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Can someone explain to me WHY anyone still eats at Subway (this is a rhetorical question)


Holy crap is the Tunic demo adorable! And hard. It is deceptively difficult. Definitely some Souls influence there.


I hope I'm never a bad enough person that Bo Burnham writes a theme song for me.


Don't talk to me or my son ever again


The Animal Crossing fans (of which there are many) are not pleased.


My wife is VERY disappointed at the lack of Animal Crossing news.


Made a Nintendo prediction list. I'll put it in the comments. Read if you like!


E3 is not the same without Sony. I wish they had SOMETHING going on. Even if it's just a small state of play or whatever they call it.


I might actually buy and play a pc game next year. Wouldn't that be wild! (this is basically a modern take on Heroes III)


It can't be worse than Avengers, right?




Please tell me this is not real


TIL that a company is making an Avatar: The Last Airbender TTRPG and I'm so down for that.


Episode 1 of Loki was pretty dang cool. Right up my alley.


Apparently the Switch port of Dusk is done. They just need to nail down a release date. Neat!


Rewatching Thor: The Dark World to get ready for Loki. Question. If all the Dark Elves want is to eleminate all light in the universe (and they predate light itself), why do they have eyes?


This is great to read. Whenever I get a ps5, ratchet will be top on my list.


Hi. I'm Mr. Boxman and this is my son, Journey Greatest Hits Boxman.


These days I forget that the front page even exists. In pretty much just here for qtoid. I'm crossing my fingers that it stays working! Pic related.


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