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Small update on that newly-discovered Nier: Automata room below:


My status when I wake up in the morning, but I know I have to leave for work in a few hours:


Omocat Shop is doing a Hololive collaboration with Council+IRyS, and Sana's designs are so beautiful! Makes me sad that I'm too big to fit into any of them.


This is surprisingly-accurate. They even got the part with Zhongli 100% correct!


As an MLB Gamer(TM), here's my 2 cents on MultiVersus: Simple, but fun! You really do have to commit to most moves and hits feel impactful. It can get pretty frantic, too. I worry the Perks will someday be a power creep, but it isn't just yet. Velma=Waifu


Happy Birthday, Charlton Heston! I don't know a thing about celebrities, but I imagine you smell like Old Spice and cinnamon. In a good way.


Kinda a spur-of-the-moment thing, but I quickly doodled a Mini Sana last night! That stream she did with Council and IRyS was very cute and heartfelt. I'm gonna miss her when she graduates. May you shine on like the star you are, Mini Sana! BUMP!


Drew a little FGO comic! I think it came out nice. BUMP!


So apparently you can get early access to the MultiVersus beta if you watch someone else stream it on Twitch for an hour and connect your account. I happened to find out while watching a stream by chance.


Got a new shampoo and body wash. I usually do the 3-in-1, but figured I'd see if it made any difference separately. I'm not one to compliment myself, but between the menthol+caffeine shampoo & the charcoal body wash, I smell...really good?


For those who play Genshin: There's a new Gift Code! [XTNDKTEBWA59] It gives 60 Primogems and some Adventurer's Experience. In related news, I got Klee the other day! It's very fun to mess around with her bombs.


Me when I found out the new Chainsaw Man chapter came out today:


Watching my friends' pets for the weekend. They're well-behaved, so I mostly just I have my own place for 2 days. It's Saturday morning | I brought my Switch | I have a 2-liter bottle of Brisk iced tea | And my NEO TWEWY playlist. Let's ROCK!!


> Forget my charging block at home and only have the cable > Plugs cable into my Switch dock > Plugs dock into wall > Plug up my phone > It starts charging


SO. Went to a doctor today and it turns out I literally have the leg version of carpal tunnel. They should give me stuff to treat it with when I see the first Podiatrist again.


Below are some artworks I've done lately that I don't think I've shared here for one reason or another. Nothing big and properly-done, but they're in color, at least. BUMP 2!


Looks like they're bringing back Lollipop Chainsaw next year. I get the feeling Suda isn't working on this, judging by their plans to change the music due to copyright and the "more realistic approach to graphics" bullet point. Sounds like a downgrade.


I made it to Bronze in Super Gem Fighter! Fear my tiny wrath.


New Trigun trailer. The actual animation seems fine enough, but...I don't know how to feel about Vash's design here. The jacket and mechanical arm feel like a massive downgrade.


Oh yeah, I forgot about the Genshin Direct thingy! I was just chilling all morning/had work all afternoon. Here's the full stream.


Jill from VA-11 HALL-A is getting one of those chibi Nendoroid figures! Now I wait patiently for a Dorothy figma... (Mall Santas sold separately!)




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