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Welp. Finally saw one of the big spoilers for TLOU2. Thanks, Twitter. That said, it took me from uninterested in the game to very uninterested. So, there's that.


Probably Kingdom Hearts. Honorable mention to LOTR: The Two Towers. How about you?


I just finished The Search and it's SO GOOD! I finally know what happened to Zuko's mom! The book is just a pleasure to read. It's complex. It's surprising. It's emotional. Can't recommend it enough!


New Pokémon Snap is now, without exaggeration, my most anticipated game release. Here's hoping it comes out in 2020!


This is my favorite video from the last few weeks.


This might be the best self-own I've ever seen


This is a REALLY good examination of player choice vs studio writing in the Mass Effect Trilogy. Worth your time if you're a fan of the series.


Well I, for one, am not interested in being left behind by the bandwagon. Comment your ASSumptions!


I read this today. It picks up where Avatar: The Last Airbender left off. It's so good! The art is amazing. It's like watching the show. This is the first of 6 (so far) books. I can't wait to read the rest! Thoughts in comments.


The world is falling to pieces


Would you look at the size of that thing


Can someone just PLEASE fire every executive at Riot already!


What sandwich are you and why? I think I'm a grilled cheese. I'm a fairly simple, traditional kind of guy. But I don't think simplicity means I lack depth. I also like to think I can provide comfort to others.


What Would Have Been an E3 2020 Prediction Thingy

Last year I wrote a blog in which I made predictions about E3. It was a lot of fun. With everything that's going on this year, and E3 itself being cancelled, I honestly haven't even thought about the whole thing. Just this morning I re...


I need to rant a little bit about Mormons and Black Lives Matter. It'll be in the comments if you'd like to read it at all.


What the hell is going on in our timeline????


Anyone have recommendations for YouTube channels about gaming run by Black people? Whether it's reviews, let's plays, etc? Any related to movies and TV are also welcome


Finished the Watchmen TV series. Hell of a show.


I had a Nextdoor account for several months without a problem. Today I made ONE comment that was critical of police and I'm banned within an hour. Claiming it was due to my username. Sure, Jan.


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