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Okay so I might have a problem... This is basically my first 3 months of collecting D&D related material.


The real tragedy with the recent Sony news is that we never got Dark Cloud 3, and now we probably never will.


If we're talking Video Game documentaries, we have to have an entry from Ahoy (for my money, the finest creator on all of YouTube). Behold the urban legend of Polybius!


What new hobbies have you taken up during the pandemic? Do you think you'll maintain them long-term?


Destructoid family, I compare each of you to a Kiss from a Rose. Enjoy this song that goes out from me to you on this holiday.


Hey! You! I like you. You're cool.


Downloaded A Plague Tale Innocence. Played through the opening act. Um... I'm not certain I'm mentally healthy enough to play a game this depressing. Pic related


This is a Kickstarter you should check out. It's a TTRPG made my Native Americans. It takes place in an alternate time line where the Americas were never colonized. Link in comments. Bump LAST DAY


Reminder that Nintendo is ALSO killing Super Mario Maker 1, in a sense. You'll no longer be able to upload levels. But hey, at least we're still getting entertaining videos from it:


One of my many eternal struggles


😮😮😮 (this is The Suicide Squad trailer)


Who is your favorite High School character in fiction? Be it a movie, TV show, book, etc. Could be a student, teacher, whatever, just related to High School. And if you can explain why you like them, that's even better!


Here's a bop to brighten your Tuesday


This looks pretty fun! I'm actually getting vague Gauntlet Legends vibes from it, which is a good thing.


Watched Cherry last night. Hell of a film. Hard to watch, as it's such heavy subject matter. But I'm glad I saw it.


I really wish I liked isometric games. There are so many RPGs that look great, but I just can't find a way to enjoy.


I'm a few episodes into Ted Lasso. I have to say: it lives up to the hype! Damn good television.


2 Snakes on a 2 Planes


These ladies are the Girl Next Door and your Goth GF. I love them both so much. Here's to you, Yuna and Lulu! #Womantoid


Finished Paradise Killer. Great game. Loved it. Except for the fact that the most important clue in the game is in an obscure spot that you very well may never stumble upon without the aid of Google.


I'm playing Paradise Killer and I love it. You should play it too.


Happy weekend everyone!


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