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Had a little game dev conference thing at work today! Unfortunately, it wasn't recorded, and this prerecorded version doesn't have the same energy. Hopefully, there's still something of interest to you in there? Edit: Bump, new dev blog soon!


So he calls himself Mr. Worldwide but the cities he names in his songs are all like LA, Miami, New York, Vegas... He's a bit of a fraud innit


It's bandcamp friday! Today, if you buy music on bandcamp, 100% of the proceeds go to the artist. That means if you want to support financially an artist by buying their music, it's the best time in [insert frequency here] to do so!


People can't complain about plot holes if I expose them myself! The nobel prize is mine!


Oh snap, didn't realize I went over 1400 quickposts! Time for a good old AMA? Bump!


This week's Chainsaw Man episode was sooooooooo good. Can't wait to my double dose of despair with Mob Psycho tomorrow!


Is it okay to say that I'm definitely not feeling these Mario movie trailers? Enough people have talked about Chris Pratt, but the music they chose for these trailers is really... something!


On one hand, I wish I had more of an eye for linework so I could have half-decent concept art. On the other, there's just something magical when seeing these poorly drawn gremlins transform into DAKU's pretty sprite art over time!


And that's Pokémon Scarlet dusted! Post-game aside, that is. The OST in the final area was fire! ...but other than that, that final gauntlet was... not great. It's a bit spoilery, so more details in spoiler tags in the comments.


Those who have the new Pokémon, show me these teams! Who are you running with?


Presentation/framerate/jankiness aside, Scarlet is a great time! Can't believe Game Freak can keep getting away with this and that I keep enabling them.


Just started Pokémon Scarlet. Game took two reboots to accept my inputs in the language selection menu, then the opening cutscene featured everyone t-posing during screen fade-outs. This is already a gem.


Puzzle progress: Came up with a series of four that I'm quite happy with! With easy backtracking too -- with a few visual tweaks I think I can return to the bullet dodging side of things :)


I want to play the new Tactics Ogre but I also want to play the new Sonic but I also have barely touched Lost Judgment.............


Dtoid Front Page Don't Spoil The Entirety Of A Game On Release Week Challenge (IMPOSSIBLE) ((ALMOST DIED))


Trying to build puzzles, if you don't hear from me in two weeks send help!! Bump! (Why am I logged off when checking the comments??)


To finish a trio of music-related quickposts, are all the different Chainsaw Man EDs amazing or what??? What's your favorite so far, people who watch the show? It's a TOUGH choice for me between ED2 (the Zutomayo one) and ED4 (the TOOBOE/Power one).


Little quiz for qtoid on this fine tuesday evening -- what's your favorite boss fight music belonging to an early game boss? No final bosses allowed!


Not enough people talk about how Touch my Katamari's OST was a banger and honestly that's a real crime




Heads-up! I've set myself a little alternative social media presence because of... everything that's going on with Twitter haha. Link and details in the thread!


Maybe I should've gone with a Bayonetta 3 ending/multiverse theory video instead


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