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You might have wondered what the hell was going on with me. Don't worry, thanks to the power of Lore I can catch you up to speed! Illustrated report on "what's up with Bass" in the comments.


I didn't know the Rick & Morty comic was written by OrochiLeona ;)


Oh my goodness, look what time it is! Why yes, it's time for a fourth (4th!!!!!!!!!) Dtoid Draws. Put on your PJs and flip the switch on your CRT, because we're going Nintendo Power-style with this one.


Sonic Mania has been good to me so far. I've decided to focus on the chaos emeralds later, and just play normally, and it's been a blast both single-player and multiplayer! If this quality keeps up, it might just be my favorite entry???????


I posted my Nier Automata gushing blog! I made sure to make it as spoiler-free as possible, so even if you haven't played the game you might like it?


To my eyes, NieR: Automata became as gods

I bet you're having a tough time right now/But.../you can do it if you try! [Canada] While I was trying to figure out a way to start this blog, I went for a walk outside. This walk took me to the elementary school I went to, where I en...


Here's my challenge to Qtoid people: Make the best mashup possible by putting two songs into Here's mine! I think it came out pretty fire.


Someone disliked my love for Lucina. Someone out there is trying to silence my love for Lucina. This simply will not do. I will buy another Lucina Amiibo every hour until the culprit reveals itself.


Finishing my QP spam streak with a #communityshoutout to Deadmoon/Kevin M. Reads all the blogs, posts positive stuff all the time and is generally a great fellow. Top tier dude.


Also, I'll be working on a blog analyzing why I loved Nier Automata tomorrow. It's not as easy to work on an analysis that focuses on positives... I'll try extra hard! If you guys want to share a good moment you had with the game, that might just help out


Feeling pretty great :) Mega man Legacy Collection 2's on the way (Got it for MM 9 and 10 in particular, I love those games) and I've been watching anime I enjoy with Guerilla and NeoTurbo recently!


What is a game you love, but don't have a lot of occasions to talk about? Maybe they're old, maybe they're obscure. I'd like to hear about them and why you like 'em, positivity is always nice.


Unpopular opinion: How common an opinion is doesn't change how valid it is. Using overrated and underrated just shows you value yourself above other people. Short character limits aren't suited to justify your criticisms of something, leading to "X sucks"


While I didn't draw anything specifically for this splatfest, you might enjoy my previous drawing. It's high quality art.


The state of the fake Miiverse in Splatoon 2 has got me like


I wrote a blog about the game we made for Ludum Dare 39, if you guys are interested :)


My Ludum Dare game has been released! It's not the prettiest, it's not the best, but I'm still happy considering we made it in a weekend. Link to play it in the comments!


About to be part of Ludum Dare for the first time! This is my first time making a game... Hopefully we're not too awful?


This is a great cover :)


I... I think I'll stick to Salmon run after all until team balancing is implemented in Turf War. ._.


Got myself a new book shelf and assembled it after work today. I'm proud of myself!


Splatoon 2's pretty fun! The single-player is my least favorite part about it, but both the returning Turf War and the new Salmon Run are fun game modes.


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