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I have had it up to here *points at eyeball* with morons talking about covid when they don't understand anything about it. Next person to suggest we try to get herd immunity without a vaccine is getting kicked in the genitals.


So I finally saw Tenet. It is really cool. It's also the most complicated movie I've ever seen. Makes Inception look like a child's toy.


There is now a Global Oreo Vault. In case the world ends.


Even if I think the console is hideous, I have to admit. That's really nice packaging.


I need one of y'all to play this and then tell me if it's good. Seems like a combination of Pikmin and Stubbs the Zombie. I remember when it was put on kickstarter like 6 years ago and then the campaign was cancelled. It's finally out!


Good morning everybody!


Does he appear in a quest where the goal is to live stream video of kids in bathrooms?


Guess what I talked myself into installing on XBone? I also went and bought the rest of the DLC that I didn't get before (except for Horse Armor, obv)


I love Oblivion so much you guys


Any of y'all remember the PS2?


Cobra Kai is absolutely delightful. So much better than it has any right to be. Finished season 1 last night. About to start 2.


Kids movies taught me that some of the primary Antagonists of Reality are Dog Catchers. As an adult, I've never even met a Dog Catcher, let alone a nefarious one.


This broke my brain a little bit. Maybe I need to go to therapy again.




I've been refreshing all day waiting for the TGIF Open Thread blog to appear because I've thought it's Friday all day. End me now.


This is a really good examination of Lives systems in games. Personally, I'm severely averse to them. But there are points to be made both in favor of implementing and avoiding them.


I wish consoles would have multiple UIs that you could choose between.


Just watched The Social Dilemma. I feel compelled to thank the powers-that-be at Destructoid for having qtoid be a time based feed instead of algorithm based. So, thanks, powers.


I am Tricerapop now. Hear me roar!


Made Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit Chicken Pot Pie for dinner. Pretty good!


Finally saw Idiocracy. That's a hell of a documentary.


My wife and I both tested negative for covid!


Greta Van Fleet released a new song today and it's one of their best ever I think. It's definitely in the direction that I'd like to see the band go as a whole.


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