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In other sale news, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is going for $18 on Switch. I hope it stays that price until I get paid next! https://www.walmart.com/ip/Capcom-Street-Fighter-30th-Anniversary-Collection-NSW/390155651


Hollow Knight Voidheart Edition is on sale for $9 until November. Not bad! https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP1822-CUSA13632%20-HOLLOWKNIGHT18US


Supposedly Sonic's redesign for the movie leaked. If it's legit, it's a big improvement! (still blue arms, though)


It's the final day of Tip of the Hats! They're going until 11PM. They've already raised over $169,000! If you have the time, feel free to take a look and drop a donation if you can :). BUMP! https://tipofthehats.org/


Cool Shirt Alert! BUMP! https://theyetee.com/products/fun-with-old-friends


Wow, they somehow made Axl look cool! No new character reveal, but I like how they respect our time by telling us when the next trailer will drop immediately. And next time we'll be getting 2 characters, it seems!


The Tip of the Hats charity livestream is starting in about a half-hour. As usual the proceeds and donations will benefit Camp One Step, a program for kids with Cancer. Should be a good time for all! https://tipofthehats.org/


For anyone interested in the upcoming Gotta Protectors sequel, here's an hour-long gameplay video of the Japanese version, since it just came out there.


I really need to use my days off to accomplish more, but I can never think of anything substantial enough that'll make noticeable progress today. Everything's just too far off. Then I just go back to work the following day and my progress stalls...


Happiest of Birthdays to our very own Michael - you're the real deal!


A Character Creator and Event Matches? NEATO!! I'm a bit more interested now. Hopefully I can get into the Beta.


This year's Tip of the Hats charity livestream is this weekend. They still play TF2, but they've expanded into a lot of other games, too. As always the proceeds and donations will benefit Camp One Step, a program for kids with Cancer. Should be fun!


Gamefly has Used copies of Devil May Cry 5 for $18. From what I've read it'll come with the case and everything in good condition. https://www.gamefly.com/game/devil-may-cry-5/5018046


I started up Crash N. Sanity, and the FPS was wonky (I can tell the difference now)! At first I thought I just couldn't run it well, until I realized my laptop has TWO graphics cards. So I looked up how to switch it to the good one. I learned a thing!


While I had seen the character designs for Atelier Ryza (mostly Ryza herself for reasons), I hadn't come across any actual gameplay of it until now. I might look up some more before it's out, but I think I'm interested!


I don't play either of these series, but THIS is how you do a crossover of two games!


I've been at work every day since Saturday, and now I'm finally off tomorrow! That doesn't sound like much, and it's not the most days I've gone in a row at work, but it's still been exhausting. I'm not cut out for retail.


I got two things in the mail today. One from Japan, the other from Japan but in English! What could be inside? Check out below!


Looks like Humble is doing a deal for Corel Painter (it's in the top $25 or more tier) and lots of brushes. If I didn't have my "discounted" Photoshop, I'd jump all over that! https://www.humblebundle.com/software/painter-create-with-confidence


So, Dragalia Lost is getting a Megaman crossover later this year. Weird choice, but pretty cool! I wonder if it'll just be the classic series, or include the spinoffs too?


Thanks for all the Birthday wishes, everyone! And a Happy Shared Birthday to Nathan! Now if you'll excuse me, I have magic powers to develop...


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