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If a guy wanted to try reading Elric, and went in knowing very little about it, where should he start?


Michael can say what needs to be said much better than I can on this holiday.


Do we have a Bloggers Wanted this month?


I want them to remake this song for 1995.


The Hyrule Warriors people should make a Final Fantasy Warriors game.


Recently thought about re-watching LOST st work this year. Then I discovered that it's been moved from Netflix to Hulu, which means I can't watch it at my work. Lame. Re-watched the pilot at home though. Incredible bit of TV.


What do you hope people say about you at your funeral?


I'm attending my grandmother's funeral today. I'll put some rambling thoughts about death in the comments. Read if you feel like it.


Some men achieve greatness. Others are born into it.


Here's a fun game to mess with your mother. Send her random emojis with no context and see how she reacts.


I think the Nintendo Direct Mini was better than Microsoft and Sony's last E3 conferences. I was delighted. And it was just a small thing. I think we'll get some really good stuff from Nintendo at E3 this year.


Donkey Kong in Mario Rabbids is literally what I asked the lead designer for in a sequel on Twitter. So, you're welcome!


Dumb question. How do you embed a YouTube video into a cblog? Bump because of my cumback at wes


Here is another thing that exists. Except this time I want it.


Did you ever notice how the President like a mean version of Ralph Wiggum?


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