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If you live near an In-n-Out, go try their Hot Cocoa. Delicious!


Holy shit I have never heard of these before but I want to ride one so bad!


Oh, and speaking of douchebags that need to be punched in the face


The wife wants a fitbit device for Christmas. She wants it for step tracking, and to function as a watch. If possible, she wants one that does heart rate monitoring. Any recommendations to buy or avoid? Anything else I should know? Never used one.


I had a dream last night that Nintendo announced the N64 Classic. Then I woke up and it wasn't real.


Bernie doesn't have to be the next President (though I wish he would be). But all I want at this point is a president that spends more time thinking about other people than they do about themselves. And no, I'm not convinced that Hillary does that.


Made Hot and Sour soup from scratch and it was really easy! I'll put the recipe link in the comments


The most searched-for Thanksgiving recipes by state. I'm not even a little surprised by Utah. Weirdos here make all kinds of weird stuff with Jell-o. Are you surprised by yours?


Ranking the Harry Potter Films

Yesterday my wife and I finished a marathon of the Harry Potter films, ending with Fantastic Beasts. We felt that these films were good to watch during spooky season, what with all the witchcraft. Plus, we wanted to get caught up as C...


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