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Playing Gears 5 and hit a wall at the end of Act 2. He boss is awful. Get 90% of their health down and then they get a new instant kill move. So stupid.


Haven't played Gears 4, but I'm like 1/4 of the way through 5 (it's real good). Am I supposed to like JD? Because I definitely do not.


#confessiontoid When getting dressed, I often go sock shoe sock shoe, instead of sock sock shoe shoe.


I am just so tired of people racing to out-woke each other. We get it. You want people to think you're a good person. So why don't you go like, volunteer at a soup kitchen or something?


Just sitting in my cubicle at work and crying while I listen to Shania Twain. What? Yes, I have depression. Why do you ask?


If that ain't a good sales pitch, I don't know what is. (it's from the Blasphemous devs)


I was just at Walmart and my cashier's name, I shit you not, was Titti.


I just listened to this speech at the recommendation of a coworker. It has a lot of important things to say. I'm gonna need to spend some time reflecting on it. In the mean time though, you should listen to it. Bump


On Friday I started feeling really sick out of nowhere. I'm not certain, but I'm guessing it's influenza. Current status:


Watched Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Thoughts in comments.


This makes me think that we need a Crypt of the Necrodancer game that is Castle Crashers themed.


I'm not sure that I can handle Mass Effect Andromeda. The open world structure just doesn't do it for me.


One more fun fact. This Rio was my very first mp3 player. It had a total of 32 mb of storage. Could only hold like 9 songs at a time. Sound quality was excellent, though.


Fun fact for you: I was so into Halo as a teen that I bought the Halo 3 Edition Zune. And it was a great device. I didn't need it, as I had a 30GB ipod. But the Zune was a better device!


Beat Mass Effect 3. Thoughts in comments. Video slightly related.


This is such a great overview of esports as a concept. If you somehow haven't watched it, you should.


Ken Jennings and the guy who made Magic The Gathering are making a trivia board game! It's on kickstarter right now. I'm thinking of backing it. You should check out this interview from GameInformer about it!


Damn this game is good-looking. I've been thinking about replaying the first 3 games, and then playing through 4 before touching this. Now I'm thinking about just diving into this right away and doing the others at a later time.


This looks like a must-see


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