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About to watch Se7en for the first time. Maybe I'll finally find out what's in the box. Edit: welp. 😳


I've watched a ton of videos and news clips about the Capitol attack and this one is by far my favorite. Can't recommend it enough.


This is interesting. Though I fear it will only motivate executives to further work their employees to death


i whant to be member pls ascept im so lonely and i has headayke


Excuse me while I go scream into the void, and hope it doesn't scream back.


We do, in fact, live in the dumbest timeline. You can't convince me otherwise.


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do u think tony hawk and snoop dogg know each other and hang out


TIL that Barack Obama is the only President in US History to use Twitter without getting banned. 🤔


Made some bratwurst with my sous vide machine last night. Verry yummy!


I often find myself later regretting when I can't unblock someone in disqus. But it feels SO GOOD to block someone when they're being a jackass.


If you live in the US, please contact your Senators immediately and tell them to support the George Floyd Justice for Policing Act. The time is now. It needs to happen. And thanks, voters of Georgia!


Huh. I guess I'm neutral good. I suppose that tracks.


Hearts hidden under floorboards be like: "Juuuuuuuust sit right back and you'll hear a tale!"


Has anyone played the Cobra Kai game? Is it worth fiddling around with at all?


I really like this take


People like to complain that the Epic store doesn't have a cart. But no one ever seems to mention that the Switch eShop doesn't have one either. Pic unrelated. #StripToid


PSA: Cobra Kai Season 3 is out on Netflix now!


What was your most pleasant surprise in gaming for 2020? Mine was A Short Hike. Delightful little game. Way better than it had any right to be.


Here's my list of Games Beaten 2020. I played a number of others, these are just the ones I finished the single player campaign of. AMA if you have any questions about them (or anything else, I guess)


Let's see... We'll get Pokémon Snap and BOTW 2. And I bet not a damn thing other. What do you think?


I'm proud of all of you for surviving 2020. Cheers!


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