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For those who want to participate in the new Destructoid Draws, have you started your art? Any progress to share? Here's the sneakest of peeks at mine!


You know, the Assassin Creed 3 guy's take on licensing video games for let's plays makes a touch more sense when a corporation (like Hololive) is making money from the streams. Well, as long as the money actually goes to the devs, which it wouldn't.


Do you know what time it is? It's time for a new DESTRUCTOID DRAWS! With a classic spin, as we're taking on characters from the Guilty Gear series. Does that interest you? Details in comments. Edit: Two weeks left! Any progress to share?


I've wasted my evening trying to make Yakuza Kiwami 2 work on my tower PC before giving up, so now I'm slightly tilted. Hope you had a better day. Consoles still have a purpose y'all.


I'm not doing daily drawings anymore, but I figured I'd shared the last few I did! For this one, I just wanted to draw Mélodie and Rose like on one of these soundtrack covers where they look fancy and stuff. :)


Happy spook month! To celebrate, I switched to a most terrifying avatar.


Fully done with the Switch version of Super Mario Galaxy, and really happy that the celebration picture was kept in!


Well, Streets of Kamurocho being free is exactly the right price for it. It's got three repeating screens of brawling and one song per character. Cute that it exists, but it feels like the kind of game you would see on Newgrounds back in the day.


"Every day. Every single day my idiot sister forces me to watch her stupid "rain dance". How's it going to rain indoors, genius? How is it even dancing if there's no music? Oh she'll get what's coming to her." (Last day of my Artober OC week, more inside)


Still keeping on the original character week in my October drawing challenge. Since I organized Dtoid Draws (and completed my entry!) yesterday, I did a two for one today! First off, Mélodie's first snow. All smiles, but she'll want a coat before long!


I was really really happy about Trigger's art of my characters, so I made a short story to go along with it today. I... guess it's non-canon, but still it's up in the blog section!


"Well. No matter your answer, I'm going." Drew Knight B from my game jam entry Miracles and Magic today! I know the environment's basic, but I'm happy I got hair-swaying-in-the-wind kinda right ^^


The first week of my daily drawings had fictional characters I enjoy, this week will feature my own creations! First off, Alba from the Bass Awards with some lo-fi hip hop beats to file reports to. ^^


Is there a more satisfying feeling in life than starting a MtG match with a one land hand with Land Tax?


If I see one more double Genshin Impact ad on a youtube video I will personally go to China and destroy it with my bare hands grrrr


Happy birthday Mike! I hope you have a relaxing one, you deserve it! ^^


Today's scribble is a character from the forgotten day. It seems so long ago now... Didn't it start with an M? Something Monday... Eh, no sense thinking about it so hard.


Any non-artist friends taking part of Inktober? Decided to try it out, seemed fun and all. This is today's drawing, Raymond!


Just finished Super Mario Galaxy too! Definitely the best treated 3D All-Stars game (64 is barebones, and Sunshine is in some ways a downgrade), and my favorite of the lot as a result. Fantastic game all-around, with some absolutely banging music.


I finished Yakuza Kiwami! It's... no Zero, with recycled content and dubious bosses alike. I wouldn't recommend it as a a first entry in the series, but I still had a fun time!


Show of hands, who here would be interested in a Destructoid Draws Encore? Guilty Gear Strive would be a pretty good opportunity to do it once more with the very first theme... I think it would be fun ^^


1000th quickpost!! Thank you all so much for being such a great community to be part of ^^ I guess we should have a celebration AMA? Ask me anything, or talk about anything, let's have a chat! Edit: post-smash bump haha


This console generation is happening at an interesting time. In the same way that it was obvious that the PS3 era was the early days of HD graphics, this is definitely the early era of ray-tracing. The tech is cool, but it currently has obvious flaws.

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