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They kept fighting, because they believed they could overcome someday... Isn't that right, Kainé!?


My #indietoid is going to be A Hat in Time, my favorite 3D platformer of the last couple years! Really charming and fun to play all around, even if the ship DLC needed a bit more time in the oven.


Brewing some birthday plans for the weekend while playing some Kingdom Hearts II (aka PEAK GAMING). Who said Mondays had to suck?


Not a huge update, but Mirama's got a pause menu! Only Resume does anything for now though haha. One thing at a time!


I've discovered how to make *brand* new friends online!


On the plus side Kena remains one of my most anticipated future releases. Wonderful stuff.


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the Yuffie episode not being purchasable for the PS4 version of FF7 Remake makes me sad. :(


Hello, have you ever heard the good word of our Lord and Savior, Mob Psycho 100? #animetoid


Messing around with bullet patterns, now that I added radial paths for bullets :)


Let's try this again. New NieR trailer out, and it's looking prettttty good! The remastered OST is sounding good! What do you think? (Late-game bits in there, don't watch if you want to go in blind)


Hoy, there is a feedback survey about Guilty Gear's open beta, for those who have tried it out! If you have any feedback to give, that's the place!


"I need to declare war on all the world, give me your phone." - Ramlethal, probably. Yeah, I'm pretty sure she's going to be my main haha


Wall/pit collisions and a basic camera are in! I'm struggling a bit with smooth scrolling though, the camera tools ruin the pixel graphics in motion leading a ton of flickering. That'll be a challenge for future me to handle though! Edit: Weekday bump!


Hot off the Strive beta, sharing this classic again


WOOO I played two online games of Guilty Gear Strive and WON ONE OF THEM. Please call me by my new name: Master Gamer!


Oof. First with their misleading DLSS marketing and now selling mining-only GPUs, Nvidia has been pretty slimy lately.


Alright, got some actual time in with the Guilty Gear Beta. I'm *really* digging this game's take on Ramlethal. Giovanna is definitely an easy to use character (maybe better at this role than Sol, who's very close-ranged). Potemkin is STRONG. Good stuff.


Well, the little bro got the switch version of 3D world, so that solves that problem. The main game still felt just aight in my opinion, but Bowser's Fury is pretty cool!


Welp, the Guilty Gear Strive open beta broke in record time, but I got to play some Ramlethal and Giovanna and both are fun!


Yay I've got a level editor again! Tiled is some neat stuff, now I just need to make some higher resolution tiles ^^


Completed missed that Squidward Sword was another Donkey Kong Frozen Peas situation where the Switch re-release is more expensive than the original game! Wowee.


The new Square Enix Tactics RPG is something I didn't see coming and am glad exists!


I just want SMT V and Metroid Prime 4 to not be vaporware. I've been waiting so long for these, and my Switch wants some love!


The Giovanna vs Sol match starting 20 minutes in is pretty insane! If it's possible to play against friends in the new Beta, who wants to play with me this weekend?


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