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Not much that got my pants wet in the last direct, but Mario Maker 2 though? I'm in.


Turns out Anthony owns the restaurant I went to today! What a small world.


Status report: I'm still loving Kingdom Hearts III. I'm impressed by how much they still *got it* with the aspects I loved the most of the series -- especially considering I wasn't a fan of Dream Drop Distance.


Then: I dunno the staggered beat in Don't Think Twice is kinda weird... It's no Simple&Clean or Sanctuary... Now: KISS ME ONCE KISS ME TWICE KISS ME THREE TIMES CROOOOSSS THE LIIIINE


KH3 is really nice so far!!!! Feeling like a kid again


AWWW YEAH, last time you'll see me posting about Celeste! At least, until the free DLC is out...


Streaming some Celeste! First some practice runs, then the Summit C-Side! Edit: I BEAT IT!!!! LAST RUN AND REACTION IN THE COMMENTS.


Someone shared this with me at work. Way too funny, way too real.


I've got this I've got this I've GOT this I'VE GOT THIS I'VE -- GOD DAMNIT


I'm no longer free, since @ScionVyse pushed me to try out the C-sides in Celeste... My perfect symmetry, ruined! Though I'm getting closer and closer to 100%.


y'all ever think 99 dollars feeling smaller than 100 dollars but 762.85 million dollars feeling bigger than a billion dollars


Who do you guys think would win in a fight? Elephant#80 or elephant#94 ?


The new Dearly Beloved sounds soooo nice. Only a week until Kingdom Hearts 3!!!!!


Happy birthday Wes! I haven't forgiven you for stealing my avatar, but you're still okay I guess ^^


I hope everyone's having a great monday!


If anyone else plays it, Cytus 2 just came out with a pretty huge 2.0 update with an entire new free character. Really fun stuff ^^


Yooooo the opening to the new Mob Psycho season is crazy good!


Magic the Gathering art can be really cool at times, so here's a couple of nice pictures from the next set that tickle my fancy. This is "Cult Guildmage" by Victor Adame. Really cool how red and black are used for parody and entertainment, not just evil.


Oh snap, my last QP was quickpost 700... Let's make this one an AMA then! The twist? Let's make it an Ask Us Anything! Every time you ask a question (except the very first one to ask a question) you have to answer someone else's question! (bump!)


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