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I have nothing witty to add to this. I just want one.


This is a real thing that a real person really asked in a real interview


Ugh it's back. Go away!


ok which one of yalls siblings posted this


I am 100% hooked on The Mandalorian.


Yakuza on Xbox. What a time to be alive!


This video explains cryptography using Mario. God bless the internet!


PSA: Woot.com has a really good deal on an Xbox One X right now.


After seeing the Mandalorian, I really really really want a plushie of [REDACTED]


I just love him so much


The Mandalorian is good. I have spoken.


Thanks to Disney+, I can watch RECESS while I'm at work. Current status:


The spam email saga continues!


BT-7274 for Smash!


Jojo Rabbit is real good, y'all


I'm STILL not convinced that Death Stranding is an actual game that people are actually playing.


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