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The game awards article has got everyone forgetting about the most prestigious award ceremony of the year smh


Mario Party: The Top 100 is pretty fun! There are a lot of questionnable choices when it comes to "the best", I feel like the average minigame quality is similar to 64/Gamecube entries, but it's still one of the most enjoyable MP in a while in my opinion!


The five minutes I spent on this today were probably too much, but some might enjoy anyway.


The long awaited Tim Hortons Poutine review: Doesn't taste like traditional poutine at all, but still pretty good. 7/10.


Sonic Forces is alright. I can definitely see why they're pricing it 40$, it's no Generations but it's no disaster either. Best enjoyed when exploring for red rings. Controls are a bit weird, they're really trying to snap you into two different speeds.


Import Review: Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum Session!

The Taiko no Tatsujin ("Taiko Drum Master") rhythm game series has been around for a while. Since its first entry on PS2, there have been over a dozen of these things on a variety of systems, on top of successful arcade machines. And yet, f...


Cursed maki monday image


Aww yeah this is happening


Gravity Rush's world is so cool. I've been going over the year's releases lately and it's just... Soo cool.


Maybe video games don't even exist and we were just imagining them the whole time


Happy birthday Churros :D


Redesigning Mario Odyssey's final level

Warning: You're going to see me write about Super Mario Odyssey's final level a lot. If you prefer to tackle it without knowing anything, stay away from this.  Everybody knows I'm kind of a "big deal" when it comes to level design...




Slightly spoilery Mario Odyssey opinion in the comments.


I've collected roughly 350 moons in Odyssey so far and beat the main story. Really fun game! I don't quite think it surpassed 64/Sunshine, but it was a worthy sequel nonetheless. Really enjoying how much content opens up in the post-game!


Now that we have some time to kill, let's review some essential skills


"Done" (not 100% done, a couple moons in each world elude me) with the first four worlds in Mario Odyssey. Pretty fun, relaxing game. It's kinda more Banjo-style than Mario 64/Sunshine?


And that's Cuphead beat! Way shorter than I thought, and island 2 had some of my least favorite bosses in the game, but overall I had a fun time.


Switch port when?

Like a lot of people out there, I am a big fan of the Nintendo Switch. It kind of pisses me off to see publishers who don't see the potential of the machine, and refuse to immediately announce ports for all their titles past present an...


Review: Chaos;Child

Late last month, I reviewed Tokyo Dark, an independent supernatural investigation point-and-click. People sacrificed themselves for religious cults, I had a great time. In early October, I spent most of my free time playing and speculating ...


What are good websites for imports? I want to play japanese Donkey Konga


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