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Still a little tilted that Nvidia can claim games are running with Deep-Learning Supersampled 4k when they're neither supersampled nor 4k.


Is this the greatest speedrun ever or what?


Bump to have a cheer-up image in the quickposts, though that doesn't mean to ignore what's going on either. Things will get better, as long as the bad stuff isn't overlooked. This I believe.


Start the year off right with Mariya Takeuchi!


Well, in the vain hopes that modern hardware will one day be available to purchase, I got myself an SSD with nothing to put in in yet (apart from my bum).


Got a fantastic Celeste shirt from who I can only assume is my secret santa! Thank you so much!


First 8 heat victory!! Didn't think I'd be playing so much of this, but I really really like it.


Don't tell anyone, but I think you're pretty rad


Maaaan. On one hand I wish I knew about something in Hades before finding it by myself, on the other it was a cute surprise... (vaguely spoilery thing in question in comments)


Merry Todokete, and a happy Setsuna to everyone!


Hades people, what weapons are your go-to? I love the spear, shield and bow, but guns aren't ticking yet. Maybe with a new aspect?


I don't know if you've heard, but Hades is quite fun. Quite, quite fun. I really like the characterization too, everyone is soo... pleasant. Strange coming from hell, but it works!


Watch out y'all, peak gamer performance coming through


Having played Smash Ultimate again for Sephiroth, I do like his implementation here (like the snap, real cool attack) but the game as a whole still feels kinda ruined by the previous DLC. :/


Taking some long-awaited vacations after today, so I figured it'd be fun to be classier than usual for the last work day of 2020. #seofietoid


ayy, the actual gameplay didn't look like it was set in here but we got featured and that's enough to make me smile!


Despite some rough times, I still live. Been mainly vising family to cheer them up and playing Disgaea 5 in my free time. It's surprising how well gameplay-wise the game holds up despite the insane stat scaling.


How long is it going to take until we have stable supply of next-gen consoles? :/


To right the countless wrongs of our days... We shine this light of true redemption, that this place may become as paradise... Oh, what a wonderful world such would be...


Also, happy birthday Seymour! Hopefully you had a great one!


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