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Also, I won't receive my copy of Mario 3D All-Stars until Tuesday, but for those that do have it: Did you play all the games before? If you've tried any of the games for the first time, how do you feel about them?


I'm no artist, but making some reference drawings for a few of my characters recently was still a fun exercice! Here's Mélodie from the Owlboy Review, which I'm excited to jump back to after my current series. Writing's fun!


Looking forward to some Marios today if the collection is shipped on time!


Today should be a little more calm so... I recently posted the second blog of my new series! This time around it's about NieR Automata -- another surprise, eh? Link in the comments. :) (welp, embarassed second bump today, forgot about the ninty event)


While I appreciate Anthony's support, he has unfortunately not posted the best Monogatari opening. Woopsies!


Games as Heart Vol II: NieR Automata

Even if it's pointless, you still have to do it! As the generation draws to a close, I want to give a send-off to my favorite games from these past few years. Not exactly a review, but it could still work like one if you have never pla...


Taking part in #OPToid! People who haven't watched the show, what do you think it's about?


Started a new blog series! It's a kinda stream of consciousness retrospective of my favorite games of the generation. A series of five is planned, if I can post a new one on each Thursday I'll be pretty happy. (final bump for the weekend!)


Games as Heart Vol I: Celeste

Just breathe. As the generation draws to a close, I want to give a send-off to my favorite games from these past few years. Not exactly a review, but it could still work like one if you have never played the game before. It's an opport...


Hmmm, should I post the first blog I've finished of the series I'm making, or wait until I've had a couple under my belt first... Maybe it's wiser to do the latter, just so I don't end up dropping this thing before it's finished?


The new Porter Robinson relates to something I've started writing, so consider this a teaser... Plus the animated effects are pretty! ;)


I've also started a backloggd and I feel like this one'll take a while haha. Fun exercise and trip through memory lane though!


Hmm, so Xbox Series (gah) games will probably be limited by the S. Which in returns also applies to multiplats. I wonder what the specs on there are like? Also not convinced it's a good move to launch two different machines right away... What about later?


Since this generation of home consoles is almost over, what are your guys' favorite games on it? Wii U games count, even if that system only lived for an afternoon or so.


TheBlonde "I'll only play Yakuza 0 I think, too many damn games in this series" Bass


Photo taken outside yesterday. I don't recall ever seeing a ball of light like this before, felt pretty magical.


Quite happy with the 3D Mario collection! Three of my favorite Mario titles and added widescreen on Sunshine and Galaxy, sign me up. Wasn't too hot on 3D World but if the new content's good maybe one day.


Since there's some Yakuza mentions in the QPs... I didn't expect to fall back so hard into Yakuza Kiwami after Yakuza Zero, but -- even though Kiwami is a simpler and less feature-rich game with loads of recycling -- I'm really happy to be back.


Happy birthday hlarge4, blues! Two pillars of our community ^^


Can you believe I've written a new blog? What is this, early 2020? Hello? Edit: Final Bumperino


Shared by Scrustle on Discord, this is way too good for me not to share. Worth a watch.


I'm pretty "eh" on the decision to use the PS2-era 3D models for the gameplay, but the official artwork by Nomura for the new Kingdom Hearts rhythm game is great!


Today we made Amna the strongest Healer.


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