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I ate breakfast poutine for lunch today. Today is a good day.


In news that might not interest anyone: I've centered my taskbar and I have no idea how I managed to live before this.


Carrion may have lost the battle, but I won't! More in-progress game jam stuff in the comments.


I got myself an Analogue Pocket! Now to wait... a year...


The Pocket looks amazing, but May 2021? That's one long wait.


Since Disqus won't work for me -- my personal top five across both conferences have been Ratchet & Clank, Batman: Miles Morales, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Kena: Bridge of the Spirits and Psychonauts 2. I'm interested in the spookier games (Returnal/Medium) too!


Well Psychonauts still looked cool! And Everwild had pretty graphics, though I'm not sure how it plays.


Progress on my game jam entry in the comments, for those curious!


Nocturne on modern hardware is pretty great news! You love to see a classic available for a new audience. With that and Persona 4 on PC, Atlus are making some great moves.


I make bullets! Now to figure out how to make interesting patterns


Wait a minute, why is Qtoid me-themed today?


Awww, I liked being able to say "Downvoted" on Torch's posts and having the evidence to support it.


Second and last QP I make about PM: The Origami King, but this video was a pretty spot-on match for how I feel about it.


Happy birthday Prins! Hope you have a great one :)


What's the pick? I feel like I should start laying off the BP, but it feels so goood.


Is there a boss fight theme out there that gets you more pumped than Rivers in the Desert? What an absolute banger.


Who'd be interested in doing something like this? A friday night free-to-play dtoid race-off doesn't sound too bad to me!


They always ask how you do but they never ask who you do :'(


Finally managed to get my stuff together enough to get back to working on my game jam entry. Have y'all made anything cool so far?


The more I play Smash Ultimate, the less I like it... :/


Oh noo I'm playing a gacha. Oh nooooooooo


Let's spread some positivity. What's the last game/show y'all have been in love with?


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