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The Mueller report was finished last week. On one hand, I'm sad that it doesn't provide for us to impeach Trump. On the other hand, if collusion had been found, it could have created the greatest national crisis since 9/11.


What's Good Games recently did a cool interview with Cory Barlog. He seems like an awesome dude. I didn't even play God of War and I found this interesting.


Sekiro spoiler: your shadow actually dies 3 times


I legit thought this would never happen. Is this like the start of the actual apocalypse or something?


Bonnie Ross prevented Halo from falling into the hands of Gearbox, apparently. As many problems as I have with what 343 has done with the franchise, I shudder to think what Gearbox would have done.


I can't believe I haven't heard of this before today. It's the next game from the Oxenfree people. It's a game about escaping Hell by defeating Satan in a drinking game!


I made chilaquiles for the first time last night. Pretty good for a first attempt! Can't wait to make it again and improve it.


This is worth your time. Spoilers for Infinity War, obviously.


You just started a band. You can pick one (and only one!) artist or band as your primary inspiration. Who do you pick and why?


The Spider-Verse Blu Ray has a Spider Ham short! It's delightful!


Stadia sounds like an STD. "Dude, I got tested the other day. I got Stadia."


I tried chilaquiles for the first time last night. My life will never be the same. I googled "where have you been all my life gif" and came up with this. It's pretty much how I feel about chilaquiles.


This video has an interview with Monica Lewinsky. It's really worth your time. Provides some valuable insight. I don't agree with all of John's conclusions. But Monica has some really good things to add to the conversation.


Did the Tooth Fairy visit you as a kid? If so, how much did it pay you per tooth?


Just finished replaying Halo 2. It's so freakin good! Even better than I remember. My opinion on the Anniversary Edition is mixed. Art and Sound are improved. The remastered music is notably worse. Cutscenes are incredible though!


I really hope that putting MCC on PC revives the Halo community. And I hope that Infinite comes in and is actually, ya know, good.


What is your favorite video game sequel?


She blinded me with science!


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