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So I was randomly wondering when news about Touhou 19 would drop and it turns out a spinoff "18.5" entry released like, two days ago? Looks like it's trying to go for even more of a roguelite experience... But the reaction seems kinda polarized!


I posted a new blog! Trying out proper development blogs for Mirama instead of weekly status updates in the QPs, let me know if you like it! ^^ Link in the comments. Final bump! Thanks for reading y'all




Mirama Dev Blog #1

Preface Back in high school, my math teacher gave my parents a grim warning. It was about my methodology in his class. While I was getting perfectly adequate results in my work, I wasn’t following the structure he was teaching. N...


Also also, the original AI: The Somnium Files is on sale for 8$ on PSN and the Nintendo eShop right now.


Bumping my Nirvana Initiative screenshots, now that Uchikoshi is going mini-viral haha. Warning: mild spoilers!


I know not a whole of people here play MtG, but if I ever recommend one stream of that game for cooking or whatever, it's Canadian Highlander on Loading Ready Run! The newest stream is positively unhinged, I'll share some highlights in the comments.


Camera's starting to feel pretty *cinematic*, being able to focus on different places without freezing the game (unless I want to). Support for importing animations from the level editor is hurting the framerate a surprising amount though haha


If you aren't watching Captain Disillusion yet, what are you waiting for? Some of the highest effort videos on YouTube, seriously impressive stuff.


Anyone here started playing the Live a Live Remake? How's it? I'm interested in a replay, but I was wondering if it was a Triangle Strategy kind of situation where waiting a year for a potential PC version would make more sense.


Oh whoops, oooh. I dropped my massive keys that I use for my magnum door.


I'm streaming tonight! On the docket: Touhou 18 (Normal difficulty and an Extra Stage attempt, most likely) + chatting about Mirama. Link in thread


It do be starting to look like a video game! Bump!


Trying out something new! Wanna hear a sexy sexy QuΓ©becois accent talking about the much-less sexy topic of opening Magic the Gathering cards for an hour? No? Well here you go anyway! My potato camera means you might as well use this as a podcast haha


Magic the Gathering decks I enjoy playing in no particular order: a thread.


Boss phases are in! Now onto designing attacks that are fun to dodge with all the pieces in place. Bump! ^^


If your murder mystery's soundtrack doesn't make people react like this πŸ‘ I πŸ‘ don't πŸ‘ want πŸ‘ to πŸ‘ play πŸ‘ it πŸ‘


Just beat The Somnium Files: Nirvana Initiative. Had a wonderful time! Late-game story beats blew my mind a little and got me to rant to people I knew wouldn't play the game hahaha


VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: THE GREAT ACE ATTORNEY IS ON SALE IN THE STEAM SALES! It was already cheap, and now it's cheaperer -- an amazing deal for my favorite Ace Attorney games ^^


So uhhhhhhhhhh this may be a dumb question, but are there official Xbox controllers out there that are rechargeable instead of relying on batteries? I was considering grabbing one of the current gen controllers for PC play.


Time for another game dev update! No way am I getting a functional Level 1 by end of month but at least I got some nice improvements to the way bullets and the camera work. Used to be that bullets only had constant speed but now they can do anything ^^


Critic scores for Somnium Files 2 are looking good! Really looking forward to it.


While I'm unfortunately easily distracted, I think I'm still on track to get you guys a chapter 1 demo by end of June. Hopefully. Maybe?


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