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Can Superman be tickled?


Have to go to dinner with my father in law in an hour (who absolutely sucks) and my wife's brother just bailed on the meal. Current status:


Larx's blog tipped the scale for me. I have to rant about a problem within our destructoid community. I love our little world here, but it's far from perfect and I personally think we need to evolve. Rant in the comments.


Got these inexplicable texts from an unfamiliar number last night. Is this what it's like to be a woman? (and yes, I have since charged my phone)


This was a fun movie. A bit cheesy and a lot silly, but a good family film. It's also amazingly animated. Seems to be using the same technology as Spider Verse.


Tag yourself. I was the jacket guy as a teenager.


TIL there's a game show that's basically a mini golf version of American Ninja Warrior. This is so far up my alley, I may need to see a proctologist.


Idk hardly anything about DOTA 2. But that new DOTA Netflix show is pretty cool.


I don't understand why there isn't a proper Elder Scrolls pen-and-paper RPG. It would honestly have a shot at dethroning D&D.


Not only have I never done drugs, I've never been cool enough to even be offered them! (not that I'd accept)


Introducing my wife to one of the funniest movies ever made


I saw this beautiful exchange in the comments of a video about Japan dumping radioactive water into the ocean. This is just.... *chef's kiss*


In 100 years from now, people are gonna look back at us and be like, "Wow! Those people were so ignorant!" I just hope we can all try to learn and grow. And most importantly, be kind to others.


Okay so I might have a problem... This is basically my first 3 months of collecting D&D related material.


The real tragedy with the recent Sony news is that we never got Dark Cloud 3, and now we probably never will.


If we're talking Video Game documentaries, we have to have an entry from Ahoy (for my money, the finest creator on all of YouTube). Behold the urban legend of Polybius!


What new hobbies have you taken up during the pandemic? Do you think you'll maintain them long-term?


Destructoid family, I compare each of you to a Kiss from a Rose. Enjoy this song that goes out from me to you on this holiday.


Hey! You! I like you. You're cool.


Downloaded A Plague Tale Innocence. Played through the opening act. Um... I'm not certain I'm mentally healthy enough to play a game this depressing. Pic related


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