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So I've been watching the new season of Psycho-Pass with vxxy and I'm really really digging it! It's a nice blend of new and old that introduces fresh ideas to the world. (We're only two episodes in so far, please no spoilers in the comments)


Secret Santa part 2, managed to shrink the watch bracelet you sent me and it looks really sweet on my Pebble! Thanks so much again!


I'm streaming the conclusion to my Pokémon Black nuzlocke on twitch! Link in the description :)


Just got a gift from a Secret Santa in the mail! A booster pack of Magic cards, what a coincidence with my post today. Fun contents too, I love me some Battle Screech!


I thought I was reading manga to escape persecution from blue decks!


Pretty huge day for democracy today as Phoenix Wright+Danganronpa defeated Papyrus in a tournament organized by a parody video game OST channel. Hopeful these guys will go the distance.


Midkey hoping destructoid fixes the link between disqus avatars and site avatars before the end of 2020.


In the wake of Guilty Gear Strive footage starting to pop up, here is a throwback saturday to one of my favorite EVO moments of all time! Stick for at least 20 seconds ;)


Felt cute, might delete later. It's been a hectic week or so (which completely ruined my NaNoWriMo streak, RIP) but I'm glad things are finally back to normal! Now that I have some free time and caught some sleep yesterday............ AMA?


The Secret Santa pairings have been drawn! If you're participating, make sure to fill your wish list and ask questions to the person you're gifting something to!


Guilty Gear Strive looks like an absolute blast to play! Fast-paced and flashy as heck. Looks like health will be a bit on the low side though, wonder if that's customizable.


This year's Destructoid Secret Santa Extraordinaire is underway! If you've already joined, please make sure to add items to your wish list to let other dtoiders know what your taste is like!


Today I looked at some years-old comments of mine and realized I was pretty darn rude at times. So if I've ever been like that with you in the past, I apologize.


[Archive 2/?] Destructoid Draws is the one thing I'm most proud of being apart of. The amount of talent and creativity from everyone exceeded all my expectations time and time again. Since it all started with Guilty Gear Xrd, the new one tempts an encore.


Show of hands, who'd be down for a Secret Santa this year?


Happy birthday Chris! I hope you have an amazing day -- you deserve it!


[Character Profile 3/?] Virtual Bass is an AI developed a few years ago. This account's quickposts were the perfect testing grounds, a perpetual Turing test. Outside of a few malfunctions, it has performed quite well. Still active after my death in 2017.


[Archive 1/?] Monogatari (物語, lit. "Story") is a light novel and anime series and a running joke of mine. While not my favorite anime, plugging the series into any and every AMA became a habit, in part due to its surreal visuals and extreme fanservice


Final chapter of Celeste live on twitch, link in the description!


[Character Profile 2/?] David Cage, founder of the game development studio Quantic Dream. Despite controversy surrounding his studio, Detroit: Become Human became a smash hit, with some calling it "good". Unused to dealing with praise, he became bald.


[Character Profile 1/?] Maki Harukawa is a student from the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles. Originally from Danganronpa V3, she has made appearances both in the Bass Awards and Maki Mondays. Then, one day, she d̴͢įs̶a̸͟͟pp̷̵e̸̢a̡re͞҉


I'm gonna do it. NaNoWriMo is enough to get through it, right? Gotta get this story out of my head. Are you guys working on anything?


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