DeS: IKEA takes on ... esports furniture?
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You: Mercator is the best map projection. Me, an Intellectual: This is the best map projection.


An odd quirk of Mormons (particularly those living in Utah) is that instead of praying for rain during a drought, they ask God to send "moisture." Here's a meme about it. On another note, The Joel McHale Show is back!


Very blessed tonight. Narrowly avoided a head on collision with somoen driving the wrong way down a divided highway.


Theory: Nintendo pulled the NSM3DW levels from Captain Toad because they are working in porting NSM3DW to the Switch as we speak.


Remember to eat a healthy breakfast


Dere's current status


I am just so impressed with the voice acting in God of War. It's stellar. Christopher Judge is a national treasure.


I want someone to mod God of War. Replace Kratos with Homer Simpson. Replace Atreus with Bart. Replace "Boy!" with "D'oh!" Please!


The oldest university in the world is the University of Bologna. Which I find endlessly amusing.


For a long time, I didn't get the appeal of Let's Plays. But I get them now. I'm watching The Dad of Us right now. It's clear to me that I would never enjoy playing it myself. But I also don't want to miss out on it.


3 years into our marriage, my wife and I have hit a huge milestone. We finally used up our first roll of plastic wrap.


What's the most difficult thing you've ever accomplished in a game that absolutely WAS NOT WORTH IT in hindsight?


Super Mario 64 speedrun world record was broken this week. It's pretty entertaining to watch (and it's very short).


Had to color a cat for some reason at work. So I give you Captain Purrcard


I want Marvel to make a superhero murder mystery film.


Finally got my replacement phone and it's working well!


Just met up with LaTerry and his brother for burgers. I'm pissed to discover that Terry isn't actually a dragon in real life..... He's really a Narwhal.


Taking Out the Trash: Son of a Beach

When I was a young lad, I went to visit my some of my cousins. They were playing a game called Conker's Bad Fur Day in multiplayer. I joined in and had a total blast. It was unlike any multiplayer game I had ever played. It was epic a...


Safety moment for the day


Did any of y'all watch DinoZaurs when you were younger?


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