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Had my job's Christmas party saturday, turns out grinding Smash unlocks is the perfect way to spend a hungover day.


Figured out what was going wrong. They changed the controls so you can't roll while holding both L/R buttons, which I do by reflex with Gamecube controllers. Still not 100% feeling ultimate so far, but being able to play with these controllers helps!


Has anyone managed to make gamecube controllers work with Smash Ultimate? Rolling simply doesn't work with any of mine, on an adapter that works with Smash wii u...


I've been hyping myself way too much looking at unboxing videos for tomorrow's Ultimate launch... Ultimate Masters looks absolutely bonkers! I need to save boosters for a draft with friends during the Christmas vacations but I might just crack the rest.


So I ordered a new GPU with express shipping last week, since my old one died. It's now estimated to arrive 6 days later, the slowest estimation for regular shipping. Good old Amazon.


To latecomers to the Secret Santa, the second round of pairings has been done! Check your email for confirmation of the one you will be giving a gift to, and try not to get too excited!


Got my Secret Santa gift and it sounds deliiiiiightful. Thanks a ton, kindly stranger!


A year later, I just want to give everyone a friendly reminder that Kawakami is best girl. Thank you.


Cedi's front-page opinion piece about Pokémon made me want to play another one of these games. So I started a new randomized nuzlocke! Already off to a strong start with this wonderful trio... Went with Swinub, hope the little guy pulls his weight!


Which game's writing did you enjoy the most this year?


A couple of people requested a second round of secret santa for those that didn't join in beforehand. As such, I'll be running a second draw on December 1st! For those that weren't in before, it's now your chance! Again!


made this for discord but my talents as an artist are underappreciated


Return of the Obra Dinn is super cool! I'm glad I decided to give it a shot on a whim.


What are you all doing on this fine friday?


Like last year, I'm organizing a Secret Santa for dtoid folks! If that sounds like something that interests you, head on over to the community blog section! (Link in the comments)


Completely forgot I backed an artist on kickstarter, got a nice surprise in the mail today :)


Dtoid Secret Santa 2018 Turbo Arcade Edition

Ho, ho, ho, ho, a Santa's life for me It's that time of the year again! No, not China's Singles Sales day, that was on November 11. It's time for something not nearly as cynical, though as materialist -- Christmas! Amna's father, maybe...


For my 666th quickpost, here's a cursed birthday card I'm doing for my little brother.


This #screenshotsaturday comes from Sonic Mania! Easily my favorite game in the franchise in years. The wonky physics in Sonic Forces (even in 2D sections) saddened me after playing this.


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