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Thanks to Amna, more games have been added to the ongoing Dtoid Giveaway! Winners announced October 1! They're mostly Steam games, but there is an option for PS4 players too.


Review: Tokyo Dark

You're looking at a nervous girl. She has a hostage and holds a knife in her hands. There's a gun in yours. You're the only character that isn't in danger, but despite that the situation is as tense as it can get. The main character is neve...


Time for a Dtoid Giveaway! Since we had three birthday boys yesterday, I figured the time was right. They're mostly Steam games, but there is an option for PS4 players too.


Destructoid Giveaway: The free games strike back

Hoy, this is a very unprofessional blog post to make you know that I wanted to make another giveaway so that we might have a good time playing games and such. Resident Evil 4 (Steam) Citizens of Earth (Steam) Sonic Generations (Steam)...


So many birthdays! Happy birthday Ravenclaw, Nathan, TaK!


Sometimes I wonder why I talk with Rico


Question for the community. If you were in charge, how would you make video game monetization/pricing sustainable in the long run? Considering inflation and the increase of development costs over time.


When I give remote control to my PC to Microsoft support I always feel like they'll think I'm a criminal... Why do you make this more stressful than it needs to be, brain?


Chaos;Child finally gets a western release date

You see that semicolon in the middle of a game title, you know you're dealing with 5pb's Science Adventure or Science Visual Novel science-fiction series. In this case, Chaos;Child is a sequel to the first Science Adventure story, Chao...


The SNES Classic will be available in Quebec after all

The ongoing rumor that language laws in Quebec were preventing the sale of the SNES Classic has turned out unfounded, Toys "R" Us Canada confirmed on Twitter. Nintendo left us all hanging, but according to the toy store chain, they will be ...


Hypno asked me to sing this song. Blame him.


Heeeeeere's 2bzomi! Something silly I made on a whim.


Schooled: Educational games need a comeback

"Education? Is that some sort of mech?" - Torchman Today… I’m going to tell you the story of a forgotten genre. An awfully long time ago… In families’ homes and cereal boxes, edutainment games ruled supreme. H...


Adept vs Amateur: Octopath Traveler Impressions

Bravely Default was one of my favorite games on the 3DS. This spiritual successor to the lesser known Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light delivered in spades with its mix of classic and new. A tale of crystals and unspeakable evil, with a ...


Metroid: Samus Returns seems to love its melee attack way more than I love its melee attack! :P


Now that my upgraded CPU is installed, it's time to play more intensive games like this one


Time for a little upgrade!


This cute nozomi picture really todos my ketes. Had to share it.


I'm so happy about the Lyn in FEW news. I'm so glad I wasn't the guy to post a fake leak right when he starts haha


Rico is a sweetie <3


A quick guide to the Fire Emblem series

Fire Emblem. One of the most puzzling Nintendo franchises for sure. Most people's first experience with the series was Super Smash Bros. Melee on the GameCube, which included Marth and Roy. Neither of their games released out...


Got through the sanctuary of stone and fire on Rayman 2, a couple of battles in Mario+Rabbids and wrote a few things too. Pretty productive weekend ^^


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