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This is your reminder that corporations are not your friend. More importantly: there is no ethical consumption under capitalism. Not to say you shouldn't try, or shouldn't draw lines in the sand. But any dollar you spend has a portion going to evil.


I don't understand what textiles are and at this point I'm too afraid to ask.


Damn D&D was wild today. Hostage exchange turned into a big battle (was very afraid I'd kill all my players) and a plot twist or two. So much fun!


The internet scares me and I could never be a public personality on it. The below video is a shitty situation about gamers who are so mad that someone liked The Last of Us 2, that they sent fake death threats to THEMSELVES to try to punish people. Wild.


FYI today is Creator Day on itch.io. Itch won't take a cent of the money you spend on games today. It all goes to the creators! So if you've ever thought about buying something on itch, this is the day to do it! EDIT: some recommendations in the Comments


Look at my little dicey bois!


Words of wisdom for any of the Corporation Worshippers out there


Damn old movies. Old writers didn't know jack shit about storytelling! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch Transformers for the 234th time.


Last game I played was Monster Prom XXL. So Tamriel now has advanced technology, and absolutely everyone is horny and full of angst. How about you?


I have horrible swamp ass right now. Send help.


Give me your recommendations for Visual Novels (or similar games) on the Switch (I have VA11 HALL-A, Ace Attorney Trilogy, Murder By Numbers, and Doki Doki Literature Club, so other than those please)


I did it. I found the perfect tweet.


Holy shit The Last Dab is hot. And gross. The other two are great though!


Just finished Loki. It took Marvel 3 tries, but they finally made some Top Tier television content. I loved it. Spoilers in the comments!


Resident Evil: Village People


The more you know!


Just beat Cyberpunk 2077. AMA. And I'll put some thoughts in the comments. Minor spoilers, nothing major.


IDK if you've all heard about the video game collecting scene in the last couple years, but it's getting wild.


Just watched Black Widow. Gosh Florence Pugh is so gorgeous. It's obscene.


Stardew Valley doesn't get enough credit for its romance options. Any character you play (no matter what you look like, no matter gender) can romance any of the romanceable characters. Lets you have exactly what you want and doesn't force anything on you


(I promise this is not a spoiler) This week's episode of Loki had one of the coolest Easter Eggs ever. It had a Polybius arcade machine in the background of a scene. If you don't know why that's interesting, here's a documentary for you:


I must say that Cyberpunk 2077 has some of the ugliest food I've ever seen in a video game. Very disappointing.


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