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Boiling take: the vast majority of Sony's video game IP suck.


Apparently Digimon is getting straight up rebooted this year.


This is surprisingly good! And it does taste very reminiscent of Eggos.


Started watching Neon Genesis Evangelion. So, Pacific Rim is just a straight up live action remake of this isn't it? Also, the show is great so far and has incredible music.


I just finished watching Digimon Adventure Tri for the first time. AMA (about the show or anything else really)


I woke up to a text message from Pat's wife containing this picture. It sounds like video games are ruining his marriage. We need to have an intervention.


I hope no movie studios release horror movies this year, because nothing could be more horrifying than this


Um. I got nothing here. I jist need other people to read this so they can share my pain after having read it.


Thanks for nothing Comcast.


Watching Digimon Adventure Tri and I just love how fly Ken is. Dude has style!


You ever spend the day at work on the verge of a mental breakdown and you're just devoting all your mental energies to keeping it together until you get home?


Update: I also burnt my toast this morning. Thursday is off to a great start!


I had a dream about Chrissy Teigen last night, but it wasn't a sexy dream. Damn.


In 1949, some geniuses designed a kitchen that is way cooler and more practical than any kitchen I've seen in my life. I am in awe.


NEVER use one of the knives in Dere's kitchen


If Gamestop wants to survive, there's a really simple solution. Embrace tabletop gaming. People that tabletop game are so passionate. Sell new and exciting board games and RPGs. And make it a place where people can actually come and play.


Beat Golden Sun last night. Excellent game. Now on to the superior sequel!


Which one of y'alls girlfriends got on reddit


The Popeye's chicken answer wasn't even the funniest part of the episode, apparently.


My orgasm was ruined by the way I was just at the end of the day with my parents


Oh, you're leaving? But that's OK, because we'll be friends forever.... Won't we?


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