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To those participating, Secret Santa names have been drawn! Check your email for confirmation of the one you will be giving a gift to, and try not to get too excited!


Return of the Obra Dinn is super cool! I'm glad I decided to give it a shot on a whim.


The Ultimate Destructoid Draws is upon us! The theme this time around is... Smash Bros Ultimate! Starting with a fighting game, ending with a fighting game (of sorts). UPDATED details in the comments -- roughly two weeks left!


What are you all doing on this fine friday?


Like last year, I'm organizing a Secret Santa for dtoid folks! If that sounds like something that interests you, head on over to the community blog section! (Link in the comments)


Completely forgot I backed an artist on kickstarter, got a nice surprise in the mail today :)


Dtoid Secret Santa 2018 Turbo Arcade Edition

Ho, ho, ho, ho, a Santa's life for me It's that time of the year again! No, not China's Singles Sales day, that was on November 11. It's time for something not nearly as cynical, though as materialist -- Christmas! Amna's father, maybe...


For my 666th quickpost, here's a cursed birthday card I'm doing for my little brother.


This #screenshotsaturday comes from Sonic Mania! Easily my favorite game in the franchise in years. The wonky physics in Sonic Forces (even in 2D sections) saddened me after playing this.


I hope everyone's having a great weekend! Just posted my first cblog recap in over a year, and man was I rusty. Doing these is not easy -- lots of love to all regular recappers and bloggers :)


So many birthday boys lately! Happy birthday Flanx!


Happy birthday Scruff! It's not much, but I bust out the old card creation machine to give you a special one on this special day.


Happy birthday Chris! Sending good vibes your way :)


Thanks for watching the Extra Life stream, and special thanks to Hypno, GM and Malthor for the group chat too!


Can I just say that Delta Rune has an absolutely BOPPING soundtrack?


What's this? You haven't contributed to Neo's Extra Life campaign? Edit: Bump! I'll be playing from 10AM to 2PM EST saturday


My Halloween costume has been my old Tim Hortons' uniform today, it was surprisingly popular at work! Hope everyone's having a good time ^^


Celeste's soundtrack is something special. It's incredible how well the tracks fit the mood of any given scene. #OSTuesday


Soul Calibur 6 is pretttty nice. What have you all been playing lately?


I posted a jojoke on youtube, by the way! Thought other jojo fans would enjoy


How do you all feel about doing one more Dtoid Draws? Too soon since the last one?


It appears I've accidentally summoned the Lords of Winter. Maybe the Christmas avatar wasn't the best idea.


If Tetris taught me anything, it's that accomplishments matter and errors are fixable if you keep at it.


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