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Hoy, small fries. I'm looking for someone who's able to produce an instrumental for a song (or something very similar) based on a recording. Do you know anyone who can do that?


Magic: The Gathering Arena open beta begins September 27

Magic: The Gathering's 25th anniversary came with a lot of changes for the game. The release structure for new expansion sets has changed dramatically. The game has crossed over the realm of cardboard to pen and paper with Dungeon & Dra...


I'm not sure how I feel about the PlayStation Classic... The lack of joystick on the controllers seems like a very stupid move.


The newest Dtoid Draws is on the front page! If you haven't read it yet...


Current status


Review: 7 Billion Humans

If there's one thing I learned from humans, it's that work is everything to us. It's what all politicians promise us. It's what family and friends complain about when the times are rough. It's seen as an opportunity to prove ourselves usefu...


People who have played A Hat in Time's DLC, how do you feel about it? I'm loving it so far.


Not much for me this direct but I'll be getting a version of that Katamari remaster for the multiplayer. TWEWY final mix looks disappointing :(


I'm organizing another Destructoid Draws and the deadline is TOMORROW!!!!


I'm REALLY digging what they're doing with the Gate lands in the next Magic the Gathering set. They tell an interesting story that's more about different perspectives within guilds than the tension between the guilds.


This #screenshotsaturday comes from Gravity Rush 2! Even if the game didn't perform that well sales-wise, I'm glad it happened at all.


Played some Goldeneye Source with coworkers today. Now there's a fine-ass game!


I wrote a blog about deck building! This should bring my series of MtG blogs to an end, unless anyone feels like I skipped something important.


Bass' Bold and Brash Brews

I play Divination! It allows me to draw two cards from my deck. So, you've learned how to play Magic: the Gathering. You're able to play with casual decks without asking about the phases of a turn or if damage stays on a creature like ...


YouTube recommended this to me. Should I be concerned?


I see that a lot of people posted an AMA today and it's a lot of work to hunt them all... So instead, you should all answer this question here. Who's the best girl in Monogatari? #AYStoid


Draw your last pathetic card, Yugi


Happy birthday to Nekkid and our local weather boy. May your days be always sunny and your wiretapping always undetected.


PSA: Bow kid is adorable!


I'm building a Gundam! Right now, I only have the legs, so it's not super impressive yet... but I figured I would share it anyway.


Take a look at this killer Spike Chunsoft Steam sale

I have this weird relationship with Steam sales. The large seasonal sales offer so many games that I struggle to find anything of interest. But the smaller scale sales? I can't stop myself from falling for them over and over and over again,...


Help! I've been playing way too much of the phone SMT instead of my actual games like Octopath haha


I hope everyone has a great monday!


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