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Have any of y'all used 1800 Contacts or a similar service? If so, how did that go? Would you recommend it? If not, where do you get your contacts?


All the articles today about Disney's upcoming release schedule are burying the lead. Indiana Jones is coming in 2 years!


This is just cuckoo bananas. Jump to 11:20 to see his final fight against the boss.


I'm not into Game of Thrones, but I find this supremely amusing.


I LOVED Life is Strange Before the Storm. But I did not like Life is Strange. Just finished it. Not a fan. Just play Before the Storm, people!


We "sold" these at Staples when I worked there 10 years ago. Almost nobody bought them. My explanation premise to curious customers was always met with confusion and/or thoughts of wastefulness. This was a terrible product, even though it actually worked.


Yikes, Blizzard. Yikes.


What are your favorite N64 games? I'm thinking about hooking up my old system and expanding my library.


I ate good today. These are Brisket tacos


Just played through Life Is Strange: Before the Storm. It was great! I'm excited to play the main game! Pic unrelated.


Thoughts for your friday


Microsoft has put out guidelines on how to trash talk. *snickers*


What book would you like to see turned into a video game, and what kind of game would it be? For example, I'd love to see the Battle Room from Ender's Game turned into some kind of online multiplayer shooter.


Apparently Sum 41 is also putting out a new album this year. And the lead singer has gone through puberty! Thanks to Zer0tonin for the heads up on this.


Bizarrely, Angels & Airwaves is releasing a new album. They released this song from it today.


When I'm listening to the Avengers Endgame portion of this week's podtoid


All I can think of when I see Jim Carrey as Robotnik


What's the first video game you ever beat on your own, as far as you remember?


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