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How long is it going to take until we have stable supply of next-gen consoles? :/


To right the countless wrongs of our days... We shine this light of true redemption, that this place may become as paradise... Oh, what a wonderful world such would be...


Also, happy birthday Seymour! Hopefully you had a great one!


Is there a more enjoyable take on infinite grinding than the item world in Disgaea? I've been really enjoying giving D5 the time it deserves.


Time for another one of my random game dev updates! :)


Jokes aside about my last QP, I am juggling Smash games with my youngest brothers and Project M is the one we come back to the most/are happiest with. Main thing is that there's no character that we end up going "This sucks. I'm not having fun."...


Super Smash Melee led to the creation of Project M, and thus is undeniably, objectively the second best game in the series.


Treated myself to some drawing time and Disgaea 5 after a stressful day of work. Might as well make it about M&M to stay in the mood for that project!


Unfortunately, the fastest information most often misses the mark. Especially in this case, quand il y a une barrière linguistique. Waiting is the way to go, this situation would have been much better suited to a morning newspaper.


I put up a blog yesterday with a PC game giveaway, and nobody's put their name in the hat yet! Any (reasonable, 60$ or lower) game goes! Abuse my generosity! Check it out in the cblog section, or directly via the link in this quickpost!


Happy PS5 day for people who are PS5ing!


I bet this isn't what they had in mind for their new console launch haha


Happy Xbox day for people who are Xboxing!

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The Digital Foundry test for backwards compatibility on PS5 is out now! I plan to watch it as soon as I get a few minutes for it.


After a few weeks of receiving great art from fellow community members, the time has come! I posted a new DESTRUCTOID DRAWS for the first time in almost two years, right in the community blog section! Link in the comments.


FINAL BUMP! There are 7 hours left to submit your Dtoid Draws Encore Entry! It doesn't have to be anything too complicated, just make sure you get in before the deadline! Details in comments.


Happy birthday Chris! I drew an Orochi Leona for you on this special day :)


Watching the election results live was a mistake. If today is what the world is like after 4 years of Trump, what is it going to be like if we have to endure 4 more? This isn't good for my blood pressure.


Who's doing NaNoWriMo this year? Anyone got good concepts?


Super Mario Galaxy 1 is atmospheric and lonely, which fits perfectly with the setting of the game. Then why did they make Super Mario Galaxy 2 solely about Bowser's inflation fetish?


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