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"You know what Star Trek's problem is? No one has called Uhura the n word yet." --Quentin Tarantino, probably


Soooooo.... what are the odds of fishing in BOTW 2?


Marvel Utlimate Alliance 3>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Squeenix Avengers


Let it be known throughout the land that this is Torchman's fault.


Did you catch that Avengers is co-op online? They said literally nothing about couch co-op.


Square Enix be like, "Member our older games?" A lot of remaster talk today


Phil Spencer confirmed that Project Scarlett will be backwards compatible with all 3 prior gens (I assume it only means the games already compatible on XBone). Tweet in the comments.


New Blood announced yet ANOTHER throwback FPS!


No Blood Dragon. 0/10.


My takeaway from Watch Dogs Legion


Straight from the literal creator of Keen!


Double Fine should make Conker's Bad Fur Day 2!


I want Devolver Digital to make a 2D platformer called Commandant King or something like that. Same basic game play as Commander Keen, but have it be a German kid.


In news unrelated to E3, this week's Attack on Titan was fantastic. Season 3 has been glorious.


Commander Keen is back! But on mobile.


Get off pornhub and pay attention!


Double Fine is a huge get for Microsoft


Happy Best Friends day to the one of you that is my best friend. The rest of you can suck it.


How did I miss this trailer? Looks great!


PSA: Enchroma is having a father's day sale for all of us colorblind people. I just ordered mine!


Watching some classic E3 moments. Hadn't seen this one before. It's just amazing. What's your favorite classic E3 moment?


Got a new phone today and discovered that this newer version of Android has a colorblind mode! I can't even tell you how happy that makes me.


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