3DW levels from Captain Toad because they are working in porting NSM3DW to the Switch as we speak.


Remember to eat a healthy breakfast


Dere's current status


I am just so impressed with the voice acting in God of War. It's stellar. Christopher Judge is a national treasure.


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