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Nipples. Why do men have them?


Bernie dropped out. Guess we have 4 more years of trump to look forward to.


Good morning peeps!


FINAL BUMP I for one am NOT going to be outdone by Shibboletho. I just bought the COVID-19 Bundle and I'm giving away ALL the software! Codes in the comments. And Shibboletho, my friend:


Episode Ignis was FANTASTIC! One of the best parts of the entire game. And that alternate ending? Might be even better than the real one!


If you enjoyed the movie Ex Machina, you REALLY should be watching Devs. It's a limited series on Hulu by the same director. It's brilliant so far.


Current status


Got the credits rolling on FFXV. Wonderful game, still a ton more to do in it. Got all the episodes. Want to get the car upgraded. AMA! Also, how many decades will it be before FFXVI?


Cars are toilets into which we flush money.


*starts farming for bells*


I made it through! Would I be right in guessing that you could only play as Noctis pre-patch? I played as Gladdy. Also, the Ravus fight was AWFUL. He had WAY too much health and could one shot me into danger when I had full health. Dumb.


I'm about to start the infamous Chapter 13 of FFXV. Pray for me.


My favorite version of this joke so far


Turns out Cooking Mama Cookstar is real! This is one of the recipes from it!


PSA! Also, it's on a deep sale on U.S. eshop


Every episode of Tiger King be like


I'm loving FFXV right now. I'm taking my sweet time. I kind of dread what I've heard about how it takes a turn for the linear (and worse) in the back half of the game.


Star Wars Episode 1 Racer woooo hooooo!!!!!!!!!!


I want to ride my Chocobo all day!..... What? It's stuck in my head!


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