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I was looking for Power Rangers Memes and now I found something that I am so sad isn't real


Me, to dtoid, every Wednesday


I am genuinely amazed at how well The Wonderful 101 is doing on kickstarter. It's a great success story. And it sure makes Nintendo look dumb for not having ported it already.


Turns out The Birds was a documentary


I don't think pizza is easily ruined. But by gum, they did it!


Instant way to improve football: if you kick for a field goal and miss, you lose three points.


This game is SO good. I'm loving it. And I bought it because of this review! You should watch the review and then buy the game (if it sounds coooll, of course)


Bum, Bum, Bum, BUM BUM! dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum


Did any of y'all watch The Good Place? I just finished it. I was not ready for it to end. And it made me feel feelings. I don't like that.


Is it just me, or does "toss boxes" sound like a British term for lesbian sex?


There's something puzzling about these cocks


Do any of y'all watch The Masked Singer? My wife and I just discovered it and binges the first 2 seasons in the last week and a half. I love it. It's a really fun show


Saw this comment on an article about Kobe Bryant's death. I have to admit, I chortled. Am I bad person, or is it a good thing to find humor in the macabre?


Sometimes I just have to watch this video. This is one of those times. You should watch it, too.


Between Neil Peart and Kobe Bryant, I'm afraid we're gonna have another year like 2016 on our hands...


Good morning dtoid!


is a book a sandwich?


A position opened up at my job that I really want. It would be a significant promotion and (at least on paper) there is no one more qualified for it than me. Cross your fingers for me people!


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