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The spam email saga continues!


BT-7274 for Smash!


Jojo Rabbit is real good, y'all


I'm STILL not convinced that Death Stranding is an actual game that people are actually playing.


I just got a 4k TV. What do I watch/play to test it out?


Beat The Outer Worlds. Really fantastic game. It was exactly what I wanted it to be. Highly recommend it. Except for the game breaking glitch in the final mission. Had to google a workaround, which is in the video below:


The older I get, the happier I am to not be a fan of Rick and Morty.


Where the hell is Podtoid this week?


Never give up! Never surrender!


When I see an article about Deep Down on the front page, I immediately pull this up and jam.


Why can't I be normal and just have conversations with people and make friends? Even just work friends? Why am I so awkward?


For anyone that bought into those rumors that Microsoft was buying Playtonic, it's simply not true.


Our customizable doormat came in today! On an unrelated note, does anyone know why my wife and I have no friends?


A sequel to my spam email from the other day just blessed my spam folder!


When your phone decides that all of your alarms should be silent and you wake up at the time you normally walk out the door.


I'm so glad it's November!


I love reading my spam emails. Most of them are a waste, but every once in awhile, I get a true gem like this.


In other news, playing The Outer Worlds and Parvati is so adorable! I love her!


Been disappointed in Luigi's Mansion so far. Bought it to play with my wife. Handed her the controller. Well over an hour in and still no co-op. Don't advertise co-op as a major feature and then lock it for so much if the game!


I can finally play The Outer Worlds! I made the stupidest looking bastard I could and am about to start my Dumb run!


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