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Some of you are likely playing Dark Souls: Remastered. Good on you. Me, I just picked up Dark Souls III for PC. I haven't played the DLC yet and I hear its great. Let's hope!


Finished God of War. Drank 40 oz. of honey mead to celebrate. It was good. Solid 8/10 game right there. The mead's a 9 tho.

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Review: Atlanta Robbin' Season

Back in 2016, there were two shows on television that had my vested interest: Westworld and Atlanta. Westworld, as I’m sure you know, is about enslaved androids that look, behave, and feel just as humans do. It’s a science-fic...


I've been digging the new God of War. The over-the-shoulder camera isn't the greatest, but the combat and the story more than make up for it. I'm in loooooove


Anyone else love Aggretsuko? This little show has taken me by surprise with some excellent characters, adorably relatable premise and some excellent music.


Man Kratos hasn't been the God of War since the second game why people still callin him that

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New Venom trailer actually has Venom in it

Remember that first Venom trailer? The one without Venom in it, that looked awful? I sure do. I've been a fan of Spider-Man and his cavalcade of villains for a long time, but I was in no way excited by Sony's first showing of its attempt...


Isle of Dogs is - so far - the best movie of the year. I know it's only April, but it's just so rare that a movie transports me somewhere else and pulls me in emotionally like Isle of Dogs did. I highly recommend it to you.


Shadow of the Colossus is in the mail, on its way to my doorstep. So excited for this! I haven't bought a new game in a while and I'm starved for an adventure.

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Review: Rampage

When you're a child of four, you do everything with your brothers and sisters. You play together, you eat together, you even get haircuts together. And, if one of you is due for a dentist appointment, all of you are. There needs to be an or...

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Jessica Jones renewed for a third Season

Netflix has renewed Jessica Jones for a third season only a month after the release of the second. Yes, that's right. Everyone's favorite PI/vigilante/alcoholic will be back for more in the near future. Jessica Jones Season 2 released las...


Bioshock 2 was great! While Bioshock showed the flawed principles behind a totally de-regulated capitalist society, Bioshock 2 showed how collectivist ideas could be just as malicious. Time to check out Minerva's Den.


I learned - painfully - that Bioshock 2 crashes as sure as the sun will rise. I fixed the problem, but not before losing 45 minutes of playtime. HNGH.


Happy Easter everyone! I just finished Prey - the new, System-Shock inspired one - and had an excellent time. Now I'm gonna check out Bioshock 2 for the first time!

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Review: Pacific Rim: Uprising

The original Pacific Rim was an absurd, goofy and dumb action movie about robots punching monsters in the face. Despite this ridiculous premise, the movie turned out to be a cut-above your standard blockbuster trash. The spectacle of huge m...

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Review: Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is one of video games’s biggest icons. Even those not familiar with the wonky original 3D titles or the recently rebooted series know who Croft is, even if they can’t recognize her, or tell you what she’s lik...


I just had the best game of Siege I've ever played. 10 kills, 0 deaths. I WAS ON FIRE!


Wind River is such an amazing crime movie, and lo and behold, it's on Netflix! Go check it out if you want an intense, emotional, brutal movie.


I sincerely hope that the final game is not as action packed and stilted as past entries have been I love Montana, and I'd really love to get lost in the scenery. GameSpot hit it on the head with this one.

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HBO's Fahrenheit 451 has a new teaser that's straight fire

HBO released a trailer today for Fahrenheit 451, a film adaption of Ray Bradbury's pivotal science-fiction novel. The film stars Michael B. Jordan as the protagonist/lover of fire Guy Montag, and Michael Shannon as the stern Captain Beat...


(Update) Kingdom Come: Deliverance has hit 500K in sales

[Update: The original version of this article stated that Kingdom Come: Deliverance had sold 500,000 copies cumulatively. It has actually sold over 1,000,000 copies across all platforms, according to several *Warhorse Games* developers on...


I swear I'm the worst at finishing games. I've yet to beat Death of the Outsider, Hollow Knight, Super Mario 64 AND Prey, even though I'm a significant portion through all of them. Ugh.


Winner winner, i'm hungry someone make me dinner


I tried to like Yuri! On Ice. I really did. But the OP, the dialogue, the terrible writing and some really bad musical choices totally turned me off. All the boys are real cute though.


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