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Beat Mass Effect 3. Thoughts in comments. Video slightly related.


This is such a great overview of esports as a concept. If you somehow haven't watched it, you should.


Ken Jennings and the guy who made Magic The Gathering are making a trivia board game! It's on kickstarter right now. I'm thinking of backing it. You should check out this interview from GameInformer about it!


Damn this game is good-looking. I've been thinking about replaying the first 3 games, and then playing through 4 before touching this. Now I'm thinking about just diving into this right away and doing the others at a later time.


This looks like a must-see


Finished reading the Mistborn trilogy. Totally excellent! If you like fantasy novels, you should definitely check these out.


Finished my playthrough of Mass Effect 2. Thoughts in the comments. Bump


It does my soul good to see Alex back at it. I very rarely watch the show. But it's an institution, ya know? It's important that it's there for us. And I'm very glad he's on the mend.


Rewatched Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace last night. Stray thoughts in the comments.


John Carmack interviewed by Joe Rogan. This may be relevant to your interests. EDIT: finally finished listening to it myself. It's a good interview. Really interesting to hear from someone whose brain operates on a plane higher than my own.


I'm thinking about killing off some characters in the book I'm writing. Should really spice up my autobiography.


There wasn't really a climax. It just kind of stopped.


I bought Lumines on Switch. Never played it before. I get the basic idea, obviously. But I really have no clue how to set up combos properly or manage the blocks I'm building. Any tips or tricks?


Oh Netflix, you slay me.


This is well worth your time


Oh I sure hope not. That would be one of the most uninteresting choices imaginable to me.


Favorite Mass Effect character and why! Go! Oh and you can pick only one, Highlander.


Golden Sun is so good y'all


I can't wait for this movie. It will be GOAT


Bit my lip during dinner last Sunday. Bit it again in the same place at least once each day since. I ate a hot dog for lunch today. and bit that same spot twice. Current status:


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