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I ended up creating the game jam I mentioned in an earlier quickpost! Find yourselves teams of friends (or enter by yourself, if you're courageous), and enter the Flaming Hot Jam! It'll begin on June 21, to let people learn game making ropes. Edit: Bump!


Y'all may mock the laughing scene, but you have to admit this one is super good. "I wished there would never be a next time. No more people being killed by Sin. No more sendings for Yuna."


Having replayed a bit of both today, my feelings on Final Fantasy X and XII seem to have flipped over time. I used to prefer the latter for its world, but the auto attacks are making dungeons kind of a snore, even sped-up.


A quick guide to game jams

Caffeine helps. Hello! I've recently cooked up a summer-long game jam I'm calling the Flaming Hot Jam, aiming to be a first game development experience for people. I thought it'd be interesting to be part of something like that with a ...


The deed is done part 2. With Final Fantasy VII Remake and Mario 64 under my belt this month, an early 3D rivalry is finally put to rest.


HOY! I was wondering how many people would be interested in here would be interested in taking part in a Dtoid game jam. Poll in the comments.


Xenoblade Definitive Edition dropping to less than 480p undocked is... interesting. I expected the team to be more aware of the Switch's limitations and to work better around them with their second game.


I have started remastering my Owlboy review. Barely over 500 words so far. Still I already have a layout all written down and I'm jotting down future ideas ASAP before I forget 'em. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it this time around!


Just beat Pride & Joy in FF7 Remake! The end of hard mode is in sight, I'm getting pretty excited. Only two chapters to go!


Tempted to plug my Nintendo 64 into a widescreen monitor to make people wince.


I was in a coffee shop, running away from home, when I heard the news. Our hero, Jecht, gone. Vanished into thin air.


Ended up spending a bit more than I expected in the end, but I'm back to having a functional N64 setup! I highly recommend the Brawler64 controller, it's night and day compared to official ones!


Guilty Gear Strive has officially been delayed to 2021. Not too surprising altogether -- there's significant rework to be done from the beta, and COVID-19 doesn't help. I'm glad they're not rushing this!


Bass Awards update! Rico read them yesterday, enough to reach an ending and the all-too-important pen intermission. Might interest you if you have no means of playing a visual novel. I've also made an Android version of the awards, link in comments.


The good news is, I received my N64-to-hdmi cable! The bad news is, I completely forgot how terrible the N64 controller was. Guess it's time for more shopping, this time for a third-party controller.


Playing on 3DS and Vita today has been the most fun I've had playing random video games in a long time. We didn't know how good we had it! Might do a retrospective blog kinda thing with the systems I own once I can plug my N64 to the TV.


Theatrhythm is dope! Why did I stop playing this? Why did they stop making these games? Why did they stop making the DS line of handhelds?


Not retro per se, but along with getting some S-video to HDMI cables for my N64 I went back toy old place. Recovered my 3DS and Vita for some portable fun!


Where do you all go to get retro systems/games? Was thinking of either getting a handheld or finding a way to plug the ol' 64 into my current TV, to reconnect with the classics.


No matter how hard or how painful... They never gave up! They kept fighting, because they believed they could overcome someday! Isn't that right, Kainé?


I don't have a pet to share for pettoid, but I did cook some delicious Nikuman recently... Nikumans? Nimumen? In any case, I definitely recommend giving them a shot, seeing them expand from the steam is quite magical.


Anyone here playing FF7 Remake in hard mode? If so, what are your loadouts? Am I right in thinking Reprieve is a must?


I just finished Final Fantasy VII Remake. Holy moly, Nomura made almost an entire game without Nomura shenanigans! Ending made me grin from ear to ear -- hopefully it's not tooo long before the follow-up.


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