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Non-flash Playstation store sales! Out of the games on sale right now, I suggest Steins;Gate 0 at 12$, Trackmania Turbo at 16$, Dangan Ronpa 1/2 at 28$ and Zero Escape at 30$. Links in the comments. Edit: Bump, it's on 'till tuesday morning.


Had a ton of fun playing Wipeout against ZombieCORPS and Gundy! Gundy was a bit too good at times, I suspect hacks.



more - today's top 25


Man, what is up with this Steam sale? The original Steins;Gate is 50% pricier than its sequel on PSN *after* both sales. Oh well, I might get Ultimate Chicken Horse. (Also, changed my profile header for brand consistency)


There's a new version of Super Mario Odyssey 64 out and it lets you control a *lot* more things with your hat. This is getting pretty absurd haha.


This was a bit over a year ago... Funny how Dragonball FighterZ looks like it could be Marvel done right this year. Arcsys has no chill!


Also, for #OSTatWork, I would like to submit Nier Autom--- oh, already done. Fair enough, how about Bravely Def--- hmm. Wipeout? I would post Undertale too, but Hypno would shoot me.


Buckle up buckaroo! I released a video where you can watch me throw rapid-fire opinions on games released this year, free of charge! Now you'll never have to wonder what to play next again. Bump: Hot takes for all.


...yeah, I think my custom soundtrack for Wipeout Omega Collection is ready for a test drive.


The recent Monster Hunter XX article kind of reminded me of a very lame version of Persona 5's climax.


Thoughts about Nintendo's E3 showing are all over the place. Mario Odyssey definitely looks fun. I can't be excited about Metroid Prime 4 with no footage nor release date nor dev. Mario & Luigi SS remake looks great. 2.5D AM2R looks aight. FE War... Nah.


Definitely far from one of Sony's best, with some odd pacing and just generally a lot of missing titles. GT, Dreams, Knack 2, Everybody's Golf, etc... Where were they? Could have gone much longer. Really enjoyed Spidey and the SotC remake though!


Ubisoft's conference was nice! Rabbids+Mario gives me horrible Sonic Chronicles flashback, but I appreciate the diddy kong racing-like variety in Crew 2, South Park is still looking great, Beyond Good and Evil 2's trailer is something else!


The Xbox conference came close to making me want an Xbox, which is impressive. Could do without the unveiling of a real-world car. Dragon Ball Fighterz and Xbox backwards compatibility are highlights.


Go go gadget public announcement! I have taken over Dtoid Draws, and will publish it after E3 conferences are over. Choosing June 10 as the due date was quite a birdbrained decision, ironic coming from a fish! Ha ha.


EA's conference was a fun one! I am definitely interested by Battlefront 2, Need for Speed *and* A Way Out, so that's a solid lineup right there. The two funny sounding English men also nearly made the football part of the sport sections worthwhile.


I know E3's just starting and all, but remember that today is the last day to send me Dtoid Draws submissions, guys! ^^


Started to stream some Mario 64. I'll drop a hot link in the comments for people interested!


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