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Square Enix having a panel at E3 fills me with hope that they are going to make a remaster-or-remake of NieR happen. (Bumping to see if I can fix the comment section)


If I put in the effort to remaster my Mario Maker campaign in the second game, would you fine folk give it a whirl? The new theme gives me some ideas for additional bonus levels.


Shulk... Shulk has a rough life. The loss of his anime hair, the loss of his friends -- due to the loss of his anime hair -- and his growing alcohol problem. It is quite sad, really. #VGTwinsie


Just made this monument to Amna streams past. Was just meant for Communicord, but I figured I would share it here too!


I love everyone, except that one person that keeps going when the light is green when traffic is stuck so they just end up in the middle of the intersection when the other light goes green


When we finish group watching Mob Psycho and we realize we will have to wait years for the final season... What a sweet ending to season 2 though.


Happy birthday to our one and only pun master! Hope you're having a great time Gus.


And that is Katana ZERO done! Extremely fun game, boppy music, a bit of a cliffhanger ending though. Hopeful for more content down the line!


Awww... Katana ZERO is still lovely so far, even if killing is much more enjoyable than stealth haha


I will be streaming some MtG Arena on Twitch, including my tournament match against vxxy! Link to my channel in the comments


And just like that I will be on vacation for a week! The Ontario/Vermont sights should do me wonders, I have been pretty stressed lately. My challenge to anyone and everyone is to complete the homework in my last blog before I come back!


PSA, avatar uploading seems to work if you use a filename you have never used before


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Been binging Mob Psycho with Torch and Gus lately. It is soooo nice!


I finally stopped procrastinating and wrote a new blog today! If you are curious about the wild world of coding why not check it out? And there are probably a thing or two that would be interesting to most people, hopefully.


Fish University: Can I Really Be the Coder?

Seas get degrees [My dream job, as a kid, was to be a teacher. Turns out it's a pretty crummy job in reality. But this desire to share and learn has not left me. Fish University is a series I intend to use to share some of the things I...


Went bowling with work yesterday. Surpringly fun, all things considered! Fun people and nice beer. Almost enough to make you forget this endless winter.


when I come back to code I wrote on a friday afternoon


Seems like it worked on kevin's QP, so I'm testing it too.


Happy birthday Ackbong, you deserve the best!


Watched some of my favorite shows with Gus recently, and I'm super glad he has enjoyed them so far! Was wondering if anyone would be interested in reading a blog about what they are about and why I enjoy them?


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