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hahahahahaha has a news service EVER been more wrong?


So don't Let's A Go


I have a spare code for a digital copy of Little Women (2019). Anyone here interested?


I've seen several videos of people preparing entire Thanksgiving meals. But they never, ever do the most important part of a Thanksgiving meal: the rolls.


When I'm listening to instrumental Christmas music on Pandora and a song from Lord of the Rings comes on for some reason.


You ever be watching a video on your phone, and wonder where you put your phone?


I left my heart up your butt ♥ 🍑


I work from home these days, but today, I can't connect to the secure server at work. So I'm sitting here watching a documentary about Diners in Pennsylvania.


I have a PSA for y'all, but it's NSFW and will therefore be in the comments


I will never stop believing it's stupid that The Game Awards don't wait until the year is complete before giving out GOTY awards.


I can't believe I'm gonna say this about a modern EA game but.... I REALLY like Star Wars Squadrons. It's a lot of fun!


Bread in Finland is WILD


I got an hour or two into Jedi Fallen Order. I don't think I can continue. The combination of bastardized Dark Souls and bastardized Metroidvania just does not work for me. Also I hate that there's "premium content" to customize a lightsaber in a $60 game


Damn that's a good point


A company made Thanksgiving Turkey Nuggets but they only made 100 bags! I'm gonna die mad about this.


Played through KOTOR II. I have thoughts to share! They'll be in the comments.


This week I discovered that this sport exists. It's the weirdest sport I've ever seen. Even weirder than curling!


This is a video talking about how a ps5 died for a YouTube. Couple this with Flanx's video about the XSX overheating and this is really not looking good for next gen right now. Pretty discouraging


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