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Enjoying the Guilty Gear beta so far! Sure, the menus are strangely non-stylish and attacks do too much damage, but the gameplay's really fun! NSFW Potemkin clip in the comments.


Trying just in case -- does anyone have a guilty gear beta code but isn't sure if they have the time to play? I really wish I was part of this thang :(


Welp, I didn't get a guilty gear beta invite. :(


It's a bit messed up how fun the battle system is in the Final Fantasy VII remake. It's hard to resist grinding.


We're so close to FF7 Remake I can almost taste it.


I'll make this the final Bass Awards-related quickpost, since it's been a little while since they were released now. If you have any questions about 'em, treat this as an AMA! Otherwise, I'm really curious about your thoughts if you've given them a go :)


Hot take: While I'm not sure about the color scheme, the new PlayStation controller looks hella comfy.

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I've finally finished the Bass Awards, which I've been working on in the past few months! Link in the comments. Edit: Weekday bump!


I uploaded a short video of the cute Super Monkey Ball-esque game I was talking about earlier, Paperball. Check it out if you're curious to see it in action!


Oh shoot, happy birthday GoofierBrute!


Also, in a completely unrelated topic, Paperball launched recently and it's a really nifty Super Monkey Ball-like game on PC! Been greatly enjoying medal mode today.


Now that the weekend is basically over, I'm getting curious about your feelings towards the awards. For those who have started them, how far are you, what are your thoughts? For those that didn't, are you planning to, would a few weekly bumps be annoying?


I'm so excited to get to play NieR again with a glow-up. Wonder how far the changes will go, and low-key wondering why they didn't wait for next gen while they're at it.


Happy birthday Brett and Imitation Rubber Vegetation! Hopefully you have a great one!


Hope you all are doing alright. Here's some unreasonably cute Guilty Gear art by the talented ajifurai505 to cheer you up!


Thanks for the encouraging words on my quickpost yesterday! The awards are going to come out in the blog section this Saturday -- leaving myself until then to do a final round of playtesting and tweaks. See you then!


Something I've been wondering... Say I released the bass awards this week, would you guys be up for it, or is the timing not great with Animal Crossing and DOOME? It's about a two hour read.


Some good news to cheer up your day, it seems like Guilty Gear Strive's online will be a significant step above Xrd/Dragonball FighterZ.


The deed is done! Both endings, all intermissions, everything is in place. All that's left is to polish the whole thing, and I can finally give a rest to the Bass Awards.


Made a little joke on the current topic to hopefully lift some spirits. S'called "9S runs out of toilet paper".


Happy birthday Nekro! Hope you had a great one :)


The tragic irony of software in 2020 is that security teams of large companies don't trust cloud software and won't let you run on-premises software.


I'll slap every last one of you that doesn't get the Prinny collection. You have been warned.


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