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What are the Sexiest animals on the farm? Brown chicken brown cow!


This is such a good episode. First time I've seen the host do worse than the guest.


Platinum Gmaes should make my mom actually love me


Thoughts for your Thursday


This is a wonderful look back at Link's Awakening DX. It does contain spoilers. So if you somehow don't know the twist for the game, don't watch it.


I'm playing motherfudging Castle Crashers on my motherfudging Switch right now!


Man, global warming has really gotten out of hand.


For a dummy like me, this is a fantastic explanation of what ray tracing is. It also explained to me why Doom 3 is so hard on the eyes. The more you know!


Although the term didn't exist at the time, I've realized that Michael J. Fox was my first man-crush. Thanks, Marty McFly.


It's peanut butter jelly time! Peanut butter jelly time! Peanut butter jelly time!


Playing Gears 5 and hit a wall at the end of Act 2. He boss is awful. Get 90% of their health down and then they get a new instant kill move. So stupid.


Haven't played Gears 4, but I'm like 1/4 of the way through 5 (it's real good). Am I supposed to like JD? Because I definitely do not.


#confessiontoid When getting dressed, I often go sock shoe sock shoe, instead of sock sock shoe shoe.


I am just so tired of people racing to out-woke each other. We get it. You want people to think you're a good person. So why don't you go like, volunteer at a soup kitchen or something?


Just sitting in my cubicle at work and crying while I listen to Shania Twain. What? Yes, I have depression. Why do you ask?


If that ain't a good sales pitch, I don't know what is. (it's from the Blasphemous devs)


I was just at Walmart and my cashier's name, I shit you not, was Titti.


I just listened to this speech at the recommendation of a coworker. It has a lot of important things to say. I'm gonna need to spend some time reflecting on it. In the mean time though, you should listen to it. Bump


On Friday I started feeling really sick out of nowhere. I'm not certain, but I'm guessing it's influenza. Current status:


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