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Fighting off some bad vibes this morning to share my progress on a remade dialogue portrait for Mélodie, because I do feel like the last design I shared on here is a nice upgrade over before! Planning to return to coding this weekend after some rest ^^


Happy belated birthday Gus and absolutfreak! You're both wonderful people, hope you had a great one ^^


I'm seriously digging Nurture, the new Porter Robinson album. As for the template thing, I might do my own version with a bit less pain and a bit more explaining what I find cool about the games after work today haha


It's been a lil while I did an AMA, so hit me up with your questions on any topic and I'll answer after work! Edit: Done with work so I've started answering, keep the questions coming!


Quick Mélodie sketch as I prepare to get back into Mirama -- I definitely think giving her a tuque is an upgrade to her design! Too many of my characters are hatless anyway and hair is hard haha! Bump!


What are your plans for the weekend? I've got a lot on my plate this weekend, but NieR Replicant is high on my list. Would love to start making progress on Mirama again too!


And that's Ludum Dare 48 wrapped up! The result is Fore, a golf-themed maths puzzler! Featuring our own Triggerpigking's character design and art, and Alphadeus' music ^^. Try it out and let me know what you think! Last bump before the weekend!


Here's a little video that made me smile today


Ugh, the new take on Song of the Ancients sounds sooo good. Can't wait to actually play the NieR Remake this weekend!


I'm about to make you all do MATHS with my ludum dare puzzle game idea. Y'all have been warned.


Oof, I'm not built to handle energy drinks like I used to in university. A couple sips and I'm wired in. Good thing I didn't purchase too much for this weekend haha.


The NieR PC port is... alright! It's true that the game speeds up above 60fps and that there's no option to limit the game to that framerate in-game (so you have to do it outside) but other than that the game works great.


Less than 48 hours until Ludum Dare 48!! I've locked in my participation -- I'll be in a team with Triggerpigking, which sounds great to me! Now it's time to wait until the theme is confirmed...


I don't know about memes I hate, but "I get it" -> doesn't get it at all is one I love. Also anything from the Star Wars prequels!


Only 4 days left until NieR Replicant drops! Drew the iconic line to celebrate! (Bump because there's an exciting new trailer in the comments)


THE ANGER OF GOD IS COMING! Such a sick boss track


Did a Chainsaw Man/Ace Attorney thing yesterday -- Power would fit right in with the eccentric witnesses in the series, right? Edit: BUMPERINO


Well... you guys asked for it. New doodle request in the comments. (Bump in case you missed it!)


Got some "important" ""fan"" """requests""" after sharing Marie so I drew them over lunch break today haha. If y'all have some ideas for my characters I'll never say no to some practice! Spicier one in the comments.


Played 4k60 Yakuza Kiwami 2 yesterday on the new PC, felt good after not being able to proceed with the series for a while due to performance issues. These games are soooo good


Drew future Marie, so now I can say that every character in the Bass Awards has an official drawing a year after the fact. Hooray! (Edit: Bump! Link to new Bass Awards epilogue in the comments as well.)


Heck yeah! Got my new PC in the mail today, right in time for NieR Remake and Guilty Gear Strive :)


First fully completed post-it in Repentance. Oh no, I feel myself getting addicted all over again.


In case you missed it, I posted an epilogue for the Bass Awards in the cblogs yesterday! Links in the comments as always ^^ Hope you all have a nice Monday!


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