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I beat Hearts of Stone last night. Loved it. Started Blood and Wine. I need to slow down. I want to really relish Toussaint. Once I'm done with it, I'm done with the game. I'm not ready to say goodbye!


This genuinely upset me. One fire or one flood could wipe out nearly every Bob Ross painting.


I uploaded a new short and sweet level! Play it and let me know your thoughts! Final bump


This dude is nuts. I don't understand how people come up with this stuff.


Beat the main story of Wild Hunt. Good ending. No regrets picking Yennefer either. Now on to Hearts of Stone!


AMA. Still quite tender after surgery. Staying home dumping tons of hours into Witcher III.


You may now call me Master Boxman


And that's how my life of crime came to an end.


On my way to get my vasectomy. Pray for me. Pray for my balls.


Talk about throwing the baby out with th--- *gets slapped*


I have a delicious challenge for dtoid's final boss. How fast can you beat this meat, ScionVyse?


What book would you want to see adapted into a video game? What kind of game would it be? For example, I want a game very much like Witcher 3, but set in the Shannara series.


This is a fantastic video from the director of Shazam. It gives a little glimpse into just how complicated film making can be.


Well that was an interesting result. I elected not to pursue Triss. I'm past the point of no return on that. Here's hoping I can make things work with Yen. I gotta tell you you guys. The Witcher 3 is SO GOOD. Obscenely good.


The perfect casting does not exis---


Saw Spider-Man Far From Home. Enjoyed it! Big step up from the first one. And it has the best end-credits scene of any of the Marvel flicks.


Made a harder level in Mario Maker. This one works very differently if you play 2 player. Let me know what you think!


Uploaded my first ever Mario Maker level! It's short and easy. Please give it a try and let me know your thoughts. Feedback always welcome! Bump


I'm glad I watched this instead of finishing the game. I'd have literally never beat it myself.


I do love my country. I am grateful for the freedoms I enjoy. My greatest hope is that those freedoms are maintained in the future.


I think I'm just starting to realize how big Witcher 3 is. I've just got to Oxenfurt and it looks huge. Seriously, how big is this game? Is it bigger than BOTW? (and yes, I have the Complete Edition)


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