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Crossed important milestones in the Awards today! 15k words reached, *and* finished writing the main story for both routes. There's still a lot of work left until I can release this (visuals, intermissions, music) but it feels amazing to be at this point!


Here's a random anime OST shoutout. Madoka Magica's mix of eerie singing and childish/fairytale-ish sounds makes for a really memorable soundtrack.


Maybe this is what we were always meant to be


I've been sick the last couple of days and took the opportunity to play some Super Mario Odyssey and... Yooo the menu sound effects are the 1-up jingle and Rosalina Observatory combined??? That's really cool.


Bass Awards status report! I'd say I'm 75% done with the second ending, which would bring the main story stuff to a close. Exciting! In the meantime, I'm starting to flesh out the glossary. Anything video-game related you'd like a comedic definition for?


The price of the Fire Emblen Heroes pass boggles the mind. It's 120$/year before pulls!!


I've been writing these gosh darn awards lately... As it turns out, I crossed the 10k word mark while writing a silly Christmas-themed intermission. Pretty happy with myself for not giving up! Since I need a break, how about an AMA? FINAL BUMP


Mom called me at work and confirmed my worst fears. My youngest brother has bofa after all. Here's hoping he'll recover soon.


Happy birthday Wes and Panda! You're two of my favorite folks on here, hope you're having a great one :)


Had a stressful day, but it's great to talk with you all. Here's one of my favorite tracks from recent Fire Emblem games before I go to sleep!


It appears that the identity of Disqus downvoters is now visible. I'll still announce my downvotes out loud, even though it's completely pointless now. It's a matter of principle, y'know.


Told y'all the game was long! Definitely worth it though.


Has anyone beaten Ring Fit Adventure's story mode yet? This thing feels like it could keep going forever!


I'm not even halfway done with ending B but I decided to start checking for typos in the script for the awards... Yikes! Should have done so much earlier :(


Nintendo Direct predictions: Eminem releases his next hit single "My Salsa".


It's been a little while since I've posted a status report on the awards... But progress is still going well! I've finished writing Ending A, and even allowed a bit of scope creep by transferring the archives from here to a glossary in the pause menu.


Had a quick post all ready to talk about two genuinely free games I liked this year, but it was turning out to be a little long for either the QP itself or for the comment section -- so I just posted it as a blog. If you're interested, give it a look!


My genuinely free games of 2019!

Free as in "free beer", not as in "free speech". For a few years now, the words "free to play" have turned me away from a lot of games. When the game itself isn't the product, this usually means that the game becomes a platform to sell...


So I went to the theater to watch the new Star Wars... It's a rough film, the first third especially felt like nonsequitur after nonsequitur. Still was a strange watch even later on, but the action scenes were fun.


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