On DES: Black Ops 4: Hands-on Heist mode impressions
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Take a look at this killer Spike Chunsoft Steam sale

I have this weird relationship with Steam sales. The large seasonal sales offer so many games that I struggle to find anything of interest. But the smaller scale sales? I can't stop myself from falling for them over and over and over again,...


I'm organizing another Destructoid Draws, this time themed around video games white whales! Show us depictions of these struggles. You have a month to show me what you've got! Please put your name in the spreadsheet if you're participating.


Help! I've been playing way too much of the phone SMT instead of my actual games like Octopath haha


I hope everyone has a great monday!




Punch Line gets Western release dates and Limited Edition

Good news for the three other Punch Line fans out there. PQube has announced the video game adaptation will release on August 31st in Europe and September 25th in North America. For those unfamiliar with the original anime release, Pun...


For those interested, I posted my Japan/Hong Kong travel blog yesterday! Link in the comments.


Bass' tales from the East

If you're reading this on a phone, your data cap has been busted! So, as you probably know, I went on a trip across Asia in the past three weeks. And by trip across Asia, I mean a trip to Japan and Hong Kong and nowhere else. The trip ...


Yoooooooo, Guilty Gear at EVO is hyyyyyype.


I'm back! Home sweet home. The trip was absolutely amazing, and I'll have a lot of stories to share when I write the blog about it this weekend. In the meantime, how about an AMA?






I'm leaving for my trip to Japan soon, so I just wanted to wave goodbye to everyone today! Talk to y'all in three weeks!


About to stream some smash bros, going thrrough 64 and Melee and Brawl, sorta.


Every time there's a Melee (or just competitive Smash) articles on the main page I die a little inside.


Is anyone here going to the San Diego Comic Con? If so I'd like to request an order for some sick nasty alternate art Magic the Gathering cards from one of my favorite artists :)


I've never been more hurt by a fap counter. So close, and yet so far.


Is it strange that Tetris is one of the first games to really make me want to try a VR headset?


A timeline of the Bass Cinematic Universe

The last thing you'd want in your community blog section is some jerk's elaborate lore. But as it turns out, that might be what you get. [2015-12-15] Bass surfaces on Destructoid, reappearing for the first time on Destructoid under a n...


This is so accurate y'all


If you receive strange Disqus notifications from me, I've been browsing some of my old quickposts to pick up bits and pieces of lore. I'm not Upvotebot!


Have you guys seen the SGDQ shirts this year? Lots of A Hat in Time love to go around!


Nintendo needs better tools against hackers, fast

Hackers. Crackers. Script kiddies. They can be called however you like, but the danger they cause to online ecosystems is undeniable. Only a year into its lifespan, the security exploits made public for the Nintendo Switch mean a lot of pot...


I want to make a quick NGVR blog this weekend to get back in the groove for less poop video-game-related stuff. Would you prefer a) a timeline of the Bass Cinematic Universe or b) covers of OPs and EDs of my favorite anime and why you should watch them?


Interestingly, my little brother bought an Xbox One S today. Figured I might as well check out what it could offer. What do you Xbox people like to play on yours?


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