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Deep breaths, Boxman. Deep breaths.


Sure, I'll play. Why the hell not.


I don't use this expression often or lightly: Fuck. Yes.


I just now learned about this quote and it is so funny to me. Animal Farm and 1984 are basically the same book, as far as I'm concerned.


Never heard of this before today, but it looks delightful!


Just watched Russian Doll for the second time. It really benefits from a repeat viewing. It's a fantastic show (though very mature in content, FYI). I highly recommend it!


I love listening to modern music redone in the chiptune style. There is something so great about how the underlying music shines through despite the massive change in style. This is still very much the Halo Theme I know and love.


Prediction for last episode of GoT, having only seen the first ever episode: everyone dies. Like, literally, everyone dies.


This is my newest tabletop game. It's great! You should play it!


You know it to be true


Friday mood EDIT: listen to the song you cowards!


You'll know you've made it when you have your own private urinal.


Super Mario Maker 2 looks totally bonkers. People are gonna make insane shit. Not me. I'm not creative like that. But I look forward to seeing it all!


Excellent discussion about the awesomeness that is Spider-Verse. You should check it out!


If you want another review after reading Chris Carter's excellent one, check this one out. ACG is such a fantastic reviewer!


Toto, The Police, Styx, Bad Company, The Eagles, Pat Benatar, and The Doobie Brothers


This is a really interesting topic. I think Duterte is a terrible person, but the Filipino people genuinely adore him, according to a Filipino friend of mine. It's easy to criticize when you live in another country.


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