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OlliOlli World is very cool, but I am very bad it. I know, I know. Local man bad at video games! More at 11.


When a British website puts a small file on your computer to save your preferences, shouldn't they call it a biscuit?


I didn't know that I needed Snoop Dogg to help me be kind to myself, but I did in fact need that.


So, how long before we learn that the CIA is somehow involved in all the shit going on in Iran right now?


These texture pop-ins are getting out of hand.


I went back to Kingdoms of Amalur and beat the final boss of the new DLC. Very annoying, but I made it through! Take that, stupid boss.


Overall, Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning was an incredible time. I cannot recommend the new expansion DLC. The final boss fight is atrocious.


It took a lot of self control not to squeee while watching this. I was very into Beast Wars as a kid.


Sometimes I read the things people say on the internet and am so baffled at the stupidity and the loudness of said stupidity that I don't even know how to handle it.


Just saw Glass Onion. Loved it. It's a worthy sequel to Knives Out.


Made a Kentucky Hot Brown with leftover turkey. My first one. It was SO good!


The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special was really fun. Worth 45 minutes of your time.


Happy Black Friday!


People who say that Die Hard is a Christmas movie don't actually care about the Christmasiness of the film. They just really wanna talk about Die Hard. But you should indulge them, because Die Hard is cool.


I finally got the Wordle on my first guess! It was my normal first word! What a day to give thanks.


Andor Season 1 is the best Star War since Mandalorian Season 1. It's good television, y'all.


I don't understand why no one but me seems to be terrified of robots.


I don't need it... I don't need it...


Has anybody made a documentary about the Kickstarter potato salad guy? If not, why not?


Finished Pentiment last night. It's really good! Thoroughly recommend, especially if you have gamepass.


Any of you from or spent much time in Seattle? If so, have any recommendations for things to do or places to eat? Might be taking a trip there next year.


NASA successfully launched the Artemis rocket! This is the rocket that will take us back to the moon. Pretty cool stuff.


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