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I'm playing Paradise Killer and I love it. You should play it too.


Happy weekend everyone!


I have a meme about the Wandavision finale, but it's in the comments for spoiler reasons. Stay out of these comments if you haven't seen the finale yet!


Hank Hill in Smash, for your pleasure.


Tried Wendy's new JalapeƱo Popper Chicken Sandwich. I really liked it. Tastes exactly how it sounds.


Wizards, am I right?


I hope this feature survives all the way through development. If nothing else, it's a middle finger to JK.


I'll always recommend Death Squared to people. It's a fantastic co-op puzzle game for 2 or 4 people. #indietoid


I played through Catherine. (I'll admit, I had to use a guide for most of the back half). What a strange, overlong game. Interesting story, though.


I'm REALLY enjoying Wandavision. I'm very impressed with how well Marvek embraced the format of television. This story could not be told in a 2 hour movie.


I hope we get to finally see this when the TV show releases next year


What a nightmare it must be to work at CDPR these days


TIL that one of the studios that Google bought (and shut down) for Stadia was Typhoon. They made Journey to the Savage Planet, which was my second favorite game of 2020. Now we'll never get a sequel, and that bums me out.


I just beat Final Fantasy X for the second (whoops) time in my life. AMA.


I'm playing through FFX and I'm trying something I've never done before. Small rant about it in the comments (probably won't mean anything to you if you've never played the game).


Kathryn Hahn is amazing. That is all.


Few things tell me all I need to know about a person as quickly as them declaring their own IQ.


We do not deserve Dolly Parton.


I mean, I guess I'll finally give Skyward Sword a second chance. Assuming the button controls work in docked mode, at least.


I hope to live my life in such a way that the only people who want to piss on my grave are people that have a fetish for pissing on graves.


For those of you who are alone on Singles Awareness Day, Journey has a message for you. For everyone else, have fun and I hope someone touches your butt!


hey when are you starting your onlyfans


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