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#25DaysOfChristmas Day 2: Rockin Around the Christmas Tree. This song is a certified bop, as the kids would say... Yes, my back hurts and I'm tired. Why do you ask?


That is one hell of a lineup. I'm finally gonna play Impossible Lair and Slime Rancher. May even give DQ a whirl. Who knows!


I'm going to attempt to share a Christmas song in a qpost every day from here til Christmas. It's the #25DaysOfChristmas and here is our first entry! Day 1: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


I just learned that Podtoid is ending soon and I'm unhappy. This is my petition to keep Podtoid going in perpetuity! (I even tried to remember cursive to sign this, so you know I'm serious)


Can someone explain to me what the heck roblox is?


Don't let Big Bathroom see this post


Bruce Willis. The legendary actor from Die Hard. Now starring in Hard Kill.


I have completed the most important part of the Thanksgiving feast!


Will someone plz help alana


Happy Thanksgiving to all y'all! And it's time for my annual sharing of the absolute best Thanksgiving video. Enjoy!


Turns out that the real boss battle was SOCIETY all along!


Happy Wednesday-Friday people!


So don't Let's A Go


I have a spare code for a digital copy of Little Women (2019). Anyone here interested?


I've seen several videos of people preparing entire Thanksgiving meals. But they never, ever do the most important part of a Thanksgiving meal: the rolls.


When I'm listening to instrumental Christmas music on Pandora and a song from Lord of the Rings comes on for some reason.


You ever be watching a video on your phone, and wonder where you put your phone?


I left my heart up your butt ♥ 🍑


I work from home these days, but today, I can't connect to the secure server at work. So I'm sitting here watching a documentary about Diners in Pennsylvania.


I have a PSA for y'all, but it's NSFW and will therefore be in the comments


I will never stop believing it's stupid that The Game Awards don't wait until the year is complete before giving out GOTY awards.


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