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Started playing Celeste... B-sides are pretty hard! I might not go for the rest of them until I've finished the regular story haha.


My community shoutout's to King Kaiser! You post some of the litest, goodest shit in the quickposts on a regular basis, and I love you for that.




Just a reminder to people who don't enjoy Qtoid trends... Don't be afraid to chat about unrelated things! Different things! Variety is a strength. Don't be scared of not being "with it". You're all with it in my heart.


I hope everyone is having a great # monday :)


wes is the worst


i feel like maybe the world would be a lot better off if capital letters disappeared entirely


The 20 million zenni trophy in Dragon Ball FighterZ is crazy! That's enough to pay for 20000 random capsules... :(


Dragonball FighterZ is amazing with friends. I don't remember the last time I had such a great time with local multiplayer.


I hope everyone is having a great monday!


I'm starting to plan out my trip to Japan and China this summer. Anyone here visited either? Any cool spots to visit or important tips to keep in mind?


I just watched Blade Runner 2049 and wooooooooow this was my favorite movie in a long time. Really really liked it.


I just want everyone to know that I do *not* put pineapple on pizza and that makes me a better person than some other staff members.


Since Limo and a few others seemed interested in me commentating my Mario Maker campaign, I started doing that. Talking without a script is hard!!! Only going to do an episode a week or so to avoid flooding my few subscribers.


Happy birthday Larx, if you can see this! I hope you have an amazing day, even if you haven't finished Punchline yet. Wes too I suppose ;)


Don't worry everyone. I wasn't affected by YouTube's partner program change because my channel only has 32 subscribers and I don't even have 5000 total views!


Unearthed the Wii U Gamepad after a thousand years. Playing Mario Maker with the SNES Classic controller is pretty great!


Persona 5 is a long game.


QPs, accounts and blogs should be much faster for everyone now. Additional fixes (like the following counter) are on the way as well. Estimated to arrive tomorrow. Thanks for being patient, and thanks Mario for the work on the site!


It's the start of a new week! I hope everyone has a nice monday :)


Now that that's out of the way, I have a few ideas for things to make, and wanted to know how you felt about them.


I have a few questions for the nice peeps here (coming in another QP), but first I must remind people that STEINS;GATE 0 IS CURRENTLY ON SALE 60% OFF IN THE PLAYSTATION HOLIDAY SALE GET IT GET IT GET IT




Meltdown, Spectre, cybersecurity and you

You've probably heard the terms "Meltdown" and "Spectre" a lot lately. Over the past few days the two security vulnerabilities have been everywhere in the news. Hell, you're reading about them on a video game website right now, that's usual...


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