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I have realized that the world would be much better off without the letter P. Men would have an enis at the front and an anus at the back. Beautiful symmetry.


I am streaming my Magic the Gathering tournament match against Marty in about 10 minutes. Please come in! Link in comments


Frostyflakes, Rolanberry Prins and NeoTurbo popped the MtG tournament cherry with a very entertaining stream! Thanks a lot to all of you!


PSA for those that missed it the first time around. To avoid the parallel dimension comment sections do not include special characters in your quickposts. Not even apostrophies are allowed, though commas and periods are ok.


Happy thursday everyone! Thanks for the birthday wishes, they're really appreciated :)


I want to host a Destructoid Magic Arena tournament over the next few weeks. People of all skill levels are invited -- the game is free after all! Just sign up by March 3rd. Details in the comments! Last bump!


Every time a new Smash article comes out I m reminded that some people are really not happy at the fact that Melee is a game people enjoy. So strange. I don't think I've ever seen people angry at speedrunners for mastering older titles.


Riff-Raff posted a nice blog recently about some of the most influential games in his life, so I thought I'd join in! Link in the comments.


Riff-Raff's Facebook Game CHALLENGE

(NOT CLICKBAIT) (ALMOST DIED) When I started writing blogs on Destructoid roughly three years ago, everyone could agree on one thing -- their titles were absolute trash. But now it's been years since the last time I got a proper smackd...


Whats up everyone? What have you been playing lately?


I'm writing this quickpost test with special characters!


This is a quickpost test with no special character


Remember the Magic the Gathering art I shared some time ago? The artist is running a Kickstarter for art prints and play mats -- basically huge mouse mats that can be used as smooth tabletop surfaces. So I'm sharing it in case someone's interested!


Yoko Taro turned the recent FFXIV/Nier Automata stream into an Astral Chain ad even when it's not a Square Enix game... The absolute mad man. I wonder how the FFXIV event will turn out.


The deed is done! I'll definitely keep playing the game for the platinum trophy :)


Not much that got my pants wet in the last direct, but Mario Maker 2 though? I'm in.


Turns out Anthony owns the restaurant I went to today! What a small world.


Status report: I'm still loving Kingdom Hearts III. I'm impressed by how much they still *got it* with the aspects I loved the most of the series -- especially considering I wasn't a fan of Dream Drop Distance.


Then: I dunno the staggered beat in Don't Think Twice is kinda weird... It's no Simple&Clean or Sanctuary... Now: KISS ME ONCE KISS ME TWICE KISS ME THREE TIMES CROOOOSSS THE LIIIINE


KH3 is really nice so far!!!! Feeling like a kid again


AWWW YEAH, last time you'll see me posting about Celeste! At least, until the free DLC is out...


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