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Y'all convinced me to give it a try. What advice do you have for this noob before I dive in?


Today I decided that I'm going to eat the internet to absorb its knowledge. Can someone tell me where to find the internet so I can eat it


Well that sucks. Guess I'm not buying.


I want dynamic weather in FPS games. Imagine every time you played a level (whether campaign or multiplayer) there was different weather and different levels of sun or moon light.


You! Gee! Ell! Why! You ain't got no alibi! You ugly! Yeah, yeah! You ugly!


Let's play! I'll go: Dear Me, and I will be there for you to be removed from this world because you are far too good looking for a good thing


This song is stuck in my head


(Apparently) Really hot take that no one asked for: If you aren't circumcised, you really have no right to go around saying that circumcised people have mutilated genitals.


Game idea: you have to pick between 2 objects that look similar but 1 is actually cake


You guys I'm so happy right now! I finished all the episodes of Food Wars on Netflix. Out of curiosity, I decided to check if crunchy roll had more. They have another 50 episodes!!!!!!!!!!


It has to be THAT moment from Spec Ops: The Line, for me. How about you?


Why is it so hard to set and enforce boundaries with your own parents?


Current status


Something happened. I seem to be getting Dere's SPAM email. I pity whoever is getting my own by mistake!


If we're living in a simulation, it has far too many bugs. The game really needs another pass in QA.


I played through Halo Wars 2 and its expansions this past week. I have thoughts! I'll put them in the comments (it's not enough for a Blog).


I'm 3 episodes into Food Wars and it's incredible.


Any games releasing in July that you're looking forward to?


As we're closing out a game generation, what has been your favorite totally new IP from this gen?


Watched Hamilton. Hot take: It's quite good.


Pennsylvania Man keeps time and quotes Spartacus a lot.


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