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Meet my new rim. Her name is Betty. She's been around the block more than a few times, she has a heart of gold underneath her blemished skin.


Really interesting discussion of Gamestop's precarious financial situation. This guy's whole channel is great, if you have any interest in game industry numbers.


Virtual Console may not be totally dead, possibly?


Bowsette has already been cosplayed. Somewhat NSFW, so it's in the comments.


I did something profoundly stupid when changing my flat tire this morning and it's going to cost me. Any guesses what I did? RESULTS: Fuzunga wins!


Got a flat tire on the way to work today. The good news is that after my last flat tire a few months ago, I have air in the spare tire and I bought a REALLY nice lug wrench. So it was super easy to change the tire this time.


Beat Majora's Mask today. Thoughts in the comments. BP for Monday folks if anyone is interested.


This is the most savage thing I've seen all year. Bump for evening folks


If you want to see some extremely cute stuff, watch Hilda. It's a new show on Netflix and it's friggin adorable.


Not a fan of the Great Bay Temple. Especially the boss.


When my wife says she's thinking about making pumpkin cookies


Hulu has officially ordered 8 episodes of Veronica Mars, and they're going to get streaming rights to the first 3 seasons. Link in comments!


I think Avengers 4 will be a crossover called Avender's Game


I'm approximately halfway through Majora's Mask. I'm enjoying it much more than I thought I would. I'll probably share more thoughts when I finish it. But it's a really solid game. I couldn't possibly play it without a strategy guide though. No chance.


Finished Jack Ryan Season 1. It was pretty good. I had some frustrations with it. But it has potential. I'll definitely check out Season 2 when they make it. One spoiler complaint in the comments. Oh, and Morpho is totally in the show.


Of course the Playstation Classic gets announced AFTER emuparadise goes down.


If you want to know what things are like at the college I went to, here you go.


Magnificent critique of Dad of War. If you played that game at all (or watched a let's play like me), you should check it out.


Today's qposts have been a ballet of emotions and feelings


The Oscars won an Emmy. If that isn't proof that award shows are just Hollywood circle jerking each other off, I don't know what is.


This compilations starts good and just gets better and better


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