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Anyone else feel like Yaluza 0 is a bit too long? Like, the Walmart clerk minigame was a fun distraction for a few dozen hours, but now that I'm filing out tax paperwork for Kiryu's extended family I wonder if it's going a bit too far.


Absurdly pretty sky out there tonight. It looks like red clouds were paint brushed on a blue canvas.


Finally received my Seb McKinnon playmats in the mail! They look amazing :D


Phew, finished the DLC! To say I struggled with it would be the understatement of the century, but it was fun nonetheless :D




So I was preparing apples for a cake recipe, and I accidentally made the most perfect triangles without realizing. We live in Deus Ex guys.


So I finished Fire Emblem Three Houses, and now I reappear! It's definitely an entry I recommend, but I wouldn't suggest choosing the Blue Lion's route like I did -- Maybe golden deer is better, but it really feels like Edelgard's game.


Three houses pros on dtoid, can I still get Hilda or is my harem doomed to be incomplete? This is very important.


Joke I made for colleagues today. If you get it you're a certified nerd! But also my sympathies.


The new Fire Emblem's pacing is very strange so far, but there is some cool stuff in there. I'm digging what I've played overall.


Happy birthday Triggerpigking, hope you had a great day!


Do you want some new Mario Maker 2 stages? I just posted two new ones in my campaign! Edit: Saturday morning bump!


Hey guys! I figured I'd give y'all a status update about the past few couple weeks. No bad news, thankfully! Details in the comments. AMA if you want to! Edit: BUMP


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Thanks you YouTube recommendations, very cool! (it's actually cool)


Magic, high school nostalgia and gratuitious japanese... This ad is my peak aesthetic! Just turn on captions haha


Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Crazy couple of weeks though, hopefully I'll have more time to lurk soon. Have a #selfietoid !


The deed is done! Tonight is the first night I sleep in my new apartment. I'll finish cleaning up uhhhhhh soon. Photos inside for the curious ^^


I'm tryna move my stock but this FUDGING girl is flipping me the bird


I'm moving out, so I won't be able to chat with you all for a couple days. Love each and every one of you!


About to stream some MtG Arena! Trying out the new Pauper event. Come join me if you want to chat!


If anyone's looking for a fun Elite-Beats-Agents-ish rhythm game for phones, Cytus II is free right now! I've been REALLY liking this game, even if extra song packs are on the pricey side.


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