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Who do you guys think would win in a fight? Elephant#80 or elephant#94 ?


The new Dearly Beloved sounds soooo nice. Only a week until Kingdom Hearts 3!!!!!


Happy birthday Wes! I haven't forgiven you for stealing my avatar, but you're still okay I guess ^^


I hope everyone's having a great monday!


If anyone else plays it, Cytus 2 just came out with a pretty huge 2.0 update with an entire new free character. Really fun stuff ^^


Yooooo the opening to the new Mob Psycho season is crazy good!


Magic the Gathering art can be really cool at times, so here's a couple of nice pictures from the next set that tickle my fancy. This is "Cult Guildmage" by Victor Adame. Really cool how red and black are used for parody and entertainment, not just evil.


Oh snap, my last QP was quickpost 700... Let's make this one an AMA then! The twist? Let's make it an Ask Us Anything! Every time you ask a question (except the very first one to ask a question) you have to answer someone else's question! (bump!)


Today was a nice day overall, seeing people come back refreshed from the holidays does a lot to improve the mood at work. I hope everyone has a merry monday!


Congrats to Anthony for beating Celeste in his stream today! I've been doing more of the post game content myself, only three B-Sides remain before I can tackle the C sides.

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Even in 1.2.1 Smash Online Quickplay doesn't work. With preference items off the game takes 0.01 second putting you in a match with items on. Why would you do that.


Got The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls in the mail today! It's an ugly child of Munchkin and Magic the Gathering and it's a blast to play! Definitely recommended to fans of Isaac and card games.


Only two days left until Mega Christmas! I'll be pretty busy these next few days, so in case I don't get to post much I want to wish a Merry Christmas to everyone here. Stay awesome, love you all.


Quick question to everyone here: Who'd be down for a Magic the Gathering Arena tournament one of these days? I could organize one if enough people are interested in playing together.


I am growing stronger. Soon I will have full combo'd every song on earth. My celebration dab will be so strong, it will split the heavens in two and end the earth.


Switch people who enjoyed Voez on Switch might be interested to know that the original Cytus is coming to Switch as well!


What was your favorite game music piece this year? I'm hesitant between Celeste's Starjump and Deltarune's Rude Buster myself.


Don't mind me, I'm just Bumping @ZombieC0RPS ' amazing artwork for the awards this year because he did such a good job with it ^^


Back from a weekend of drinking with friends! What did y'all do on this fine weekend?


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