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Megalobox is really really cool y'all


Went walking in town today. I shopped around for a new bike, since mine was totalled last week. I haven't decided yet, but just walking outside felt great with the nice weather. Thanks Victoria day! Hope you guys had a great canadian monday too.


This week remained rough all the way for me, but at last the weekend's here! I hope you guys are doing great :)


I hope everyone has a great monday! I haven't had the best of mondays myself, but I won't let that bring down the rest of the week.


Hypno's March giveaway #1 of ???, concluded

I'm very disappointed in all of you. And me. But mostly Hypno.  When the contest was ran? run? runnered? two months ago, that guy had the genius idea of asking people to claim a prize in the comment section. That turned out to be...


There used to be a quickpost here, now it's gone. Lovely weather isn't it?


Bow down to your a c t u a l d r a f t g o d.


What moments in video game history you find particularly important, interesting or -- dare I say -- iconic? It's hard for me to believe Cave Story is already 14 years old, that game started a true indie revolution.


The last song you get with Neko in Cytus 2 is Brain Power... She gets ALL the good tracks! Crazy!


I got Anthony "don't call me Anthony "Meatballs" Marzano" Marzano to play Magic Arena's beta, so now he can rage at the scorpion god in my stead. Hatred outlives the hateful indeed.


I hope everyone has a great monday!


Like many others, I went to see the Big Movie today. Had a pretty good time. Extended thoughts in the comments.


Ahhh, the weather's getting nice. Snow has mostly melted, it's neither cold nor hot... Walking home from work is getting pretty nice :)


Magic: The Gathering Arena closed beta impressions

Magic: The Gathering means a lot of different things to different people. For some, it's a highly competitive game where the meta has to be followed and the sideboard is always ready. For others, it's a casual kitchen table game to play whe...


The Steins;Gate 0 anime opening is finally legitimately available through Funimation's YouTube channel! Less legitimate ending upload in the comments (because it's an absolute banger)


To any-one who thinks I'm a weeb.......... I took this Yesturday. Sure it's not the best indicator but should probably tell you something.


"What if...?"


Anyone got tips for things to eat/places to visit (that wouldn't be tooooooo crowded) in Japan? I'm going on vacation in July and am looking for ideas.


I hope you all have a ⠍g⠻r⠗e⠽a⠀t⠍m⠁o⠅n⠊d⠀a⠍y⠕!⠝!⠐!⠙!


If Anthony asks you to watch anime with him -- don't.


I went to my first MTG prerelease since high-school with the little bro today. We kicked relative butt and took relative names! We both finished 3 wins 2 losses, winning the smallest prize of two boosters each.




I wasn't sure the Persona 5 anime adaptation would bring the quality like Persona 4's did... But thankfully A-1 shows us that they haven't lost their touch!


The votes are currently 50/50 for the platform choice for my next blog revisiting games I love... Please, someone break this tie!


Jogging is like starring in your own JRPG. At first you're a hopeful hero who thinks they're capable of surmounting the obstacle, then a few km in you're humbled and defeated, but you keep going and summon the power needed to prevail!


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