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If you were waiting until Indivisible came to Switch, then SURPRISE - it's out now! ...it surprised the devs, too.


Anyone in Animal Crossing looking to trade for a Quaint Painting for their museum? I accidentally bought the same one twice from Redd, and his No Return policy is absolute! I'd preferably like wind Tubines, but I can work with whatever.


If anyone's looking to sell turnips, let me know - mine are going for 316 right now. Just have to take care of some stuff first.


A big, great, Happy Belated Birthday to Best Boy Matt, Fellow Jason, and Best Grandma Occams! Yesterday was a bit busy for me, but I haven't forgotten you guys :). I hope you all had a good one!


The CS:GO and TF2 source code was leaked earlier today. If you still play either it's best to avoid them for now, as it's possible for hackers to access your computer if you so much as join a server with one.


Team Sonic Racing is going for $9 at Chrono! https://www.chrono.gg/wario64


Thanks to Neronium, I got a New3DSXL! I can't tell you how much I went through to get all my stuff transferred over, but it was so worth it. The screen is the size of the entire OG3DS, and everything is so pretty! Pic related and topical.


If you have a European (or Australian) PSN account, they're giving away Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 for free today! https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0700-CUSA04944%20-PACMANCE20000000


My current villager lineup on my New Horizons island! Who'd you get?


Big April update for New Horizons incoming! Redd is back, we'll get bushes, and there'll be a Stamp Scavenger Hunt in the Museum!


Triple mail today!! A total coincidence, but a welcome one. Deets below.


I've been watching some Tom Scott videos lately, and this one has a bit of a History lesson on the internet and more. It's good stuff!


Yesterday was apparently National Horny Day, so I drew something horny - Shuten Douji! How nice of them to have a day just for Oni Girls. Alternate version below. BUMP!


Much like Tomb Raider GO before it, Hitman GO is being given away for free on mobile! BUMP! iOS: http://apple.co/1whrgXh Android: http://bit.ly/1foHqgJ


I played a bit of the Guilty Gear Strive beta! It's only VS COM at the moment, but I had fun with it. Chipp is pretty cool!


Here's a schedule for the Guilty Gear Strive beta. I wish VS COM was available during all the downtimes, but I can understand why it's not. https://twitter.com/ArcSystemWorksU/status/1250454334531198977


Katamari Damacy REROLL is $9.89 on the eshop! https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/katamari-damacy-reroll-switch/


Anyone got a New3DS/XL they're looking to sell? Once this government check comes in I'll be looking for one. I tried to get my OG3DS fixed but they ended up breaking other parts. They ordered new parts to fix it but I can't get back out there yet...


I got one of those Butterfinger PSN codes for Final Fantasy VII Remake that gives you some nice starting equipment. I'll put a screenshot of the code below. First come, first served! Let me know if you redeem it. P.S. - Jessie is a QTπ! [Edit]: CLAIM


For those of you not playing it already, here's a Final Fantasy VII Remake theme for PS+ members! Link below. BUMP!


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